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Test Your Feng Shui Knowledge

feng shui

By Kathryn Weber

Think you know feng shui? Take this test and find out! Answers are at the bottom of this article.

1. If you have a south (fire) bathroom, you should…

a. Decorate it with red colors and candles

b. Decorate it in blue or black

c. Hang a windchime


2.   When you arrange your desk at work, what is MOST important thing you should do?

a.  Sit facing an auspicious direction

b.  Sit so that you have a mountain behind you

c.  Sit so that you can see the door

3.  To improve your career, what should you do FIRST?

a.  Find the north sector of your home and enhance accordingly

b.  Enhance the north sector with water

c.  Put fish in the north sector

4.  How can you get bosses and superior people to help you in your career?

a.  Enhance the south (fame & recogntion) sector with lights

b.  Enhance the north (career) sector with water

c.  Enhance the northwest with a 6-rod windchime

5. What should you NEVER have in the center of your home?

a. A candle

b. A plant

c. Exercise equipment

6. What happens if the SW corner of your home is missing?

a. your romance suffers

b. your health suffers

c. your children suffer

7. Where should water be in relationship to your home?

a. Flowing behind your house

b. In the center of the home

c. In front of your home

8. Where is the “mouth” of chi?

a. The living room

b. The bedroom

c. The front door

9. Where is the best place to activate all 9 sectors?

a. The front door

b. The living room

c. The bedroom

10. What color should you strenuously avoid on your ceiling and roof?

a. Red

b. Green

c. Blue

1. If you have a south-sector bathroom, you should decorate in blues/blacks. To decorate it in reds is to enhance the toilet, which you never want to do.

2. When arranging your desk at work, the MOST important thing is to sit where you can see the door. Then, face an auspicious direction and have a mountain behind you!

3. You should always find out what is in a sector FIRST and then enhance it accordingly. If the north has a bathroom, you DO NOT want to put more water here as it will enhance the toilet. Likewise, you should not add water, if the north sector has a bedroom. This will cause money loss. If the north has a living room, front door, dining room, or other area, then enhancing with water or fish is just fine.

4. Get help from people in power by installing a 6-rod hollow windchime in the NW sector.

5. Never have PLANTS in the center of the home as these will hurt your health, wealth, career, and relationships.

6. If your SW sector is missing, your romance suffers.

7. Water should always be in the FRONT of your home.

8. The “mouth of chi” is the front door.

9. The best place to activate all 9 sectors is the LIVING ROOM.

10. Blue and black should never be used on ceilings or roofs.

About author:
Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter feng shui e-zine and is dedicated to helping her readers develop successful, prosperous, and supportive environments with feng shui. To subscribe, logon to www.redlotusletter.com and receive this special report Fr*ee “16 Feng Shui Secrets for Greater Prosperity.”>kw****@re****************.com

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