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The Auric Energy Field — What Is It?

The Auric Energy Field — What Is It?

The Aura and Auric Energy

The Aura:

The aura is an intricate and ever-changing energy field produced by the Energy or Etheric Body. Only those gifted with “auric sight” or clairvoyance can perceive and observe this phenomenon. The aura is profoundly influenced not only by a person’s health and vitality but also by their emotional state or mood. As a person’s feelings shift, so does the appearance of their aura, reflecting the fluctuations in their inner energy.  The complex Energy fields of numerous strengths and colors can be likened to an open book of the life and evolutionary status of an individual; nothing at all can be hidden.

The Auric Energy Field — What Is It? The Auric Energy Field — What Is It?

The Auric Energy Field — What Is It? 1

Change Your Aura, Change Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unfolding Your Spiritual Power

This radiant golden aura is often associated with the concept of a “halo,” depicted in religious art around the heads of divine figures like Jesus or saints. The halo, in these representations, is a manifestation of the person’s heightened auric energy and spiritual enlightenment.

Upon physical death, a person usually finds themselves in their Etheric or Energy Body. Subsequently, when the Etheric Body depletes its Etheric Energy, the primary form becomes the much finer Astral Body, encompassing the Soul, along with the integral Mental and Spirit bodies. This transitional process can vary greatly in duration from one person to another, depending on their degree of materialism, self-centeredness, and focus on the physical aspects of life on Earth.

Eventually, after fulfilling their desires within the Astral realm, the Astral Body begins to “fade” away, giving way exclusively to the Mental Body—the immortal Spirit, reflecting the true image of “God” within a human being. This marks the culmination of a profound spiritual journey for the individual.

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