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9 Amazing Tips About Your Numerology Health! What Does Your Life Path Number Reading Tell You about Your Health?

9 Amazing Tips About Your Numerology Health! What Does Your Life Path Number Reading Tell You about Your Health?

Ever wondered what your numerology health numbers are?  Feeling sluggish, uninspired or just plain sick?  Numerology holds a special place in many cultures in discovering a person’s strengths and weaknesses, emotional reactions, inner desires, natural talents, and the ability to form bonds with others.   One thing that goes hand in hand with all your traits and tendencies in numerology is your numerology health. A numerology reading by a professional reading psychic or numerologist, can help you gain insight into the health problems that you may have now and in the future or in which season you are more likely to fall sick or foods that may have the potential to boost your health or cause health complications.

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If you know your Life Path Number, here’s what numerology has to say about your health:

9 Numerology Health Life Tips

Numerology Health Number 1

Problem Areas: you may have to deal with poor cardiovascular health, overexertion, issues with eyesight, heatstroke, and blood conditions, including high blood pressure.

Best Foods: Barley, Honey, Thyme, Sorrel, Raisins, Citrus Fruits, Dates, Ginger, Chamomile, Nutmeg, Ginseng, Lavender.

Avoid: it’s best to avoid foods and activities that result in increased stomach bile.

Life Tip: follow an exercise regime that helps you relax and keep in the right headspace to prevent anxiety and stress.

Numerology Health Number 2

Problem Areas: you may develop conditions like anemia, insomnia, stress, and asthma. Also, you may strain yourself to an extent that it causes nervousness.

Best Foods: Flax, Plantain, Cabbage, Melons, Bananas, Turnip, Cucumber.

Avoid: you should avoid emotional conflicts as they may make you susceptible to illnesses.

Life Tip: Go out and do things that enable you to healthily express yourself, including your emotions.

Numerology Health Number 3

Problem Areas: people with Life Path Number 3 may struggle with chest and lung problems, sore throat, overexertion, skin problems, arthritis, diabetes, paralysis and may strain the nervous system.

Best Foods: Nuts, Beetroot, Mint, Saffron, Olives, Almonds, Apples, Asparagus, Peaches, Blueberries, Strawberries, Grapes.

Avoid: Ginger, Garlic, and fenugreek, and foods that may aggravate allergies.

Life tip: Exercise regularly to keep stress level under check and boost your metabolism.

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Numerology Health Number 4

Problem Areas: you may have trouble with melancholy and depression, urinary infections, frequent breathlessness, cough and cold.

Best Foods: green vegetables, fruits, Eggplant, and Kohlrabi.

Avoid: sugary foods and arguments.

Life tip: discover or develop a hobby that keeps you connected with nature and do something constructive

Numerology Health Number 5

Problem Areas: you may stress yourself and experience nervousness. You may also be vulnerable to frequent cough, colds, flu, skin conditions, insomnia, and kidney problems.

Best Foods: Parsley, Mushrooms, Parsnip, Nuts, Carrots, Oatmeal, Potatoes, Rice.

Avoid: things that cause you to stress.

Life tip: while people with 5 need freedom and change, they also need proper nutrition, plenty of water, and regular exercise.

Numerology Health Number 6

Problem Areas: you may be prone to fever, cold, the flu, nervousness, throat and lung conditions, nose infection, and cardiovascular problems in the later stages. Women may experience breast-related problems.

Best Foods: Spinach, Walnuts, Mint, Parsnip, Figs, Pomegranates, Beans.

Avoid: Sweets, oily and spicy foods, strenuous physical activity.

Life tip: people with Life Path Number 6 can easily turn into a control freak. Work on letting things go.

Numerology Health Number 7

Problem Areas: you may have to deal with general infections, skin conditions, indigestion, gout and arthritis, and issues with blood circulation

Best Foods: Green Tea, Apricots, Flax, Ginseng, Cucumbers, Apples, Watermelon.

Avoid: Smoking and drinking, over-working, and stressful situations.

Life tip: meditate and spend alone time to figure out things that are good for your health.

Numerology Health Number 8

Problem Areas: you may develop paralysis, issues with the legs, ears, and teeth. You may be at risk of Rheumatism, headaches, liver and intestines problems, blood pressure and heart conditions.

Best Foods: Green tea, Cashews, Pine Tree Nuts, Chamomile, Sunflower Seeds, Sweet Peppers, Sour Apples, Pears, Tomatoes.

Avoid: processed or fast food, lethargy, and isolation.

Life tip: learn to laugh and let go of things not good for your mental and physical health.

Numerology Health Number 9

Problem Areas: people with Life Path Number 9 may suffer from childhood illnesses such as chickenpox and fevers, and develop kidney, lungs and throat problems.

Best Foods: Ginger, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Leek, Cranberry, Pumpkin

Avoid: oily and greasy foods, situations that make you aggressive

Life tip: meditate and get regular massage to keep your body relaxed

Final Note

If you want to know what numerology says about your health, life, relationships, or career consider getting in touch with Cherry Sage, a psychic reading professional and numerologist. You can also get professional numerology readings online on your phone or laptop.  Try Cherry’s Free Instant Numerology Calculator here.


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