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The Auric Energy Field — What Is It?

The Auric Energy Field — What Is It?2018-11-02T06:58:37+00:00


The Aura and Auric Energy

The Aura: This is the Energy field produced by the Energy or Etheric Body and can be observed by people who have the ability of “auric sight” or clairvoyance. Auric Energy fields are highly complex and very fluid, being influenced not only by health and vitality, but also by the mood of a person. As moods change so then does the appearance of the aura. The complex Energy fields of numerous strengths and colours can be likened to an open book of the life and evolutionary status of an individual; nothing at all can be hidden.

Change Your Aura, Change Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unfolding Your Spiritual Power

The Aura is also an extremely accurate indicator of Spiritual attainment. Highly Spiritually evolved people will be instantly recognisable by a vivid, clean, dynamic aura, the most prominent feature of which is in an intense bright golden yellow area extending from and around the crown of the head. Sometimes the aura can be so intense it can even be viewed by people not usually possessing the ability of auric vision. It is also this intense golden aura around the head of highly Spiritual person that gives rise to the so called “halo”, as often for example depicted around the head of Jesus or a saint, again associated with Auric energy. As discussed previously, after the physical body “dies” the deceased person will usually, but not always, find themselves in their Etheric or Energy Body. Later, after the Etheric Body has exhausted its supply of Etheric Energy, the primary body will be the much finer Astral Body, the Soul, which also includes the integral Mental, Spirit body. In due course once a person has satiated his or her own desires within the Astral words, a process that can vary enormously in time from person to person depending on how materialistic, self-centred and physically focussed the person was during life on Earth, the Astral Body “fades” giving way exclusively to the Mental Body, the immortal Spirit, the aspect of a human being made in the true image of “God”.

Source: http://www.ourultimatereality.com/the-aura-and-auric-energy.html

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