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“The Science of Numbers and the art of will power are the Keys of Magic that open the Gates of the Universe,” said the Priests Of Memphis.”Nomen est Omen.” The name is the destiny, said the Romans

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The Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire

The Soul Urge is calculated by adding the value of only the vowels in the name.

Example:  JANE DENISE CLARINS (fictitious name)

The following table is necessary for manually calculating numerology elements.  As you can see, the value of “A”=1 as it falls under the number 1.  E=5, I=9, etc.  Numerology programs calculate names in seconds.  It’s beautiful, especially after manually calculating entire charts for years. It’s actually better to use a program as it doesn’t make mistakes.


 1 5  5 9 5   1 9   
Level One*6   +  19   + 10 =35/8
Level Two*6   +  1   + 1 =8

*I always make sure that I take the calculations down two or three levels to make sure there are no hidden karmic debt numbers or Master Numbers.  Oooooh hidden Karmic Debts!  For instance, in this example, Jane has a 19/1 karmic debt number in the soul urge found in the first level.  Check Karmic Debts for meaning of 19/1 karmic debt.  This number still is reduced and all double numbers must be reduced to a single digit (with the exception of Master Numbers), but had this 19 been a 10, there would not be a karmic debt to consider, but it still reduces to 1.  So it’s important to look at hidden numbers and sub-elements as it colors the core.  Again, all numbers must be reduced to a single digit or Master Number (11 or 22).  Master numbers are not reduced to the single digit 2 or  4.  In this way we find out what the true number is ‘before’ the single digit.

6 + 1 + 1 = 8  Jane’s Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire Number is 8.

My Analysis

What does this mean?  You may look at the general number 8 vibration descriptions on the Basic Numbers page.  But, needless to say, and without looking at Jane’s other main core elements in analyzing her name that would color her character and personality, Jane could be a materialistic person and places a monetary value on things and this is what motivates her.  I have found that 8 Soul Urge have to be in charge.  They do not like to be told what to do.  They will be motivated by power and control and if they are out of balance, an 8 Soul Urge can express itself by greed or questing for material gain mainly.  So, if you are interested in making sure someone is motivated to be with you because of love and not just money, check out their soul urge vibration.  This is a very telling placement for motive.   An 8 Soul Urge would want to marry well.  Balanced 8 energy sets an example for the balanced use of power, prestige and achievement.

Now, this is just an example to show how the soul urge is calculated, however, the use of Y and W as vowels or consonants is also to be considered in names.  My programs automatically decides for me whether or not the Y or W is used as a vowel; however, this numerologist almost always uses the Y as a vowel.  There are exceptions.  Y is a vowel when there is no other vowel in the syllable like Wynona and Cherry and when the Y is next to another vowel, like Wayne.

Understanding the Soul Urge

What is your heart’s desire?  What number does your soul vibrate to? Or the one you love, what number does his/her soul/heart vibrate to?   Is it in harmony with yours?

In Numerology, the Soul Urge is a person’s inner motivation, what he really wants out of life.  His inner nature is usually revealed to others, but sometimes it is hidden within.  It is the urge, longing of the inner soul or self.

Positive attitudes are exhibited by feelings and inclinations which will be most helpful in making progress, whereas the exaggeration or denial of the positive feelings and inclinations produces negative effects which act as deterrents to progress.

In getting a proper analysis of your numerology blueprint, I may find that your Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire, is in direct conflict with other energies channeled by a particular subject.  In getting a numerology reading, ALL of your main core elements must be taken into account and a determination of the relative power any particular numbers in your chart is exerting on you in your life.  Not just what environment the subject finds himself in but how the subject reacts and performs in the life.  The Soul Urge is the driving force in what motivates a person to do a thing.

For example, a person with a Soul Urge of 3 (see Basic Number 3 description).   Most definitely this core number would make the subject very self-expressive and creative and bubbly–loving their friends and social occasions.  Just about anything where they can fully express themselves.   But let’s say that this person also has a 7 in their core.  Well, that would create a specific nuance in the personality as to make this potentially outgoing person more reserved since 7 energy is more introspective and analytical and more inclined to solitude and in some cases, the person may seem odd (see Basic Number 7 description).  There are, as I have mentioned, four Core Elements derived from calculating a numerology chart.  An expert numerologist will be able to give you precise and accurate details about a person based on their ability to properly assess the relative value or power, and the effect of each and every vibration in your core in addition to the delineation and analysis of all the other elements, sub-elements, karmic debts (if any are present), lessons and long- and short-term cycles.  In this way, a subject can be sure he is getting a thorough and accurate reading.  Since I have other gifts, such as my psychic ability and using my Tarot Cards to answer questions, when I give a numerology reading, I am accessing all of my abilities to give what some have described as astonishing details and insights into their lives.

Future discussions to be added:  Double Core Numbers, Intensity, Karmic Lessons.


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