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“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from WITHIN.”

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What are you Expressing?

The Expression vibration is derived by adding ALL of the letter values in the name.  Not the number of letters in the name.  We will need the number grid to do the calculations.

Example: JANE DENISE CLARINS (fictitious name)

The following table is necessary for manually calculating numerology elements.  As you can see, the value of “A”=1 as it falls under the number 1.  E=5, I=9, etc.  Numerology programs calculate names in seconds.  It’s beautiful, especially after manually calculating entire charts for years. It’s actually better to use a program as it doesn’t make mistakes.



3 + 11 + 4 = 18/9  Jane’s Expression Number is 9.


If 9s express their potential in a positive way, they will display much human understanding and selflessness. They will have a genuine interest in other people and will help them with sympathy and tolerance.

In their emotional lives they can be very romantic, loving and caring. They may also be idealistic.

Often, 9s are perfectionists who demand high standards from both themselves and others. They resent criticism, especially from those whose opinion they value; this is because nobody tries harder than 9s or are more self critical about their own performance.

9s who express their potential in an unbalanced or negative way may be selfish, domineering, critical and egotistical, preferring to ignore the feelings of others.
They may also seek materialism too selfishly, and be unable to release unproductive situations. Fortunately the negative 9 is an exception and few 9s display prominently these adverse characteristics.

The 9 of your Expression is derived from 18. This compound number will give further insight into how the 9 can be best applied. The 18 combines the independence, pioneering spirit and leadership of the number 1 with the power, judgement, efficiency and materialistic skills of the number 8. Aware 18s will then use this very significant power to help others in the selfless and humanitarian way epitomised by the number 9. If this power is misused, 18s will use it in a selfish way, only to feather their own nests. If they do this,
eventually they become restless, uncertain and dissatisfied. 18/9s are usually extremely active and have strong imaginations. They combine powerful emotions and intuition with practical intellectual strength; an unusual combination. Their energy can make them mentally over-active and they
should ensure that they look after their health by releasing stress through physical exercise in the open air, if possible. It is also important that they sleep well to allow their bodies to recharge. Some 18/9s have healing and counselling abilities. Positive 18/9s have a strong sense of justice and faith.

Career and Vocation

As the most advanced and experienced of all the single numbers 9s are multi-talented and have the potential to make a success of most types of vocation or job. They are natural leaders, so if working with others, they usually prefer to take charge. They are suited to self-employment.

9s are able to teach others, often with inspiration. This can cover a wide spectrum of activity from counselling to instructing.

Their imagination and creativity allows some 9s to adopt the arts. Others make excellent scientists, and still others are businessmen. The world is truly their oyster.

Check out her Karmic Lessons as this will reveal something about why she came back as a double 8. [These pages are still being constructed, please bookmark and check back later.]


In Numerology, the Expression is a person’s potential natural abilities.

The natural capabilities and talents are significant in determining the type of work in which the subject will be most productive and content.   If the subject is involved with work in which his productivity is poor and his satisfaction minimal, these innate abilities may be only occasionally or partially manifested.

The individual’s attitudes when he puts his best foot forward will help him make progress along the Life Path!

The Expression is the sum total of what each individual has to work with in life.  In it is contained all of the positive and negative factors that comprise the individuality.  The exaggeration or denial of the positive attitudes produces negative attitudes, deterrents to progress along the Life Path.  Awareness of these negative attitudes may be the first step in converting them to a more productive direction.

Future discussions to be added:  Double Core Numbers, Intensity, Karmic Lessons.

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