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Life Path

"The Science of Numbers and the art of will power are the Keys of Magic that open the Gates of the Universe," said the Priests Of Memphis."Nomen est Omen." The name is the destiny, said the Romans

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What is Your Life Path?

Unlike the name, the Life Path can never change.  You are born to travel this path, based on the derived Element, which has both positive and negative effects.

The Life Path number is derived from your date of birth.  Let’s see when fictitious subject Jane Denise CLARINS was born.

Example:  JANE DENISE CLARINS  (fictitious name)

Born:   November 23, 1964

11   23  1964

We don’t need our grid (see Jane’s Soul Urge) since we are not using any name elements.  Now the key here in calculating the Life Path is not to cut off the year of birth to 64.  Doing that would give you totally incorrect results.  You must use the whole year, 1+ 9+ 6 +4 in the calculation.  Now let’s calculate.

Life Path Calculation

  11 23 1964  
  11 5 20/2 =54/9
  11 5 2 =18/9

LIFE PATH = 18/9

Notice how the Master Number was not reduced to a 2.  Master Numbers are not reduced to a single digit.  the 23 becomes 5 and the 20 becomes 2 in the final calculation.

My Analysis

OK, so Jane has a Life Path of 9.  18/9 to be more precise.  It does matter what the double digits are before the single as this tells much more about the subject.  First of all, look under the Basic Numbers to find the general 9 number characteristics.  But to be more specific, the 18/9 path, which is the final calculation is the main Life Path number.  The 54/9 has a definite meaning and would apply to the subject, but not as strongly as the 18/9.  The 18/9 will dominant the path.  In this instance, the 18/9 as a personal vibration means many things, like an extremely active person with an unusually vivid imagination.  You see, 18 in the Tarot corresponds to The Moon.  The Moon is the imagination, dreams, growth while sleeping but also if not careful, deception and difficulties arising from the unbalanced use of this energy.  But, mainly the 9 Life Path represents one of selfless service to others.  Giving and doing for others without regards for the self.  The most generous, compassionate and giving individuals most likely have a  9 prominent in their core or Intensity.  Also, the 9 vibration can be full of drama.  In numerology the numbers go from 1 to 9, then 11 and 22 (the Master Numbers).  9 being at the end, represents completion before the soul gets the chance to become a master.  Now one would assume that means that a 9 has experienced all of the number vibrations before it.  But that is not necessarily true.  I have found through many years of doing numerology readings that many souls come back (this assumes a belief in reincarnation) unprepared to handle their path.  I’ve found that many souls have skipped some life experiences in favor of others.  Some have even come back as Master Numbers without having fully experienced all of the other experiences of life.  One can see readily what experiences a person has had in past lives by looking at their Intensity calculation and the Missing Numbers.  The Missing numbers represent their Karmic Lessons, but the Intensity (represented by the number of repeated numbers–for example, 3 Ones or 4 Fives found in the name) is very telling about the past life experiences of the soul and exactly what they are truly ready for in this life.  Every calculation tells the story, reveals the blueprint.

A 9 must be ready to serve others without thought of the ones selfish needs.  I’ve found that many 9’s are not ready to give in this way and react quite the opposite and are needing and perhaps grasping.  It’s a wonderful path if you are evolved but can be very disappointing to one who tries to live for the self alone and will find themselves personally disappointed.  The Key–Letting Go (of selfish needs).  No wonder this path can be challenging to the emotions.  It’s so ironic that most 9’s I have read almost always don’t want to let go of their personal needs.  A balanced 9 is a beautiful soul indeed.

So, that is a quick general read of Jane’s Life Path.  We already determined that she has an 8 Soul Urge, and I’ll tell you right now, Jane’s is going to have some internal conflicts.  8 being a more self-centered vibration is in opposition to the selflessness of the 9 Life Path–especially if the 8 is greedy and seeks to control others.  In order to achieve a more harmonious balance for the life, Jane will have to seek out powerful organizations that serve the good of mankind.  If Jane tries to seek power, control over others for her own purpose, she will run into cosmic interference which will be bring her back to her purpose which is controlled by the 9, which serves others.  That is a particular nuance that could give her an empty feeling inside which she will have to work on in her life to overcome.

Understanding The Life Path

In Numerology, the Life Path is the major lesson to be learned in this life, the central focus of a person’s existence — the defined path which will provide the maximum in growth and development.  This is the most important part of the 4 core elements.

If the individual is expressing positively (and most people are), these characteristics should be readily apparent.  If any of the characteristics are not expressed or even visible in a latent way, there is probably some negativity present.

The negative expression implies (1) the exaggeration of the lesson of the Life Path so that the extreme expressed is unproductive, or (2) the denial of the lesson of the Life Path in order to proceed in the opposite direction, which will have consequences.

Upon closer analysis of the Numerology Chart, elaboration of some of the subtleties involved are revealed.

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