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6 Ways to Get Psychic Guidance in Your Dreams

Why do dreams occur? Underlying conditions trigger most dreams. For example, if you have ingested some prescribed meditation or had eaten something wrong, it can cause regular dream sessions. Medication like painkillers, for instance, oxy codeine, are notorious and can trigger dreams. These dreams can also be affected by brain damage due to disease or past inquires. It can involve a progressive impairment, can affect the thinking ability, behavior, and memory. Such patients can get difficult to handle and needs special care. These dreams sessions are most common in the elder age group who consumes numerous medications for different causes. It can lead to many health issues like sleepless nights (sleep disorders ), bloating, overeating, etc. Elder’s health care service providers like Dementia Loving Home Care Inc can help control them.

Sometimes these dreams can be an excellent way to receive advice, insight, or message, tap into intuitions or look for guidance by expanding your psychic abilities. We dream our subconscious mind; it can act as a guidance that can, at a greater level, affect the decision we make, thus affecting our lives. When we sleep, our ego or rational mind is switched off, and therefore it does not influence the transmission of the message from our unconscious mind, which is controlled by our intuitions and spirit guide. Some people have the great gift of intuition. They can read and make meaning out of a dream.  However, you can increase the ability of Psychic Guidance in Your Dreams.


I have listed six (6) ways to enhance your psychic guidance in your dreams;

Note it down

If you want to understand the psychic messages in your dreams, you should note them down either in a digital notepad or journal; if you are not a good writer, you can record them. The whole main idea is to record your dream to refer it back later. Goals are generally quickly forgotten; therefore, keep the journal, recorder, or notepad delicate to your dreams at the bedside; you must write them down on time to avoid forgetting them. In addition, it would help if you wrote your vision and how you felt during your drive and after it.

Initiate  Intention

If you want a message or guidance through dreams, set your intention to it before you sleep. Sleep with the full definition for a message. Remember that it might not work every time, but you will get guidance in your dream the more you intend to practice. Sometimes we do not remember the vision we had during our snooze; always be open to the fact.

Some people set their intention to dream before sleep by reading sacred religious verses or simple statements like “I am willingly open to receiving divine guidance. ” If you want to set your intention to a very particular subject, you can mention it, like “I am willingly open to receive the divine guidance in choosing my career.” As a result, you received the light of wisdom or inner peace during your sleep. This can be judged by the feeling you get first after waking up.


Great way to enhance spirit communication, psychic and institution are crystals. Many sellers sell them. Each crystal has its purpose and power; it can be placed under a pillow or even wore. Some crystals induce sleep; some help receive messages; some have healing powers.

Some of these crystal includes,

  • Danburite
  • Herkimer Diamonds
  • Azurite


 Symbols and Meanings

Sometimes we dream that it does not make sense for such a case. Consider getting a dictionary that defines different symbols and their meaning to make more sense out of the dream. But remember, some marks are directed to a personal example;  if your mother liked roses seeing roses in dreams might be a message from her. You can also consider seeking help from physic dream readers.

Drink Herbal Tea

You can never ignore the health benefits of herbal teas. So versatile in properties, many herbs out there induce sleep and dream, like chamomile. I use wormwood, spearmint at work. It relaxes and gives clarity in thinking. These herbs induce visions and meaningful dreams. Try teas with soothing herbs like peppermint, calamine, etc.


Dream Pillow

The use of dream pillows is not a new concept. They are being used for centuries to avoid bad dreams and negative auras, thus result in peaceful sleep. They are fabric pillows that are filled with herbs like rosemary, jasmine. These pillows will help with more meaningful dreams. Some herbs that can be used in dream pillows are datura, mugwort, anise sage burdock. Each herb is believed to have its benefit and purpose. There are many pillow mist as alternatives available in the market as well.


Cherry Sage is a professional psychic offering accurate psychic readings and predictions.  She also does dream interpretation for her clients.  If you need to discover what your dreams mean or if you have burning questions you need answers for, call Cherry today or book an appointment for your consultation.  Visit https://cherrysage.com and click the purple CONTACT tab at the bottom for more information.

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