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Your Yearly Numerology Organizer for 2006

Numerology Organizer

By Vitae Bergman

Every year offers you a new vibration for your work or play. According to the numerology system of rhythms, we humans journey through cycles that are nine years in duration. Each year you enter a new vibration pattern for the cycle you are in. Knowing your major energy expression for a particular year, you are more likely to govern your life more effectively. You only need your Birthday Numbers you can play this game.


THIS IS HOW IT WORKS Combine the numbers of your month and day.

An example: Oct 25 – translates into 10 + 25, which adds up to
35. Reduce this to a single digit and you get 8.

Now add up the number of the present year, 2006. 2006 adds up to

So, 8 + 8 = 16 = 7. If Oct 25 were your actual birthday, your
number for 2006 would be 7. This would be your seventh year in
the nine-year cycle.


If this is a #1 year for you, you are beginning a whole new
cycle. Before launching into your new cycle, be sure no loose
ends are carried over from the previous nine-year cycle.

It may take all of January to rehearse what the previous nine
years have been for you. What major life lessons were you
grappling with and did you resolve those issues?

Next get a sense of what is before you to address in terms of  personal growth. What will you want to accomplish for yourself in the next nine-year cycle? This is your year to focus on you.

These are big questions. Might mean a full year, this 1st year of the nine years, devoted to this kind of self-examination.

Important to recognize the key features of your particular nine-year cycle, which are based on the nine stages of life. A person in her 20’s will be at a different stage of development compared to one in her 30’s or 40’s…and so on.

If this is a #2 year for you, in terms of your major theme for this nine-year cycle, you will do well to cultivate your

cooperative style. Arriving at a more balanced place with yourself, and becoming more harmonious with your fellows could be your major accomplishment for this year.

If this is a #3 year for you, then this is your year for making big strides with your interactions with self and with others. This means: become more creative, more flexible, more daring. Don’t hang on to the tried and true mannerisms and ways that have become ruts in your repertoire.

If this is a #4 year for you, then this year is best spent in stabilizing and integrating the newly grasped accomplishments of the previous three years. Get yourself ready for the big action coming up in the next year. This can be viewed as your quiet period. Your friends might wonder if you’ve buried yourself in a cave because you were so expressive the year before. But in actuality you are establishing more firmly the foundation from which you will be operating during the remaining years of the cycle.

If this is a #5 year for you, then it’s the best year to be fully active in your work or play. Your energy is high. This is a pivotal point as well. You stand at the midpoint and can see where you have come from and where you are going in terms of this cycle of personal growth. You can clearly see how much you have improved your way of being. You are ready to plunge into the world with your new sense of the inner power that has mad
you more sturdy.

If this is a #6 year for you, now you are fully able to reach out and be of service to others, more effectively than duringthe previous years of this cycle. Your heart has matured to a more meaningful depth of feeling. And you are able to bring your inner power to the fore and apply it in all that you do, in your professional calling and in your personal relationships. And in the way you regard yourself as well.

If this is a #7 year for you, you find that your energy for learning new things is quite high. You can afford to be more inquisitive than ever. You feel as if you’ve returned to your school years, all there is to learn and discover excites you. Wisdom will seem to be more accessible to you.

If this is a #8 year for you, then your leadership qualities want to have expression. You are approaching the end of this cycle. You may be in your 30’s and have come to a better understanding of your power to lead. Your urge to take charge of things will be ineluctable. You just know what needs doing and how to get things moving. Obstacles are easily and creatively dealt with. You can do what needs to be done with sensitivity and with a caring heart.


If this is a #9 year for you, then you’ve reached a new level of wisdom. Your thoughts and actions reveal a beneficent heart. There’s a mellowness in your Style and others take notice. They want to benefit from your insights and support. You find yourself able to be more caring than ever. It’s been a good nine years.

Next time, I will focus on the how each day brings with it a different mood, or emotional pitch, out of which you operate, and what you can do to avoid pitfalls.

About author:
Vitae Bergman has been a numerologist for over 25 years. He offers a course for beginners who wish to practice the art of numerology and become professional numerologists. You can find him at http://www.joyfulnumerology.com

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