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I have been a customer to Cherry Sage for a guestamated 8 plus years. We don’t speak often however, when I need answers to complexities in my life I always contact her. Well, today (September 27, 2020) was one of those days. I told Cherry everytime I speak to her I feel like I’ve been to church. I feel like I’ve had a major wake up call! My daughter asked me, Mom how do you know Cherry Sage is correct? I said because she bears witness to what I’ve been thinking, feeling and experienced. I also love the fact that Cherry Sage encourages me to realize that no matter what is going on now, my future will get better, and to embrace all experiences (bad and good). Because everything happens in our lives for a reason. Cherry Sage also reminds me that I will be better and stronger if I endure the process (challenges). Thank you Cherry Sage for always being a constant in my life and Thank you for taking me to church this morning and giving me the insight to my questions and concerns, and most importantly for being a great source of inspiration.

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