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Get The Most Accurate Psychic Reading By Renowned Psychic Cherry Sage

Welcome to my site. It’s been a long and rewarding journey providing psychic readings, numerology readings and tarot readings to so many wonderful clients over the years. CherrySage.com is 24 years old.

All my life I have had a very mystical point of view. As a sentient child, I wondered about things that most children do not think about. As a child, I did not know that I was telepathic, but over time, I learned what this ability was but it took a while to learn how to use these abilities to help others. That was just the beginning of fulfilling my true destiny. I kept it a secret. Today, I have developed my natural ability of clairvoyance, clairaudience and empathic to “see.”  These abilities allow me to tap into peoples’ energy (their auric energy field) to take a deep dive into what energy they are emanating. Answers, insight and guidance from higher consciousness using my real, authentic psychic reading gifts are just a phone call away. I’ve helped so many. Please look around my site, check out my testimonials going back over two decades, and especially my blog where I’ve written about psychic readings and answer many questions folks have about them. If you have any questions about what I offer, simply contact me or call. Or keep scrolling down to discover more.

What I offer?

accurate psychic predictions

How It Works

Cherry Sage has a simple, three step booking process:


Check my availability

 You may check my availability through the Appointment Scheduler.




Appointment Scheduler

My Appointment Scheduler will take you from selecting the day and time for your reading to check out.  NOTE: If you checkout first before using scheduler, it will ask for payment to book it.



Buy Minutes

If you prefer, you can just purchase your Minutes in advance of scheduling an appointment.  This option is good for returning clients who schedule by phone or email.

Overcome your feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry with my accurate psychic readings

A psychic reading is a unique ability to access you auric energy field resulting in being able to tell you what others are thinking and feeling, what they are likely to do and shed light on future possibilities. No future is set in stone. You will want to know what is happening as a result of your current rhythms and where they are leading you. I have a very unique ability to see the things we are allowed to know. I will tell you about the negative energies causing chaos in your life and how to overcome them. With deep roots in real psychic reading, I combine strong intuition with my unbeatable expertise to predict your life path and gaze into the mind and emotions of those around you with utmost accuracy. Over the last 22 years, thousands of people have relied on me for all sorts of guidance, thanks to my accurate predictions. From helping you make important decisions to providing insights into the future of your relationship, career, or overall life, I can offer quality advice to keep you on the right path. So, if things haven’t been going your way lately, get in touch with me and start changing your tomorrow, today! YOUR STORY MATTERS! I’m here to help.


Hi. I’m glad you’re here. I am Cherry Sage. I provide psychic advice and professional psychic readings.

See what clients say

Very intuitive, friendly and professional. Cherry tells it like it is……she will tell you the truth, and nothing but the truth…..don’t waste time, call her. Colleen

Excellent reading! Extremely in-tune to the situation. Cherry Sage provides an honest reading…she does not tell you what you want to hear but what she sees. Thanks again! Highly recommended! 🙂

She was very accurate and provided me with the needed insite to correct the problem i have had for a while. i would recommend calling her. Roger

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