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How it works

How it works

Hello and welcome to my newly updated site. Hopefully, things are straightforward when browsing my site, but here are a few pointers that could be helpful in making things simple and easy to use.

Making appointments

Registration Required. Please register above to make an appointment request.

It is very easy and quick to use. Just keep in mind that if you want to schedule an appointment, use the appointment scheduler first and it will go directly to checkout once you have chosen your Day, Time and the Minutes you desire.

STEP ONE:  Go to Appointment Scheduler.

STEP TWO: Follow prompts to select the Date, Time and the amount of Minutes you want.

STEP THREE: Check out.

If you check out first, the Appointment Scheduler will take you to check out again.

Of course, you can just purchase Minutes for your reading and email or call me to schedule your appt.  Both work fine.

Buying minutes for your reading

If you are a returning/regular client, you may click the Buy Minutes button to go immediately to the checkout to purchase your desired minutes. Calling or e-mailing me for your appointment is perfectly fine after you purchase your time. All appointments are reserved after payment is received. Your payment receipt is NOT your appointment confirmation. Please wait for a separate email to confirm your appointment. You may also check My Appointments to check the status of your appointment.If you do not want to register, just purchase your minutes and then e-mail me using the contact form or call me so we can schedule your reading.

Thank you, Cherry 301-474-1681

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