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Numerology Reading – What is the Meaning of Number 3.

Numerology Reading – What is the Meaning of Number 3.



Numerology Number 3Number 3 is one of my favorite numbers in numerology.  How did we get to Number 3?  Well, first there was 1, the beginning of human experience, the ego, the self; then there was 2, others, in relation to others, feminine energy, submissive, supportive, dependent.  Then there was 3.  Bearing fruit, creativity, art, self-expression.  Many 3’s are artists or have talent, it’s the number of the voice.  Let’s sing.  See how this is adding up.  3’s bring the fun and the party in life.  It’s always nice to have 3’s around.

Each number is a progression of the soul’s journey in human experience.  A journey in the physical world that offers many lessons.  We all will journey through all the human experiences until we become Masters.  I guess you wonder what comes after we have mastered the human experience.  ~~We ascend~~  We elevate beyond the need to exist in human form.  We are spirit.  I digress.

In numerology, the life path number is calculated by adding together the digits in one’s birthdate until a single digit is obtained. The number 3 is one of the nine possible life path numbers and is considered to be a highly creative and expressive number.

Individuals with a life path number of 3 tend to have a vibrant and dynamic personality, with a great sense of humor and a love for self-expression. They are often highly creative and artistic, and may have a talent for writing, acting, or other forms of creative expression.

Additionally, those with a life path number of 3 tend to be very social and outgoing, with a natural charm and charisma that makes them easy to be around. They are often very optimistic and enthusiastic, and tend to approach life with a sense of adventure and curiosity.

On the negative side, those with a life path number of 3 may sometimes struggle with a lack of focus and discipline, and may be prone to procrastination or scatterbrained thinking. They may also be prone to drama and exaggeration, and may struggle with feelings of insecurity or self-doubt.

Overall, the number 3 in numerology represents creativity, self-expression, and social connection, and those with this life path number are often well-suited to careers in the arts, entertainment, or public speaking.  3’s can make great writers if other energies, such as 7 (the thinker), are present prominently.  But you can bet, 3’s love to talk.

Overbalanced Traits of the 3 Energy

Extravagant, opinionated, silly, ostentations, boastful, gossipy, superficial, overly talkative.  A 3 may be so delighted with the joy of living that their life becomes frivolous and superficial.  They may scatter their abilities and express little sense of purpose.

When, on the other hand, they have difficulty developing their given capabilities, they may retreat into their self.  They may feel uncomfortable in social situations, may prefer to hide their feelings rather than express them.  They may appear moody or taciturn.  If they are hurt by others, they may be critical or demeaning.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts on the Numbers, it all depends on where your 3 is located in your numerology chart.  Is it your Soul Urge, your Expression, your Life Path, your Birthday Number?  Could it also be a karmic lesson or a missing number.  Your Soul’s Map is exactly that.  A map of your soul’s journey—where it’s been and where it’s going.  Who you are and who you could be.

Underbalanced Traits of 3 Energy

Anxious, bored, callous complaining, unkind, pessimistic, moody, jealous, envious, greedy, petty, tactless.

I’ve found that even when one is under-balanced, there are times when this type of 3 is able to operate more on a balanced level, as described in the above description of 3. It just shows that the soul is in a learning phase. It all depends on the self and how it is expressing itself.  And many other points on your Soul’s Map.  Many energies (delineated from the core along with the cycles, challenges, intensities, karmic accumulation, etc) comprise the manner in which a soul expresses themselves.  It informs us of who we are and the potential that exists at birth. That’s why an in-depth look is necessary to get a complete picture.

It’s also important to note that in a numerology reading, WHERE your 3 energy resides is important—meaning out of your four core elements in your Soul’s Map. i.e., Life Path, Soul Urge Number, Expression, and Birthday Number, where is your 3.  Getting expert analysis of these energy placements is very important to getting the full picture of yourself or someone in your life.

Cherry Sage is a professional psychic and numerologist who is able to crack the code of your Soul’s Map.  Learn who you are and all your beautiful intricacies and how to use it to navigate life.  Contact Cherry today for a psychic or numerology reading.


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