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Do Psychics Really Have The Power To Bring A Lover Back Into Your Life?

Do Psychics Really Have The Power To Bring A Lover Back Into Your Life?

You are in a relationship and you feel things have been going along just fine. Then suddenly, your lover or spouse breaks up with you leaving you confused, frustrated, scared, lonely and depressed. You are at your wits end, wringing your hands and wondering will you get back together again. Tossing and turning at night not being able to stop thinking about him or her makes matters worse. At this time, you start feeling “if only” they would come back. If only I could have one more chance to prove I am worthy of their love or that I will change whatever they think is wrong with me. If only. You start thinking you don’t want anybody else. You only want them. That others just don’t understand how much you loved this person and you have never felt this way about anyone else before in your life. He or she must be your soul mate, even if they do not know it, yet. You just need one more chance to make this happen and surely if you can make this happen, everything will work out in the end. You ask God, the Universe or maybe even a psychic reader, “Please God, bring my love back to me.”

At this time, you are feeling so hurt and so vulnerable that you see somewhere an ad, or you may have even done an internet search , “how to get back with my boyfriend, or how to get my wife back.” In doing so, you come across some sites claiming “they” can bring your lover back!  Your state of mind is so fragile at this point that these words access some deep need in you so strong that it doesn’t take even a moment before you find yourself incapable of evading its enticing promise. You think that this can’t be so. How could anyone bring them back? How is it possible? But somehow your fleeting reasoning succumbs to what seems a guarantee of the very thing you desire. Your lover back!

I went through all of that for the simple reason that this is usually the sequence of events which occurs when one finds themselves contemplating choosing what they believe could help them in this desperate situation. You feel this is the only option you have in order to recover what you have lost. It gives you HOPE! Hope is better than the depression. Hope is better than believing you will never be with the one you love again. Your mind cannot accept that option. Therefore, this actually is exactly what you were looking for but never realized it. At this point you will try anything regardless of the price.  And trust me, people have paid a hefty price for this type of thing.

Some psychics, or people who claim to be psychic, will claim that they can guarantee that they will bring your lover back to you. The answer to the question “do psychics have the power to bring your love back into your life,” is no.  Man is restricted by his material presence on this earth and no human person who walks this planet has the capability to exert power over someone else’s choices and can compel them to return to you by some otherworldly, superhuman power. If you think about it, it’s really something you could see in a movie where some character has wizard-like powers to magically bring your desires into being that otherwise would elude you. Your life is not a movie and in real life, there are no wizards. And if there were, it’s doubtful that they’d be walking around presenting themselves to everyday people promising to grant their wishes for a price. It’s kind of frightening to think that there could be people who had this kind of power; most certainly psychics have no dominion over ones own free will or over of the true forces governing our paths.

So if you find yourself tempted to hire a psychic who claims to have “powers” to reunite you with another, take the time to gather your good senses, because you know you have them, at least you had. Realize that your emotional loss has made you feel vulnerable and desperate and that during this time you were not thinking clearly and fell prey to these false claims.  The emotional reaction that is triggered by such an outrageous claim many times sets you off on the wrong road leading to even greater emotional uncertainty.  Do not waste your time beating yourself up either if this has happened to you.

I speak to people every day about relationships and time and time again I meet someone who has met a psychic reader who promised them they could bring their lover back  for a large amount of money  (and this ain’t gonna be cheap).   How they get away with this is because no one will ever face up to these charlatans after the fact due to embarrassment.

If your lover is going to come back to you, it will be because they wanted to. Neither you nor a psychic can force another to do something against their free will. Think about it this way, would you want someone to attempt to force you to do “their” bidding simply because they wanted it so badly? The answer would be no. God gave us all free will choice to do what we decide, whether it is a good decision or bad decision.   How things play out in life is based on your decisions or choices and the resulting consequences are what is meant to occur so that a lesson is learned or so that you can go in the direction you are supposed to go. But you must choose. It is not chosen for you, not even by God! Free will is the driving force given to human beings so that the consequences of their actions bring about wisdom.

There are no magicians out there that can “fix” us or the problems that will confront us in life. You may feel you want a shortcut, but there are none. Never believe that a psychic has power to control another, but better, never try to control someone simply because you want and need them in your life. That choice, too, will have consequences.

People call me for psychic answers and accurate psychic readings and will always be able to count on me to tell them the truth. Some people are not ready to hear the truth, and I understand this all too well.  In life, there is always hope.   But relying upon people who make false claims that bring about false hope will only delay the realization of what is true, which is inevitable. You can be strong and accept what you cannot control and grow; or you can prolong your progress on this journey, your life. The choice is yours. Yes, the choice is yours.

Cherry Sage has a proven track record for providing accurate psychic readings, tarot and numerology readings for nearly 14 years (since 1999). She believes that real psychic readings are what seekers really want and is reflected by her loyal client base in hundreds of genuine reviews on her website.  Cherry specifically deals with answering questions regarding love, relationships, career and your life’s blueprint.  Call Cherry for precise, accurate details as well as accurate predictions. Visit http://www.cherrysage.com.

3 thoughts on “Do Psychics Really Have The Power To Bring A Lover Back Into Your Life?

  1. Hi, I was recently scammed out of $300 by a lady named Vivian Swan her website is healsbrokenhearts.com. She told me that someone used a spell to break my boyfriend and I up and that she could remove the spell for a flat rate of $98 with no hidden fees or cost. She said that she was gonna cleanse my spirit and his mind to bring us back together. When she started doing the spell she said she need $200 dollars from me and that I would get it back so when I sent her the money she told me to call her back in 30mins and when I did she never picked up the phone and I called her back the next day still no answer. Also when I call other psychics they say the same thing that I have a curse on my relationship and that they need to remove the curse. Now when I called a psychic hot line they told me that it was not true. Cherry I will be making a appointment with you soon. I enjoy reading your blogs

    1. I know, I know, I know. For the hundreds that discover the truth about these psychic scammers, there are hundreds more who will fall prey to these schemes. You actually are fortunate because she would have asked for more money if she thought you would pay. Obviously, she thought you were good for $300 and she got what she could and then disappeared. Most victims get taken for thousands of dollars promising that they can remove your negativity or a curse someone has put on you, bring your lover back, cure ills, etc. Thank you for visiting and telling my readers about your experience. It helps more than you know!

      1. Yes! So true. I had a psychic provide me with candles (I found the exact ones online for less than $20) and a prayer to remove a curse on me. I was robbed $6,000! She had me convinced, as she seemed pretty accurate, but after Cherry, it’s clear that the other psychic was using generic descriptions that everyone would agree to. I admit fully of being a fool, but I was desperate to that degree. Cherry is the one to trust 100%. I’ll never get myself in that situation again!

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