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Birthday Number

“The Science of Numbers and the art of will power are the Keys of Magic that open the Gates of the Universe,” said the Priests Of Memphis.”Nomen est Omen.” The name is the destiny, said the

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Birthday Number

In Numerology, the Birthday is a sub-lesson to be learned in this life, a sub-focus on the Life Path.  In Numerology terms, the Birthday, the day of the month on which the individual is born, is reduced to a single digit or master number.

The main emphasis of the attitudes and abilities for each Birthday is described by this single digit or master number.  The master number 11 has attitudes and abilities related to its high level 11 and is reduced level 2.  The master number 22 has attitudes and abilities related to its high level 22 or its reduced level 4.

This calendar day will have a strong vibratory force upon the life particularly felt during the middle or Productive Cycle (approximately 28-56).  If this vibration is a Master Number (11 & 22), it will be felt through the entire life.

Example: JANE DENISE CLARINS (fictitious name)

Born 11/23/1964

Jane was born on the 23rd of November, therefore, here Birthday Number is 23/5.


During the most productive years of Jane’s life, she will be experience much change.  23/5 reveals handling change and adjustment will be done with sensitivity and understanding.

Additional main emphasis may apply due to karmic influences as evidenced by certain karmic numbers.  This applies for all Core Elements and must be analyzed entirely to get the complete picture of this person’s numerology blueprint.

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