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If your question isn’t convered in the FAQ below. please send us a note. Remember,We LOVE short & succinct emails. And we will resond in the next 2-3 days(during normal business hours/days) if not sooner.

I knew you would ask that and that is why I have a page devoted to this question. To see that page, How It Works, click here.

This is a very good question to ask mainly because not only are their different types of psychic, intuitive, spiritual or mediumship readings but not every person you may seek a psychic reading from has the same abilities.  I am a psychic intuitive with heightened abilities as an empath, clairvoyant and clairaudient.  I am also a professional numerologist.  I have been practicing professionally since 1999, when cherrysage.com was born.

My readings do not require dates of birth.  I am not a medium and I do not connect with those who have crossed over looking to communicate with surviving loved ones.  I am not an astrologer.  Sometimes, during a reading, I will ask someone’s Month and Day they were born.  I ask occasionally to determine that person’s Personal Year vibration.  This element can be helpful to me during a reading to establish what your personal energy focus is for a particular year–usually the year we are in.  It in no way is needed to read the energy of the individuals in question during a session.

Specifically, I will be asked questions for which I seek answers from a higher spiritual source as well as connect with the energy of the persons involved in the questions.  I have the ability to access others’ energy field and this is mainly what I am connecting to at the time of your reading as well a higher consciousness for greater insight.  I am picking up all kinds of vibration and it is best for the seeker to be in a calm, relaxed state of mind and to feel open to me so that I can access you and others easily.  If you are upset, I will not read you as your energy will be too agitated to really gain any specific insight that will be helpful.

I am here to guide you, provide insight, see the course you are on and probable outcomes.  I keep my readings reality-based, therefore do not expect feel-good type readings.  I will tell you the truth.  Please be prepared for an in-depth, truthful reading.  If you are not prepared for that, do not call at this time.  For more information about psychic readings, please refer to my blog posts where you will find a wealth of information in my blog posts.

When you use my Appointment Scheduler by clicking CONTACT at the bottom of your screen, or by clicking any Appointment Scheduler button, you may request a specific time that you would like for your consultation.  I must have time to accept your request so your appointment is not automatically confirmed the moment it is dispatched.  I will confirm your appointment with a separate e-mail after I receive your request.  So please wait for your Confirmation E-mail.

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