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Why Do Psychics Connect With Some People But Not Others—Is Your Psychic Connecting With Your Energy?

Why Do Psychics Connect With Some People But Not Others—Is Your Psychic Connecting With Your Energy?

Can Your Psychic Really Connect to Your Energy?

Today I found myself thinking about some of my clients who reading them was amazingly easy while with others, it may be more difficult to connect.

As an example, I have a client who asked me where she would be living because she had to move and had no idea where she would go.  She actually lived in my area not far from me and was looking in this area.  I immediately said I didn’t think I could tell her that information.  Then suddenly a street address popped into my head.  It was a 5-digit number and the street name, not the city.  So I told her the address.  She is in real estate so she looked it up.  Actually that address was an hour away from where she lived and she told me there was no way she would either look in that area much less move to that area.  She had no contacts and definitely no job there.

I responded by saying, welp, that’s what I saw.  So a couple months later, she called up again for a reading and she told me she got a job in that area and had to move there.  So she ended up moving to an area she never even gave a thought about and it was exactly the city where the address I saw was.  Whenever I read her, I always get vivid visions that pop up.  Like the time I saw a fireman, a younger man.  She said she would never date a younger guy.  Well, she met the fireman and he was a younger guy—and she dated him. I marveled at these vivid images I get for her (and others).  I began to realize why visions and messages come in stronger for some and not others.

Let go, breathe

Are You Really Open To Getting a Real Psychic Reading?

I started giving some thought to why it is so amazingly easy to connect with my clients and why it’s more difficult to connect with other clients.  It has to do with how open a person is to getting a reading and, get this, are they going to let you in.  That’s right, some people actually fight the process.  Seekers of psychic readings have a burning desire to know the future, to know what others are thinking and feeling and outcomes.  But sometimes they are not aware that they may have a block to this knowledge.  Most likely, it is a fear of what might be revealed.  It’s kind of similar to not wanting to go to the doctor because you might get bad news and you put up a block unconsciously.  Now there are seekers that deliberately try to block their psychic from reading them, or try to test them.  They consciously block their thoughts.  This is a waste of time.  Psychics are sentient in nature.  They are constantly bombarded with energy from people around them and are specifically OPEN to receive.  BUT, if you don’t want to be read or you don’t want them to know things then your simple will power can create a wall, a block.  By blocking your psychic, you are making it difficult for them to pierce the veil of your subconscious.  This is a dynamic process, an exchange of energy and you are preventing a connection.  And a connection is what you want when you seek psychic readings because we are sentient beings.  We’re talking about real psychics.  And sometimes there is a concern as to the authenticity of a psychic but if this is the issue, it’s not helping if you are not open to receiving.  Messages flow from higher consciousness but don’t think they can’t be blocked, because they can—whether you do it consciously or not.

The client I just described was very open to her reading and always has been.  Not because she consciously decided to be; in fact, I’m sure she is totally unaware.  The information flowed like a waterfall whenever I read her.  If only it was this easy every time with everyone.  But you can help the information to effortlessly flow.

Are You Bonded to a Specific Outcome?  You Must Participate in Your Psychic Reading.

When I say you must participate in your reading, I’m not saying you need to do the reading or tell the psychic everything.  No, not at all.  By participating, I mean that you need to be open.  By open I don’t mean: are you open to getting a psychic reading.  Obviously, you were open to it.  What I mean is are you open (willing to hear messages from your spirit guides or my spirit guides that is truthful and authentic) and accepting to hearing the information that comes through.  Some people resist because sometimes it is hard to know the truth of a situation that you are very invested in turning out a certain way.  That’s called being bonded to a specific outcome.  And truthfully, being bonded to a specific outcome can set you up for disappointment.  Simply put, you should be open to the truth when seeking psychic guidance from a real psychic.  By being bonded to what you want can have the effect of cutting you off from other possibilities.  While you are waiting for a certain outcome to occur, you could be blocking yourself from learning life lessons that cannot be avoided.

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants.

We all want what we want.  I will guide you to optimal outcomes that are in sync with your rhythmic flow.  We are all on a path. Our journey unfolds on a unique frequency, a tapestry of choices revealing the consequences of each step. Insight is the goal, and free will is the brush with which you paint your destiny. Life is a creation, and where you stand is a manifestation of your decisions.

Awaiting a predestined fate, or one you are bonded to, may lead to a sense of loss and disappointment. We hold the key to our destiny, shaping it through understanding, self-awareness, and navigating the karmic currents with the help of a trusted spiritual guide. Embrace the uncertainty, open your heart, for it is through creation that we learn and grow. Some truths remain veiled, for the revelation might hinder the valuable lessons on this path. So, let’s embark on the journey of self-discovery, creating our outcomes with a profound understanding of ourselves, our karma, and the unique path we tread. In this realm of existence, nothing is guaranteed, but in the art of creation, we find the true essence of our being.


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