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Psychic Readings and the Mystery of Who Really Is Your Soul Mate!

Psychic Readings and the Mystery of Who Really Is Your Soul Mate!

One of the strongest influences I have come to realize after years of doing psychic readings and numerology readings, and the most often asked question many of us would like to know is, “Who really is my soul mate?”  The word itself, soul mate, arouses not only those all important instincts to be with a person we like to think is meant to be, but to know if the object of our desire is indeed “the one.”  Or is it a false positive, or just a hunger for what we want the most and experience the least?

Who Is My Soulmate?

Soul Mate.  It conjures up an often held belief that we are destined to find at some point in our lives the one person who is our other half, the other side of the equation that completes us, the ultimate fulfilling love we are bound to. You know, not the one we’re with now necessarily and only feel that it’s, well, just ok; perhaps they will do until the real one comes along.  Not that one. The one who when we meet them, we’ll just know and feel something we have never felt before.  You just have a feeling that they are the one.  Only problem is you’ve met a number of people who could fit that description.  And that is the thing.  Is a soul mate the sole person with whom you can establish a profound connection with to the exclusion of all others, a sole mate?  Are we left abandoned and to some degree alone if we never find that feeling or meet that one person that was born to fulfill this burning drive for our ultimate companion traveler or love partner on this plane of existence.

Why Do I Feel This Person is My Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

What is it?  For many of us, but not all, it most certainly is a desire we need to fulfill so strong that we believe we could not ever truly be complete or truly happy unless we do.  So one must suspect that the soul mate is a tremendous connection that the forces of nature, or God, or destiny will manifest in our life time.  Without this special connection, we may feel lost, not special, that God has abandoned us or worse, that we just must not have been worthy enough to be destined for that special relationship in this life. Leaving us feeling incomplete.  So, is it our destiny to find the one always?  Is there one person who can fulfill us.

Through my meditations, I have channelled knowledge, truth from higher consciousness.  In one such meditation, and this was before I had read similar information on the subject of soul mates or twin flames.  I received this message: we are all born into soul groups.  Within these groups there are definite experiences we are, say, slated to have.  You may chose who and when but only within the soul group you were born into.  Free will plays an important role in our lives at all times.  Randomness is an important part of the experience.  Otherwise, we’d all be robots without the need of consciousness or free will.  So within our groups we are supposed to have options which are in fact random within the boundary of the soul group.  For example, you have a recipe for a pie.  There are ingredients that make up the pie that you must use to make it, but you can choose what kind of pie it will be and you may mix up the ingredients, you can make it now or later.   So our soul group is made of many different people but certain people are there that you “must” have an experience with in order to get to the next level. But you can choose.  Some of these can be comprised of your family, friends, associates, etc.  Outside of your family (which is pre-determined), you must choose.  Some you will meet, some you have met before.  That feeling of familiarity or feeling like you have met or known someone before is because you have.  Sometimes these are karmic relationships. Think of them as ongoing relationships from past lives that were not resolved in some way and you both have chosen to be here now.  When this happens sometimes there is a feeling of happiness and kindred spirit, initially.  Definitely someone in your soul group.  A soul mate! Soul Mate relationships are not always of the pleasant variety as many of us know.

Sometimes we mistake this feeling of familiarity and kindred spirit with that person being the one (life mate).  Because the feelings and attraction are so strong.  You will be attracted to a Soul Mate!  It goes with the territory.  The question here is how to know when they are the one you are meant to have a long-term relationship with that leads to marriage, children, etc.  The truth is that we have many soul mates when we incarnate in being.  You get to choose from the available souls (in your group).   What is most important and seldom thought of is that we are meant to have the experience!  To learn to grow from being with, around that person whether or not it leads to an ultimate life mate type of relationship.  Life is short, learn fast.   Because even if the soul mate you are with now does not lead to marriage or a permanent long-term relationship, what has been learned will lead you to your next experience that you will also choose.  Stay with me.

Therefore, try to think outside of the box.  Think of life as a place we have come to learn, grow, evolve.  To become enlightened and ascend to higher spiritual planes.  Our relationships, choices and decisions define how we live our life but more importantly, how we will live our future.

