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Karmic Lessons

“The Science of Numbers and the art of will power are the Keys of Magic that open the Gates of the Universe,” said the Priests Of Memphis.”Nomen est Omen.” The name is the destiny, said the Romans

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Karmic Lessons

Karmic Lesson is a determinant in numerology revealed by the numbers in the name that are missing in the name at birth.  The absence of a number reveals an area of life which will require extra attention to balance the energy of that particular number.  That does not mean that if you have no missing numbers that you have no karma.  Missing numbers can be modified if that number is one of the core numbers.  Having the missing number as one of the core numbers is an indication that the energy contained in that number will be available to deal with experience.  It is only when other factors in the chart are expressing negatively, like Karmic Debt, Doubled Numbers or Master Numbers will this present an obstacle.

These traits, however, are filtered through the personality and reveal themselves with differing hues and idiosyncracies, depending on the personality number or secret self.  Traits become particularly pronounced or stressed during cycles such as personal year, month, essence; corresponding, of course, to the missing number.  This too, is also true of long-term cycles that have the same number as the missing number.  A more complete picture of the life begins to take form which could indicate the potential of long-term difficulty regarding that energy.

A Karmic Lesson is much less dominating than a karmic debt.

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