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Understanding Psychic Readings

understanding psychic readings

By Vitkiwiz

Psychic reading is an occurrence where one person tries to perceive information and insights using extra-sensual- perception (esp) from a metaphysical realm. There are various methods and tools per se’ that a psychic reader may use to provide the reading such as Tarot cards, runes, astrological signs and charts, and numerology and more. There are some psychic readers that use a form of channeling spirits as a medium such as John Edward or Sylvia Brown.

These psychics are usually referred to as being clairvoyant psychics. Most psychics consider themselves to be clairvoyant to a point since it is their own perception that they rely on when providing a reading for someone or for themselves.

There is a misconception that a psychic knows everything and every outcome and that is just not the case. Psychics can not predict the outcome of everything on demand as some would like.

That does not mean that they can not have accurate intuition or advice on the same subject though. The universe and the spirits behind the information being received are in control of the information that is exchanged. That is why it is always important to keep an open mind when seeing a psychic and be careful of having expections that pertain to your own specific desires. The universe knows best, so to speak. That is why the information that you are supposed to get, is what will come through.

Everyone has psychic ability, but some are more apt than others. I believe that psychic ability is developed and grows stronger just like a muscle. The more you use it and understand it, the stronger it becomes. This psychic ability is an established connection to the metaphysical realm or spirit world. What is different, is how one uses the psychic or spiritual connection as well as the strength of it. It is the intuition and emotion one feels that is perceived as the extra-sensual-perception when doing a reading. It is this perception and not the tools used that separate really good psychics from your average psychic. Even you can develop that esp and open your inner clairvoyant psychic because we all have it to be developed. Just remember, it is like a muscle and everyone has a different measure of strength.

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I am a clairvoyant shaman, who writes about metaphysics, psychics, spirituality, healthy living, and many other random musings.

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