In the beginning, our souls split into two (twins).  One half feminine, the other masculine.  Think of it like the positive and negative charge in the nucleus of an atom.  Although both charges naturally repel each other, there is a stronger force that overcomes it creating something potentially very powerful.  We incarnate over and over, we come together and live life sometimes together and others times apart–but constantly searching for each other, while constantly evolving.  Eventually, you will have the Twin Flame relationship on this plane of existence if sufficiently evolved to match/equal the force or potency of the other.  But ultimately your souls will join again and be one.  And for this reason, we walk this earth in search of our other half and have an instinctive, powerful drive to find it.  And this is why it is so important to us all at some point in our evolution.  It is like the air we breathe.  It is an essential aspect of the soul formation and its destiny to be back as one.  From there the possibilities are endless. Imagine the power of love joining two perfected souls as one for an eternity.  We are just at the incipient stages of this development, this love story here on earth, and the journey is just as important as this destination!  In fact, if you are here, it’s all about the journey and learning to love the self.


I would love to hear your experiences with your soul mates.

Cherry Sage has a proven track record for providing accurate psychic readings, tarot and numerology readings for 17 years (since 1999). She believes that real psychic readings are what seekers really want and is reflected by her loyal client base in hundreds of genuine reviews on her website.  Cherry specifically deals with answering questions regarding love, relationships, career and your life’s blueprint.  Call Cherry at 301-474-1681 for precise, accurate details as well as accurate predictions. Call Cherry to unravel your soul’s code. Visit http://www.cherrysage.com.


Here are some enlightening thoughts on Soul Mates and Twin Flames sourced from Ruth Montgomery.

WE ALL INCARNATE IN SOUL GROUPS. These are our family members, children, lovers, friends, colleagues, etc. However, all of the above, especially our love partner, fit into FOUR KINDS OF SOULMATES!


Deep passion, strong love, but a lot of hurt and pain. Nine out of ten times, this love is not meant to last. When the karma is balanced, the relationship usually ends.


Very compatible, very happy lover and best friend. There is a purpose for the relationship, an assignment that can only be completed by the joint energy like raising special children, working on a project (e.g. two scientists), or as simple as baking love-filled bread. These relationships only last if your true twin flame is not available because they are married to a karmic partner, or remains in the astral plane in order to guide and connect with you spiritually. If the relationship is ONLY project related, the person (subconsciously) gives you the impetus to achieve your goals, or helps you fulfill a dream you could not have done on your own.


Comes or appears just before a twin flame reunion. The synchronicity is strong, and you feel guided to be together. There is sometimes instant recognition of the soul from a past life, and/or your mutual incarnation within your SOUL GROUP, which includes family members, relatives, friends, and people within your circle of influence. If you had your charts done, an astrologer would say you matched up perfectly for marriage. They may be your best friend, and the connection is as intense as if it is your twin flame. An example in mythology: In Camelot, Guenevere was married to King Arthur. They loved each other. But when Lancelot showed up, he was the man in her deeper heart of hearts.


No matter how many soulmates you have had, how many times you’ve been married, in the highest planes of Spirit, this is the true HUSBAND/WIFE. It’s just as difficult as a Karmic Soulmate Relationship, if not more. You may have perpetual dreams which seem unable to materialize because one partner is not “listening” to the still-small-voice within. The synchronicity is even stronger here, and there is also an easy telepathic connection no matter the distance. Each is a mirror image of the other’s soul – two completely different individuals, yet whole as one when together. That can be both good and bad, strong and weak. Not many people achieve this bond, because if both partners are not sufficiently evolved, they tear apart, never forgetting, or being able to cut the bond of love. Sometimes it’s just a timing thing – each partner needs to complete some things on their own, to become whole individually first. The waiting makes the one with knowing, stop believing and end up with a substitute. If they make it, the Universe rewards and uses both AS ONE energy of Love through which the Light of God passes. In this instance only, 1 + 1 does not equal 2. It equals the Power of 20. It is my belief that a reader may “see” the strong connection/bond between souls, but no reader or astrologer can tell if the person is your Twin Flame. This unique relationship is between you, the other person, and God.

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