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Dreams Of Future & Dreams Meaning

Dreams Of Future & Dreams Meaning

Most of us have had at least one dream that manifested in our waking lives. Some are blessed and cursed to have these regularly.

There are many types of life altering dreams that predict and mark transitions, and rites of passage. They reveal to us aspects of our character and values that are immutable as long as they are unconscious. We know that character plays a significant role in fulfilling our destiny. Know and study these BIG dreams especially to understand where your life is going and how and why you will respond to major life changes in the way you do. Dream – work – translation – interpretation is soul work. You will speak to yourself in spirit form and others besides, you will traverse universes and worlds that who knows may exist. You’ll discover vistas in yourself that you must see – the peaks and the valleys – to get beyond ego to know what’s real for you and have the courage to follow it home.

Clues to Big Dreams…

Precognitive dreaming / Dreams of the future

guide us in how to prepare for the journey ahead. They will characteristically refer to life events that represent an emotional and/or physical shock to our system. The more prepared we are, the better is the purpose for precognitive dreaming. Dreams of the future help us build and maintain equilibrium through turbulent times. They are a practice or preparedness exercise. When the event the dream was predicting does take place, we are stunned and thankful at the pure honesty and simplicity of that spiritual dream. It prepared us well.

This is the point where dreams get sticky. What are your beliefs regarding dreams? Your beliefs have an enormous impact on how and what you dream. If you’ve ever had a shift in your beliefs of something really significant in your life, you’ve no doubt noticed how the content of your dream world shifted as well. Dreams of the future come to challenge us to think about ourselves and our existence here on earth whatever your beliefs are about psychic ability and phenomenon.

Spiritual Dreams

reveal the tasks, and highlights of our spiritual journey. They point the way for necessary sacrifices, moral imperatives and adjustments, and gift us a glimpse of the wholeness of our true divine nature. Symbols to watch for that have strong collective energy include, sacred geometry such as circles and pyramids; numinous figures such as Mary, Isis, Christ and Buddha. Collective expressions of the divine always carry critical and spiritual guidance in dreams and are rarely forgotten. These big dreams carry our lives forward even if we hardly give them much thought.

Telepathic Dreams

enact a conversation with someone in your life which feels as real to you as any waking life conversation you’ve ever had. You know in your heart that conversation took place. You have an awakening to the truth of what is in yours and their soul. This conversation may take place with someone still among us here on earth or someone who has passed to spirit. It seems to make little difference in dreams. We are constantly surprised to realize that what we had experienced throughout the night didn’t taken place – it was just a dream. With telepathic dreaming you know that’s not quite such a clean line. Sometimes you receive confirmation that the conversation actually did take place either through symbol of actual interpersonal validation.

Shamanic Healing Dreams

you or someone you know is ill and needs a particular approach that a healer (medicine woman/man of some sort even the western medicine variety) shows you in a dream. It might be the name of an herb or healing application that when you investigate you discover it’s just what was needed to be well again.

The only way to know if your big dreams are really dreams of the future as they felt upon awakening, is to record them. Don’t fool around. Put a functioning recording device by your bedside and be ready upon awakening to record everything you remember. Be colourful and descriptive! You can record, download your dreams on your cpu and work with them when you get some time throughout your day. With a little technological support, this process of recording and working with your dreams is much easier and less time consuming than it was with pen and paper, and reaching for glasses in a dark room…

You’ll soon be startled to notice their impact on your life among many other and related unfoldments of a spiritual nature. I promise this commitment to your own process will ignite your fire to feel and experience spirit moving in and around your life. And for those of you who are timid about trying new things, I want to remind you that this is a respectable path to knowledge with a long and erudite her/history. Dream interpreters from humankind’s earliest beginnings were the Shamans of the Tribe who understood nature’s voice as it was manifest in the dreams of the people. Big dreams guided our evolution every step of the way. I hope dreamsdictionary.org inspires you to record and understand your dreams’ messages.

Guest Author: Kathleen Meadows has been facilitating dream study groups off and on since 1990 at healing and wellness centres, community colleges and centres. Her interest in symbolism, archetypal and transpersonal psychology is especially highlighted in her work as a dream interpreter. Her approach to dreams is multidisciplinary from the esoteric to the practical. If you wish to have your dream interpreted by Kathleen personally you can arrange to have an interpretation by phone or text chat or if you are in the area, with her in person.

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