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I’m In A 9 Personal Year, What Now?

I’m In A 9 Personal Year, What Now?

As you may have learned, we all have many personal vibrations that affect our lives and numerology offers specific delineations of this energy–past, present and future. We could be in a 3 Personal Year, or 1 Personal Year. Each year’s vibration carries a different yet considerable influence or key specific for that year. For instance, if you are in a 7 Personal Year, this would be a year for personal reflection. You will even find yourself more introspective and less inclined to be influenced by external circumstances or your external circumstances will cause you to think and analyze more than usual. Also, since this vibration is so internalized, those interested in being in a more dynamic or in causation mode may find themselves forced to be more introspective. This happens in a number of ways which I will discuss when I post the different meanings of the nine different personal year vibrations.

You have to change your focus in a 9 personal year. The good news is that just around the corner is a new beginning. A whole new phase of life as 9 gives way to 1, the new beginning. Isn’t it interesting how we all anticipate the beginning of a new year? Perhaps we celebrate New Years because the idea of a new beginning is profoundly embedded in our subconscious and the palpable nature of this energy at this time makes us want to celebrate. Therefore, we celebrate this chance to advance, to improve our selves. We instinctively long for a change because the New Year marks an official new beginning for us all, and the opportunity to not only benefit from the new energy but to make adjustments and possibly to grow by staying in pace with the energy flow of your life, which is specifically mapped for you and can be seen through your numerology blueprint. But as we know, some of us do resist. In these cases, the universe may exert a little force to bring about necessary change, which can cause a year like this to be overly emotional and filled with perceptions of loss.

9 is a time for letting go, preparing for the new phase. Those who hold on to old ideas, patterns or people could have a very frustrating and even very emotionally challenging year; those who let go and accept the closing of a chapter will be better prepared for what’s ahead. This is more evident with regards to relationships because it can be very difficult to let go. The 9 Personal Year also warns of starting new relationships, or businesses because the energy is forcing resolutions, completions. It’s a culmination. Things begun in a 9 Year most likely will end before the cycle does. Going with the flow, even if it’s bumpy, will make it easier. Holding on holds us back. A 9 personal year can be fulfilling, you must be willing to cooperate with the universe’s call to action that something better, improved and even fulfilling is ahead if you can just let go.

I’ll be gradually adding the personal year meanings but if you want me to feature yours before I get to them all, just post a comment to let me know.

12 thoughts on “I’m In A 9 Personal Year, What Now?

  1. Hello, like Your Blog very much. I found it on ask.com will add it to bookmark and come back often again to read and follow. Please continue to do great job you do on it.

  2. The misunderstood has always interested me.There’s something about the things we don’t understand….Hopefully someday our science will catch up.

  3. Thnaks for the great information!
    Yes, nine is a very versatile number also, and tends to blend into any situation.

    But remember, there IS a difference between the book knowledge of learning (like Numerology) vs. psychic and intuitive guidance from a true reader. A genuine psychic will be able to tell you a lot more than just a few general paragraphs!

    1. These few paragraphs are very informative I find actually! A true reader can tell you where you are at but these paragraphs explain in detail what it really means 🙂

  4. Great article! I really appreciate your understanding of the significance of 9 in the personal year. I feel numerology is a important tool that is both easy to understand for most people and can give valuable insight into a persons life. I numerology reading can give information that can point a person it the right direction if they are feeling lost or are unable to make an important choice in their life. When people have the information that numerology can provide about their life, they can use it to make changes that can be very beneficial to their life. Thank you such an insightful article.

  5. Any experience with a NO 1 Personal Year. This 9 year seems to drag forever. Im really looking forward to change, any change is better than this stagnation!!!

    1. Well of course. Number 1 Personal Year is all about new beginnings. Everything that you want to bear fruit later on, should actively be sought after, prepared for or in any other way initiated. 1 is the beginning. The 9 is the conclusion. 9 is not about stagnation. It is about release, letting go, moving on and ridding oneself of psychic/emotional/mental debris. Let go of what we are holding on to that no longer serves us. Holding on to want is not longer necessary for your progress, holds you back. 9 is a year of triumph over our selves. 9 can be a very positive year as long as there is not excessive neediness and clinging on to outdated situations that are hindering you from going forward. It’s your choice, to let go with grace or to hold on for a long protracted ending that brings your spirit down. Let go, look up, move on. Get ready for the 1, the new beginning.

  6. Thanks for the quick reply!. I have let go of everything I had to more or less, the year has actually been pretty smooth, no abrupt endings. I guess what Im feeling like its dragging forever is my work situation. I can end up jobless without any savings or a new direction will show up, but so far none has happened lol. I will just have to finish the year and see what happens. Thanks for your kind advice!

    1. You’re welcome. Make sure you put fresh new ideas followed by action into the coming year and base those actions on what it is you are trying to accomplish and make it happen! Manifest, do not wait for things to just happen.

  7. This year is my 9 year but not sure what is meant by ‘letting go’…does that pertain to everything I’ve not been able to accomplish or break through the wall of? That’s what I assume this means. Would this possibly mean for me to stop trying to connect with a grandchild who has been separated from me due to the loss of my son? Connecting to my son’s girlfriend has been a constant brick wall since the end of my year 7, all of year 8 & still through year 9. I do feel that is what I need to do but I am afraid that isn’t what I am expected to do. My life number is 11.
    Also…I enjoy your blog very very much. Thanks for all of the time you put into it to share your knowledge. 🙂
    ~ Barbara

    1. Hi Barbara, the 9 Personal year can be harsh for some but uplifting for others. The importance of letting go is what is important here. Meaning letting go of trying to control the situation and letting God take control. A 9 personal year does not in anyway control your individual circumstances, it is more to effect change in those areas which are no longer serving “your” growth and must be let go of either voluntarily or by the universe if necessary. In this case, letting go does not mean that you should cease to connect with your grandchild. In this case, I would say that letting go of what you are doing now and begin to reflect upon future possibilities at a later date. Like your 1 Personal Year, when the new phase begins.

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