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Yanthras, Explored Enigmas!

yanthras explored enigmas

Evolution Of yanthras:-

Though it may be difficult to know the exact timing of the development of the scientific and systematic preparation of the Yanthras presently being used as per Indian vedic system that is found be scientifically designed and rationally described, there are many references about the same in ancient Sanskrit texts and manuscripts that there were the end result of great Tapas (focused enquiry) and consequent intuitions.

Many an eyebrow may be raised here when I refer about intuitions and Tapas it is matter of fact that there are many such concepts eluding human wisdom, intelligence, and comprehension. The ultimate secret of yanthras is also one among them.

But it is a fact that these are not random generated checks , triangles, circles or other geometrical figures but a systematic ,scientific and well defined complex diagram charged with live syllables representing sounds and they themselves represent the universe and its energy .

How does Yanthras work?

As mentioned above Yanthras are energy centres artificially ,made and designed to attract a particular frequency of energy required for a given situation. In simple terms it may be well compared to the receiving sets of a Television set or Radio that retransmit the picture or voice broad cast at different frequencies. A yanthra on the other hand picks up such type of energies or vibrations required to full fill a desired objective.

The energy so conceived is directed to an individual/s or situations. It is based on the theory of universal soul and individual soul to say the jeevatma and paramatma and all living things take direction from the latter, the central energy source.

The yanthra besides being a complex geometrical diagram also contains Manthras or specific syllables or sound energies. The combination of both is well synchronized and the full power is unleashed.

As we know Manthras energise specific chakras or energy centres of Human body so also Yanthras positively or negatively influences the chakras. One important aspect of Yanthras like manthras are it not only influence the wearer but also the people and situations around him/her.

All the vedic Yanthras have a uniform pattern containing a central point and Syllable like a circle or triangle and syllable like Om or Hreem. The same is surrounded by specified circle petals or any other geometric figures .

Each figure represent a specific energy receiver and as such is unique. For example while a triangle represents a higher active energy the petals usually indicates soothing energy .Of course there are exceptions to all these theories.

The yanthras like a Dynamo generates energy and any kind of Motor can be connected to it. The mechanical device is the intended action and the same runs by the energy it generates.

Some of the mathematical formulas of these diagrams are so complex and infinite like the combinations of Chess that even the super computers are not able to solve or comprehend.

One such instance is of the Sree yanthra or popularly known Shreechakra which is being used for all round prosperity and worship of The Divine mother goddess.

Kinds Of Yanthras and Sources

The yanthras basically are divided into 3 The first kind exclusively for worship the second as a protective charm and realization of positive objectives and the third the despised and those casting spells.

While among the 3 kinds above there are numerous subdivisions classified in the name of different devatahas (deities) and 6 objectives known as shat karmas means 6 different objectives that includes Attraction, annihilation, immobilization, driving out etc.

There are numerous Indian Sanskrit texts like Yanthra chinthamani, Soundarya lahari, Sarada thilakam to mention a few describing over 10000 yanthras and more can be made should some one does really research in different combinations. However the Yanthras explainedin these texts are time tested ones and enjoys credibility.

Having described about the basics , efficacy, evolution and types of yanthras let us see some of the commonly applied Yanthras.

Applied Yanthras

I now give below some of the commonly used and most popular Yanthras for various mundane objectives.

Swayam vara Yanthra


This most effective Yanthra conceived and made by None other than the great sage Durvasa for the sake of those who seek permanent life partners is being used successfully from time immemorial. I have personal experience of people getting stunning results with this yanthra normally drawn in silver or gold thin sheets with required Manthras and other prescribed rituals.

Santhana gopala Yanthra

As the name indicates this yanthra is for begetting good offsprings . Many a Couples longing for children have realized their ambitions by wearing these yanthras.

This should be worn by couples of reproductive age and the result manifest early. Though any medical problems are to be taken care of and clinically to be fit the positive vibratios of this yanthra drives you to right treatment , right doctors and in cases of unexplainable reasons solves the same that is beyond reasoning.

Maha Mrithunjaya Yanthra

The Boon given by the great preceptors of this land of Rishis “Maha mrithunjaya Yanthra” representing the ominiscient Lord Shiva manifested as Mrithunjaya or the one who succeeded over death or overcome the cycle of births saves one from deadly diseases , ill health and other evil effects.

Normally prescribed for those who suffers from terminal illness or persistent health problems the Yanthra along with the Havana and the Japa of the same Manthra surely gives solutions to the needy.

Danwanthari Yanthra

This Yanthra representing the lord Danwanthari an incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu

Is effective in health problems. While Maha hrithunjaya is for severe cases this one is good for normal good health.

Tripura Sundari Yanthra

The one that represents the trinities of Mother godess the Maha lakshmi, Mahakali and Maha saraswathi is an excellent charm against evil spirits, and also to build reputation and popularity. Normally used by cine actors , politicians, and those in Marketing field this is also found to be very effective for Job seekers.

There are numerous yanthras useful for the modern man as prescribed by my great preceptors.

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