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Psychic Readings–Are There Any Authentic Psychics With Accurate Timelines?

Psychic Readings–Are There Any Authentic Psychics With Accurate Timelines?


future psychic timelines


There is so much information one can glean from accurate psychic readings, however, the most desired piece of information is the timeline prediction or date something will occur. This little piece of information, I have found in the years I’ve been providing psychic readings, is the single MOST WANTED piece that people want to know. WHEN??

Some people call and all they really want to know is when they are going to have what they want, need, hope for, or believe they will or should have. The most ironic thing is that God, the Universe, the Source, or whatever it is you believe in, is really in charge. Your psychic doesn’t have the power to change your karma. I believe in God and through the power of God we have the power to change the things in our lives we want to change. If you have ever studied spiritual principles, then you may have learned and understand that knowing an exact date of when you are going to have what you want is not in accordance with those principles. Unfortunately, psychic networks have perpetuated this belief/myth to seekers of psychic advice and when a seeker calls needing understanding and clarity, they ask when will all of this happen? The dispensing of accurate time lines or dates is where they judge the psychic’s psychic ability. I believe this is because imitation psychics (which dominant these services) serve up these answers like, “sure, you’d like to know exactly when this or that will happen…..sure, of course, that will happen next month, or in 2 weeks, or tomorrow.” And also inevitably, the timelines move out farther and farther until you get tired of waiting or believing.

People have grown to believe that a psychic can guarantee some future event. This is stunningly inaccurate. Your psychic gets what they get. And dates are some of the things they get, SOMETIMES. Not every time. Even they cannot control what information they receive. It’s their responsibility to accurately tell you the information they are getting and to let you know if they cannot answer your question for one reason or another. There are so many factors that affect psychic readings, that is why to get the best psychic reading ever, you need to know what to expect and to be relaxed and open.

For me, the easiest people to read are those who have no judgments or preconceived ideas and those who are open and ready to receive truthful messages.  When messages flow, it’s like looking through a very wide opening as opposed to a narrow one, which is much more closed off; a person who is closed off (intentionally or unintentionally) are harder to read. These factors affect psychic reception. Real psychics and psychics who have very high standards will let you know what they can and cannot do, what to expect and how to prepare for a reading.

These days, readings are like fast food. People want to just drive up to the window and get their junk food, keep going, then complain later that it they wish they had not eaten that, but go back again and again. If you’re going to proceed with junk readings, you’re not going to get to the most important messages you are meant to receive spiritually. You can get the answers you seek (not all questions will have the answer you want always, which includes dates), but you are a part of the process. Messages come in various ways. They can come through literal audio messages (where the psychic hears info–this is my strength); it can come through visual messages that can be literal or symbolic, which is also known as clairvoyance; also some psychics are empathic, like myself, and they can feel others’ feelings. Your psychic must interpret the messages for you and this skill can set apart a professional psychic from a non-professional one; then once the message has been clearly received and deciphered, then you can use that information to guide you forward.

Psychic predictions of timelines is something that is not an entitlement. If you are given accurate psychic timelines, it is a gift…to you…not an entitlement. Remember, your psychic is not trying to stump you. They are just trying to relay information they are receiving, interpret and guide; and, therefore, if you are getting a reading from a trusted adviser, you are receiving higher guidance. This process has to be respected. Once you start understanding what to expect in an authentic psychic reading, you stop judging your psychic. Every psychic doesn’t get the same information. Every psychic doesn’t get their information in the same way. So, to judge them based on what you think they should know or be ABLE to get, is unfounded and in actuality, you are robbing yourself of an authentic experience based on a psychic’s unique gift. The fake psychic industry is the reason most people believe what they believe about psychics and the truth is that what psychics truly offer is so far from the most popular perceptions, and real psychics suffer from this overall false impression. So when you start accusing your psychic that they didn’t tell me this and the date they said was wrong (assuming they are real to begin with), start from the beginning. The beginning being the true understanding of spiritual readings versus garbage readings designed to entertain you. Seek out the truth from an honest spirit worker and try that out instead of feeding off of fake psychics who give real ones the same bad name.

