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Numerology – How to Calculate Your Personal Year

Numerology – How to Calculate Your Personal Year

22 thoughts on “Numerology – How to Calculate Your Personal Year

  1. Thanks Cherry, I calculated my personal year. I think it came out to be 30/3. And guess what, I think I calculated my Life Path to be 22/4. A master number. Am I right? 8/11/74. Is there any way I can find out what my 3 personal year means? Thanks, I love your articles.

    1. Thank you. OK, you are right about your personal year being 3 and also correct about the digits behind that 3. And you are also correct about your Life Path. I think you’ve got the makings of a true numerology apprentice. I will post the meaning of a 3 Personal Year as soon as I can.

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  4. According to numerology, there are nine stereotypes of the primary numbers one to nine. Each person has a specific number assigned to him/her at the time of birth itself. Each number signifies energy, vibration and various other personality traits. With the study of these numbers a person’s past, present and future can be very well predicted by a good numerologist. For past thousands of years numerology has been dealt very seriously in terms of teachings, research and studies. It also signifies a deep relationship between the mosaic of numbers and the individuality of a person concerned.

  5. I love numerology. It seems so exciting to have an idea about a person’s life by just a person’s names & birth dates. I am grateful to have read the articles, I have enjoyed a lot. Hope to see more of your posts.

  6. I added 10+9+2010a.k.a.3 so 10+9+3 and that is 22 and the number for this year is 3 so would that be 20/3? evenif it is that what does it mean?

    1. Hi Kelsey. Don’t forget to reduce double digits (except 11 and 22) BEFORE the final calculation. The 10 should have been reduced to 1. So your result would be 1 + 9 + 3, which is a 13/4. So you are are in a 4 personal year with some karmic influences since 13/4 is a karmic number. You can read about them here: . Not to be confused with your karmic accumulation number here: https://cherrysage.com/numerology/.

      Basically, this year you should have been focused on making practical decisions and getting stuff that you have putting off finally taken care of. Attending to details. Being disciplined and making conservative decisions. Work is also included in this vibration as any tendencies toward laziness will result in negative consequences. So don’t let things slide this year. It’s much better approach the coming year, YOUR 5 Personal Year, with excitement and not having to deal with what should have been dealt with this year.

  7. I want to know how to calucalte karmic debt number.my birth date is 9 October.referring to ur article I got it 14/5.let me know I m right.thanks

    1. You are correct! In your calculation, I see you did not forget to reduce the double digits (which are all reduced except for master numbers 11 and 22). Your month of birth October = 10, which you added to your birthday number, 9. 10+9- 19/1. 1 is then added to the universal year vibration of 2011, which is 4. So your equation should be 10+9+4= 1+9+4=14/5. You are absolutely correct. Careful of being overindulgent in this year. Your 5 has a karmic tinge to it so moderation is the key this year while you take more risks and get out there try different things. You will be more physically energetic this year. Have fun just don’t forget caution. Of course, the rest of your numerology blueprint must be studied to see exactly how your 14/5 personal year will be affecting your life this year.

    1. Dimple, the personal month and day vibrations are a sub-influence for a particular month or day. It is also the sub-focus for that month and the Personal Year(PY) is the main vibration for the year. For instance, if you are in an 8 PY and a 1 Personal Month (PM)–which by the way would be in second month of the year, February–you will find things in this month starting to really gear up and get started. The 1 PM in any year is like getting a big push forward in your life and is an excellent time to move forward especially with career moves or changes. A 1 Personal Month officially BEGINS the main PY focus for that year. In other words, the 8PY will be in full force once your reach your 1 PM. This also applies for any personal year. For instance, in a 5 PY, the full effect will begin in the fifth month (May), at which time will be the 1PM for the 5PY. In an 8 PY, February (1 PM) you may even find yourself “starting” a new job or being told of a promotion in store. 8 is a powerful material vibration and if you are living the positive side of the vibration, you could gain much in material satisfaction and other work and financial areas such as promotions and bonuses. Looking at your personal energy is an excellent way to strategize and to know when the energy WILL support decisions you have to make and when the energy WILL NOT support decisions. It’s a great way of checking where you are at in your life and if you are working with or against the flow of energy in your life.

  8. Hi there. I am born 22/10/1986 and it is 2011. is This 1 + 4 + 4 = 9. So am I in my personal year 9? Does this begin at my birthday and end at my birthday? Please let me know 🙂 Many thanks, Melanie

    1. Hello Melanie,

      Yes you are right. You are in a 9 personal year. All personal year vibrations begin at the new year. It’s the transits and essence values that begin on your birthday which last according to the letter values, e.g. the letter M would last 4 years, the letter E would last 5 years beginning on the date of birth.

  9. Hi Cherry! I guess my Personal year is a 5. My birthday is 9/19. Is this correct? People say 2011 is the year for great things for me. Especially in the 5th month. Is this really true?

    1. Yes, 5 is the correct personal year for you. 5 PY can be a very exciting personal year because it’s all about change, adventure, new friends, attraction adapting, etc. However, it all depends on your energy and how you are using it. You cannot say that a 5 personal year means that this will be the best year ever unless all other energies support it; such as, your transits and essence values, what main cycles you are in and your core energy. All these indicators give you a more accurate full picture of your life, how you are using your energy and the direction of the flow. So, I cannot say with certainty how you are doing without studying your chart. You will be in a 1 Personal Month in May and this signals that the 5 Personal Year is in full effect and desired changes should be focused on and initiated. So if you want to make some changes, go for it. You should be careful though of making changes just for the sake of change however because it can trigger instability. It really all depends on everything else going on in your core energy.

  10. This article explains about numerology related information.how we can calculate our personal year through numerology aspects.thanks for providing this information by this blog

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