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Wow!! Incredible! That is the only word that can even remotely describe my reading. Cherry is a very gifted reader and was able to describe my love interest with 100% accuracy without asking me any questions about the person or needing any input from me. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I have wasted so much money on other psychics because I was looking for details and now realize that Cherry is the real thing. She is well worth the money and is now my “go to psychic” and when I get more funds I will be calling her back. She was incredibly detailed and was able to honestly predict an outcome of something that I have been stressing out about for over a year! Thank goodness there will be a positive outcome but may take awhile but with Cherry’s help I now have hope and can now relax and not stress and obsess so much..things will happen as expected but now I know why it is taking so long!!..thanks Cherry! I’ll be calling again soon! Stacy

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