Most of my posts are from questions that my visitors have asked me.  This question begs you to look at why it is being asked.  If it is so hard to find a psychic to give you accurate dates, then it is reasonable to conclude that accurate psychic timelines and dates are specific to each individual being read–whether or not that information can be known at the time of your reading or is restricted.  If it can, then it will be revealed, if not, it will not–Even if you call 100 psychics.  Therefore, this question. It must be understood that psychics are not all-knowing, super humans.  They are here to help within certain limitations and by that I mean limited by Spirit, a powerful source of unlimited wisdom.

The Truth is the only path to happiness. It is no wonder that there is so much unhappiness in the world. Not everyone wants to see the truth! Which makes you wonder why go to a psychic in the first place if it is not the truth you seek.  A psychic reading is not about when you will have what you want. Please read also my post: Accurate Psychic Predictions, My Reading Was Accurate, The Dates Were Wrong.

Cherry Sage is a renowned psychic and intuitive advisor, celebrated for her exceptional abilities and compassionate guidance. With over two decades of professional experience, Cherry has touched the lives of countless individuals, offering them clarity, insight, and spiritual support.  Cherry is the trusted advisor of hundreds of people around the world. 

What sets Cherry apart is not only her profound psychic insights but also her warm and nurturing approach. She understands the delicate nature of the human experience and endeavors to provide a safe space for her clients to explore their deepest concerns.  Book an appointment with Cherry Sage today!


4 thoughts on “Psychic Readings–Are There Any Authentic Psychics With Accurate Timelines?

  1. I agree that psychic readers cannot really predict your future and tell you exact dates. Psychics use their extrasensory perception to reveal secrets about your life. Psychics can provide you with some guidance and help you better understand your life.

    1. Yes, unfortunately due to misconceptions about psychics, people actually believe a psychic or intuitive person can tell them everything or answer every question and provide them with exact dates when events will occur in the future. This is a misconception. Although it is possible to get timelines, dates/timing, it is not usual. Receiving a possible timeline or date must actually be “unrestricted” (by spiritual forces operating in the seekers life) at the time of your reading in order for it to be revealed. It is just expected from seekers because imitation psychics have perpetuated this myth, and it is a myth that a psychic can tell you exactly when everything is going to happen. Also read my post Accurate Psychic Predictions: My Psychic Reading Was Accurate, The Dates Were Wrong. It’s time to educate seekers of psychic advice the reality of authentic psychic readings vs imitation psychic readings.

  2. I Recently had a “few” readings 4 the 1st time…..i had a breakup with someone and had a hard time dealing with it…my ex and i have had a few but we had never gone long periods of time before we would get back together talk it out and get back on track…well, this time when 1 week turned into 2 weeks then 2 into 3 i decided to go seek a psychic reading-with an open mind to see if this was a situation that was completely over this time. well the 1st psychic i went to i asked the question will i ever get married again she had me shuffle the cards she was EXTREMELY helpful, nice, kind very easy going she laid the cards and told me yes i will get married she describe the guy as being financially stable among other things. i asked her if i know him (not wanting to give away that i wondered if it was my ex) she told me yes he is not a stranger i definitely know him..(the only man i know that is very financially stable is my ex) then she went on 2 describe the breakup and my past relationship with him she described it all to the T she told me that we would be back toegther and it would be the opposite of whats going on now….i went to another lady who said exactly what the 1st lady said i did ask for a timeline (not knowing what i know now after reading your blog) they both said june sadly we’re in july and nothing from him :0( the 1st lady told me that i would run into him out and about she said i would run into a friend of his the friend would tell him i’m there and he was going to show up..well i did go to a place i frequent i did run into a friend of his but he did not show up that night i went back to the 1st lady a few weeks later because i was kind of skeptical only because my ex is a little stubborn (no alot stubborn) and i wanted to ask additional questions well shes for sure its him..i guess my question is this if theyre wrong with the timeline i’m ok with that but could they be wrong about the person? i am “trying” to date but its hard when i feel like and believe this guy is coming back i was a little discouraged when june came and went but i still feel him even though we havent talked..

    1. I appreciate you comments. My advice to you is to seek an understanding of what connection exists between you and another by examining the potential from a professional psychic reader. If you have a deeper understanding of the potential between you and another, then you can have a more realistic outlook regarding future possibilities. Then you will not get caught up in wild goose chases based on having readings from people who are not doing real psychic work.

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