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Tarot card reading

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Numerology Reading

The history of numbers is as old as the recorded history of man. Numerology was in use in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, and is to be found in the ancient books of wisdom, such as the Hebrew Kabala.

Pythagoras, the “Father of Mathematics,” who lived in the sixth century, B.C., propounded the theory that nothing in the universe could exist without numbers. He invented the equation, c2=a2+b2, for the right triangle. Rather than simply use this elegant formula to solve geometric or physical problems, Pythagoras also considered the right triangle a map of the universe that incorporated all facets of human experience. revelation

Numerology can discover a person’s strengths and weaknesses, deep inner needs, emotional reactions, ways of dealing with others, and natural talents. You can help yourself by becoming aware of your own character and learning to understand and deal with others — family, friends, lovers, employers, employee. Not least of all, you will learn your purpose and your destiny. It is your crystal-clear compass which leads you in the direction where your life is going or should be going, and how to use this information to connect with your core self to empower you towards fulfillment. If you are confused about who you are and why you are here, numerology can help you. It is mysterious but very powerful and reveals so much from your name as well as your date of birth. Find out what you have come here to do and to do it most effectively. Using Numerology you can learn what kind of potential energy and what types of stress are currently existing in your life and in the lives of those about you. Regarding the future, you can determine the best times to marry, change jobs, harass your mate, move, speculate, take a trip.

“The Science of Numbers and the art of will power are the Keys of Magic that open the Gates of the Universe,” said the Priests Of Memphis.”Nomen est Omen.” The name is the destiny, said the Romans”

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Numerology is an excellent tool for getting a numerology compatibility reading. The profiles that I offer are so in-depth and not at all superficial in depicting the precise dynamics that are operating in any of your relationships, be they lovers, loved ones, friends or family.

Visit my Numerology Compatibility page to get more information on the Compatibility Profiles and to see for yourself the extensive report style in our sample celebrity profiles.

The core elements

There are approximately twenty numerology components which are derived from a person’s birth date and birth name. A complete character delineation evolves from the synthesis of these many pieces. The core of a reading involves only four of these elements. The core expresses the essence of a person — his direction, his strengths and weaknesses, his potential for change and development.

The core, then, is the major determinant in the character delineation, and its power is diffused throughout the entire reading. The core, while only part of the picture, is accurate as far as it goes.

The core consists of the following elements:

1. Life Path

2. Expression

3. Soul Urge

4. Birthday

Doubled core numbers (two core elements having the same number) indicate an important challenge or impediment that must be overcome before fulfillment can be reached.

In addition to the core, many other sub-elements such as your growth and maturity numbers, main challenge, Secret Self, Planes of Expression (how you approach stress or problems), long term cycles (developmental, productive and harvest cycles) and pennacles, short-term cycles (the universal year, the personal year and essence and the epicycle, the Aspects (the stress or relationship of one number to another in a person’s chart, karmic elements and a progressed chart (which include transits), and more. All these elements are involved in giving a complete delineation for an individual to reveal your inner workings.

It is a deep and thorough study of an individual using the hidden mysteries of numerology that also includes forecasting.

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