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Psychic Self Defense in Real Life

psychic self defense in real life

By Dale Power

Been awhile? Most of us need to be a bit more worried about muggers than monsters. Road rage is a bigger danger than demonic possession in day to day life. The point? We need to protect our bodies as well as our minds. While we are at it, maybe we could protect our wallets as well. Most of the time when you read an article on the topic of psychic self-defense, you get lectured about not using a ouija board and a basic primer on shielding. These are wonderful tools to use if a Svengalli is trying to take over your mind or your pushy neighbor is having a bad day and projecting it full power to everyone within fifty miles, just when you need to go to bed.


How about protecting your body though? Can psychic self-defense help you out in that regard at all? Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Here, briefly, are some techniques that can help you protect yourself from physical harm. These are all methods I have used personally and tested in real life situations. One note of caution however, do not take these methods lightly. You must approach these techniques with a serious mind and proper intent if you wish to use them successfully. After all, you are not trying to make a plant grow a little taller or guess who will call you next on the phone, you are trying to protect your life.

Do the work and make it count. First Technique: Empathic Field Generation It may sound a little weak at first, but think about it for a moment, most people that are attacked are dealing with an enraged person.If you can produce a feeling of calm in them before the attack takes place, they are much less likely to even try. *Relax and quiet your mind. You will wish to hold a conceptual mind state as much as possible.  Think in ideas rather than words or pictures. *Define the space of the effect. To do this hold the idea in your mind of a bubble around your body that goes out about twenty feet or so.

Remember, you simply “know” the field is there and how big it is. Your subconscious mind will take care of the rest. This should be done for at least five minutes. *Once you have defined the space you wish to condition to your satisfaction, shift the concept you are holding to one of relaxed calm and friendliness that fills the entire field, make sure you define the idea that it will effect those around you and not yourself, unless you want it to do that as well. This should take around ten to fifteen minutes. *The next step is to make the field self-sustaining. Hold the concept of the field as you have generated it. Then add to the concept the idea that each part of the field will tell every other part to continue to function at full strength at all times. Hold this whole, organized field for at least five minutes. This will give you around a week of very solid coverage. If you wish you can arrange the structure to reflect any emotion or mental state you can think of. It is best to keep the idea simple to start with, a basic field that does what you want is much better than a complex field that has “strange” consequences. Here are some variations you could use just by replacing the central idea you use. 1. Aversion. Hold the idea that anyone who would do harm to others will simply not wish to stay around you. I have used this to very good effect in some very dangerous situations. 2. Confusion. Replace the central idea to one of dangerous people having a difficult time in thinking. You have to be very careful that you are targeting only harmful people and that the field strength is very high and tightly focused!. An enraged person that is a little befuddled can still hurt you. In fact they, are likely to. You have to make sure that they cannot even think about hurting anyone without being distracted and confused. Double the overall time spent on this one if you are going to use it. 3. Fear. You can create a great deal of fear in anyone seeking to do harm. Again targeting is key, and don’t forget to control the area of effect! Some situations, such as driving, can be very dangerous if those in other cars start to have panic attacks! Second Technique: Precognitive Warning. If you are not there they will have difficulty harming you. This is a semi-permanent filter designed to bring to your attention anything that might do you harm. *Relax quiet your mind and enter a conceptual state of mind. *This can be a little tricky, as you have to hold several concepts, at one time. Again you will wish this field to be self-sustaining as in the first technique. Generate a field around your mind, or in your mind, it makes little difference, that reflects the raw concept that whenever you are in danger you will know about it and will also perceive what the threat is. This works because you already have this information all the time anyway. What you are doing is just calling attention to it when you need it. Think of it as a set of instructions to your subconscious mind. *Hold the concept in your mind until you feel it lock into place. As it is not externally active you will not have to make it as strong for it to be useful as the other techniques given here. A few minutes a day should work well to enough to keep the field sustained. This is basically just focused intuition. The focusing process makes all the difference though, so make a point of establishing this type of filter each day. Third Technique: Aversion Shielding This is an active psychokinetic shield. A real honest to goodness physical shield, of a sort! When an object is coming towards you to do damage, This field will make it veer away from you missing, if it is at all possible. While I would not personally replace a bullet resistant vest or a flack-jacket with an aversion shield, I would certainly have one going full blast if a fire fight was about to start. As an active PK (a field designed to influence active systems) method it will have to be very strong to have the desired results. I recommend at least an hour be spent on generating and reinforcing the field properties. *Relax, quiet your mind and enter a conceptual state. *Now generate and hold a consistent and self-sustaining field, containing the properties of aversion for incoming objects from all directions at once, with a tight core of aversion around your body and a secondary level about ten feet from your body that will redirect objects before, they can reach the inner core shield. It is important to keep this dual field both conceptual and consistent for best results. *During the last quarter of field generation, add into the process the idea of the field growing in strength rapidly over time. If done well the field will continue to grow in strength, but not size, even after you stop focusing on it. This type of field is very advanced and may take a bit of work before it can be assembled properly. As it is self-sustaining and self-propagating it will become many times stronger than you could generate otherwise. Please be very clear about what you are doing. Mistakes will exaggerate as the field grows in power. Self-defense is sometimes needful, but this does not give us license to harm others out of spite or anger. All of these techniques will help to protect you at the same time as not harming others. For them to work however, you will have to prepare before problems arise. Exactly as with all other forms of self-defense, diligence and discipline will pay well, if used.

About author:
Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: http://healing.worldispnetwork.com to find out more about the work being done.


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