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Cherry is undoubtedly the BEST clairvoyant; I love her because she is completely honest, sincere, generous, & she NEVER lectures and patronizes. Her gift is astounding a nd I’ve learned to record what she communicates to me & ask questions later, but I don’t question her accuracy and honesty. In early Aug, she told me that I’d meet ‘another man..dark complexion and hair..marriage candidate..feels like there’s a wife around..he’s older/mature (age ~36-38), 5’9″-5’10” tall, earth sign guy, really business-minded, works a lot, to meet w/n 2 months (in Oct) – send a fax(?).’ At the time of that rdg, I was focused 1 0 0% on the return of my ex, not some new guy I hadn’t met yet. Well, this is amazing. I didn’t speak to Cherry for almost two months, but last wk I met the EXACT man,K, Cherry described to me earlier (though I didn’t realize it till 2 days ago): he’s 39, a Capricorn, is a business director, married, and fits all of Cherry’s physical/personality descriptions to a T. It took me a good 2 years to get over my ex, and I can’t go back after meeting K. I have no idea where this will go, it’s evident that we like each other. Some things you cannot explain so easily, you feel and know. Cherry is the ONLY reader who consistently and accurately tells me the truth; over a year ago she told me my ex (long before his return in Jul this yr) wasn’t really giving me much serious consideration and is immature about his involvements w/ women. This was during a time when all other ‘psychics’ were telling me he’s ‘the One,’ he’s your soulmate, the m a n you’ll marry. Not Cherry, she told me I’ll ultimately have a choice and she sees me choosing someone else. Who knows about K and me, but I def. know my ex is OUT for good. Only Cherry expressed this to me without being insensitive and smug. lol. F.

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