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Soul-Level Astrology: A Multi-Dimensional Look at the Birth Chart

Soul-Level Astrology: A Multi-Dimensional Look at the Birth Chart

When we take a deeper look through the lens of astrology we can see our psychological make-up and imprinting that often operates on an unconscious level. Becoming aware of our imprinting or inner scripts is the first step to becoming free of them. This is the level where we can do lasting emotional and mental healing. Beyond the mental level lies a deeper strata which we could call the soul level. On the soul level, the individual is seen as an expression of spirit.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]


This is particularly helpful for healing core issues as all “dis-ease” starts at the energetic level. By understanding where energy is blocked we can open up new pathways for healing. Lastly, astrology can help us see our true, soul-level purpose in life. The astrological chart is indeed a map of our spiritual destiny if our eyes are open. This is the highest level of astrology and requires that the astrologer has done the work necessary to guide on this level. When we open to our true soul-purpose or calling we let go of feelings of separation and see that life is unfolding according to the divine plan. And……we see that by expressing our individual gifts we are co-creating this Divine plan with spirit moment by moment.

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James Jarvis, M.A. is a master astrologer, transpersonal counselor, and LifeQwest™ Coach who specializes in helping you “Create the Life of Your Dreams.” Sign up for James’ free bi-monthly LifeQwest™ E-zine with monthly horoscope, coaching tips and special discounts on services. http://lifeqwest.com


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