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Facing the Future with Accurate Psychic Predictions

Facing the Future with Accurate Psychic Predictions

psychicSo, you want to know the future and you are looking for someone who can provide accurate psychic predictions.  Have you ever wondered if there is more than one possible future?  Do you believe that your future is locked in and cannot change.  So if someone predicts your future, do you believe that that is it?  Well, I want to discuss the future and future psychic predictions.

The future is an extension of your consciousness in the present moment.  I often find myself trying to explain about the possible future and predictions of the future.  When someone asks me what is going to happen, I explain that what I see NOW about the future is based completely on your present.  You may wonder, well, why is that.  If you psychically see something that is going to happen in the future, doesn’t that mean that that’s the thing that will happen?  The answer is yes, sometimes.  But it is comforting to know that the future in not locked in, except with exceptions of certain karmic events that are meant to or supposed to occur because if it were, then our lives would be nothing more than a robotic, mindless obedience to some unseen force.  And that simply is not the case.  There’s this thing called Free Will.

We are all born with free will.  This is the very foundation of how, as humans, we evolve. Intelligently or unintelligently choosing the path we will go—through our decisions, our choices.  All of our choices define the path to our destiny because we are creating NOW what will happen in the future.  You are integral to your own destiny because you are creating it whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  It’s your consciousness (whether in a passive state or an active one) that is propelling you forward into your future.

So you may ask, so how do I know how to get the future I want.  That involves a complex set of variables that cannot be answered in a paragraph or two.  But, simply put, our soul’s present journey is a compilation of many lifetimes that have brought us to this moment.  This moment in time where you want to know what your future will bring.  What a psychic can tell you about that depends on your present thought and free will decisions that you are about to make.  Some people make the very serious mistake of believing that when a psychic tells you what they predict that all you need to do is wait for it.  Especially if it’s something you want and to which you are bonded to the outcome.  Inaction, indecision, not making decisions in your life takes your power away.  Waiting for a prediction, watching the clock will cause it not to happen.  It’s quantum physics! It is spiritually unsound to wait for a psychic prediction to happen as if it is locked into a future moment that YOU have been waiting for.  This will cause it not to happen.  It’s just a spiritual principal.

When a psychic predicts something for you, let it go.  Let it be free to happen as if it is your free will unleashed.  Because energy cannot be locked.  It must flow freely.

Granted there are gifted psychics who can tell and are able to tune into some fated events in the farther out future.  Like I said before, there are some events that are fated.  But in the course of your everyday life and what will happen in the near or approximate future, you are dealing with Free Will and if your question involves others, their free will as well.  You are dealing with the energy at this present moment in time looking out into the future from this point.

And, this is what I tell my clients:  Based on what I’m seeing in your present, this is how the future will evolve.  If you don’t like it, here is your opportunity to make changes that can affect the outcome, the future.  This is precisely why we have a number of possible futures because you have choices.  What choice will you make?  Can you make a choice that will cause events to turn in your favor?  Yes.  But you cannot control another’s choice.  But there is that possibility.  It’s wonderful.  Psychic readings can be helpful in this way.  Letting you know where things are going and the possible adjustments you can make to have your desired outcome.  But never wait like you have a guarantee.

I know we’d like to believe we can just look into the future and guarantee a specific outcome.  When I look into the future, I can see what is going to happen based on the current energy.  Where the rhythm is, the frequency of the energies in questions and where it is flowing.  I keep the information honest, truthful and will tell you what I see.  I will not tell you what you want to hear because I’d prefer to give you accurate psychic predictions that really happen than to entertain you with fantasy.

If energy changes—yours, theirs—then this can impact the future.  The future is a moving wave of dynamic energy and that is why we are never locked in to a future that is unchangeable or set unless fate is involved.  So no, not all relationships are necessarily fated ones but are more likely lessons to be learned.  So embrace your life with a sense of wonder and anticipation of what is to be and don’t be bogged down with regret or sorrow.  Life is to be learned.  Seeing ahead is a gift.

Cherry Sage is a renowned psychic and intuitive advisor, celebrated for her exceptional abilities and compassionate guidance. With over two decades of professional experience, Cherry has touched the lives of countless individuals, offering them clarity, insight, and spiritual support.  Cherry is the trusted advisor of hundreds of people around the world. 

What sets Cherry apart is not only her profound psychic insights but also her warm and nurturing approach. She understands the delicate nature of the human experience and endeavors to provide a safe space for her clients to explore their deepest concerns.  Book an appointment with Cherry Sage today!


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