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Surprising Benefits of Being Single — What To Do If You Are Single And Lonely

Surprising Benefits of Being Single — What To Do If You Are Single And Lonely

There comes a point in your life when you will want/need to be in a relationship.  The special kind that makes you feel like smiling for no reason, staring off into space or tripping over your own feet even, because you sort of get lost with the emotions and thoughts and good feelings.  And those are nice experiences to have.  But perhaps better to have when we want them as oppose to need them.  But,  sometimes you start to believe that you are alone because there is no one waiting there when you come home at the end of your day. You come home, the house is empty, no one is there to say hello, no one is there to say goodnight.  Are you really alone?

It is instinctive for humans to want to pair with one another. Animals do it. We cannot procreate without being together in the most personal of ways; naturally this desire to couple is inherent in the human psyche and seen in the animal kingdom. So it must be right or somehow mandated by nature. But are we alone if we are single? You are not alone, I mean, well, you might be alone right now searching online for someone to pair with, but we’re here today in this post searching for the good in it. To see it from a different perspective and to consider the idea that if I am single, am I really alone. What does this mean? Being alone, being single. Does this mean I am less of a person or that being attached to someone else defines me. Do you tell yourself these things. Most likely you tell yourself, I need somebody, I can’t be alone, everybody has someone except me. Consider that quite possibly being alone or single makes you better. Let’s look and see how being single can improve your life, strengthen your self-esteem and empower your sense of self-possession and inner strength.



Is Being Alone the Same as Being Lonely?

First, there is BIG difference between being alone and lonely.  For some people it is their path to spend periods of time alone in their life so that they learn this difference.  Most people who have this path will not want it or understand why it must be this way.  But the WHY here, this is the very thing that we should ask ourselves when we find ourselves in this particular circumstance. WHY is the question we should be asking ourselves, why are we here, what is my purpose, what do I need to learn, Am I having any fun, wait, not that question, but WHY not.  When alone, we are there to discover ourselves, our inner world.  To find the relationship with ourselves that brings about understanding, empowerment and inner peace.  This is because we truly cannot be with another if we have not pieced together the different parts of ourselves that once put together, make us whole.  That whole person then is ready to mingle again, ready to meet another who has pieced together their different parts.  This makes for a great relationship.  And it’s also the best reason to stay single, avoiding bad relationships, you know, those ones you get into just so you’re not alone. But, hey, that’s a lot of work and this alone stuff gets old quick and who wants to do that, you may think.

Cherry Sage

Regardless, we will all find ourselves there at some point and that lesson will be learned.

But the brilliant thing about being single, isn’t just the illuminating insights we gain into our conscious life, it’s the road traveled as we get there.  As there are many things a single person can do, one who does not define themselves so simply as having to be with someone in order to feel good about themselves.  It’s so much more fun to feel really good when we are alone, because it is during this time that true fulfillment can be manifested in our lives, not depending on others to feel good or worthy or anything.  Because we can make ourselves feel that way.

Besides the obvious, that we can travel on a whim, feel independent, flirt shamelessly, the big one — work on yourself, and Netflix and chill ruthlessly, it’s that wonderful feeling of self-confidence and peace inside that is irreplaceable even with another person filling a void that doesn’t have to be there in the first place.  You can ask the best psychic or best online psychics in the world for advice about how and why you are still single but you can utilize a solitary life to start a business, serve the community or conquer the world.  But you are never alone.  And that journey within that replaces fear and insecurity with confidence, doubt with certainty, and loneliness with the feeling of completeness knowing you are loved from within.

In a world of your own making, there is no one to bring you down, to stop you from fulfilling your potential and going after and getting what you want.  And the time that you find yourself spending more time alone will not always be that way, because life is always moving forward and if you find yourself alone or single, find the good in it and avoid looking at it as if it was bad.  Because if you find yourself needing to be with someone just for the simple fact that you are single, then you are selling yourself short, opting to negate your potential, short changing your possible destiny and risk not truly being happy.  Happiness is not something you find it is being in the active state of flowing with your rhythm in the present, NOW–regardless of the obstacles. Message, align with your rhythm.

The Lesson

Be good to yourself, nurture your essence, to

“thine own self be true, and it will follow as the night does the day, that thou canst be false to any man.” Shakespeare.

 In other words, if you stay honest and true to yourself, you will always be true with others and until then if you find there is a time when you are single, remember you are not alone

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