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A Superconscious Journey Beyond: A Glimpse into the Realm of Light and Knowing in the Ether.

A Superconscious Journey Beyond: A Glimpse into the Realm of Light and Knowing in the Ether.


Today was an unusual day. My long-time client called in a totally different modality than she is normally.  Her mood was calm and centered, her serenity and sense of balance was palpable to me.  She began to describe an experience that made me feel as though I was experiencing it myself.  I immediately realized that what she was describing was the very highest state of consciousness—the superconscious.  Something that had never happened to her before. It was so transcendent that I was compelled to write about it.  A little different from what I normally blog about but so powerful and worth memorializing.

If you look up superconscious you will read: The superconscious mind encompasses a level of awareness that sees beyond material reality and taps into the energy and consciousness behind that reality. Some refer to this as the “ether” – the essence of the universe – a flow of electromagnetic waves that permeate all matter and space.

Below is my translation of our call today:

In her account of the superconscious experience, the individual described an ethereal sensation that was profoundly detached from her usual earthly existence. She conveyed a sense of distant familiarity with the Earth, as if it were a place she had once known but now seemed distant and almost irrelevant. This perception could be understood as a detachment from the physical realm, suggesting that her consciousness had transcended the confines of the material world.

Her experience took shape in a space filled with radiant light, resembling a pool or an expansive ocean. The light displayed hues of soft blue and lavender, creating an ambiance of serenity and tranquility. The colors might symbolize calmness and spiritual elevation. This environment of light could symbolize a realm beyond the mundane, an otherworldly dimension where the boundaries between physical forms and energy are blurred.

In this state, she described her awareness as being transformed into pure light energy. This alteration in perception suggests a dissociation from her physical body, implying that she existed as a formless entity devoid of the constraints of a corporeal vessel. This could be interpreted as a merging with a universal energy or a glimpse into a higher state of being.

Her understanding of this experience transcends the limitations of verbal language. She indicated that the inadequacy of words to encapsulate the profundity of her encounter is a common challenge among those who have experienced such states of heightened consciousness. The experience likely eluded her attempts to convey it due to its inherently subjective and non-linear nature.

Interestingly, she mentioned that her cognitive processes during this state differed from typical thought patterns. Instead of conventional thinking, she described a state of “knowing.” This suggests a form of direct insight or intuitive understanding that transcends rational thought processes. It implies a direct connection to a deeper level of consciousness or universal knowledge, bypassing the usual limitations of sequential thinking.

In summary, her superconscious experience seems to have led her beyond the familiar confines of Earth and her physical body. She found herself immersed in an ocean of light with soothing colors, transitioning into a state of pure energy and transcending the limitations of language and ordinary cognition. This encounter provided her with a glimpse of a reality that defies conventional description and highlights the profound mysteries of consciousness and existence.

I could completely relate to her experience as I have had many journeys into the superconscious mind in dreams and meditation.  Sometimes when I wake, I feel as if I was in some other place that I cannot remember but it was a place to which I longed to return.  I have had out of body experiences and travelled through the ether.  As it relates to the person’s experience I’m describing in this post, although it may appear that this is some super power, it is in essence a journey into a reality that exists but we don’t “know”. Ironically, our reality is an illusion.  She described the body as casings and that she felt insignificant in a vast fabric of energy of which she is a mere speck.  I found it exciting for her and validating for me.  So many seemingly mysterious things happen to us that we don’t understand but when you journey into the superconscious mind, unlimited possibilities become reality.  The reality we do not know or experience on the material plane.

Have YOU journeyed to the superconscious mind? What are your experiences?

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