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Psychic Mediums: How Psychic Mediums Contact the Spirit World and Communicate with our Loved Ones

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By Russel Steward

Your loved ones are closer than you think; send them a thought, for thought is powerful in the spirit world.

Psychic predictions and phenomena can be traced back throughout history, but the first professional mediums date back to 1848, when the Fox family of Hydesville, New York, were visited by friendly spirits eager to prove life continued after death.

The two daughters realized they had a talent for this communication, and hired a hall to demonstrate their abilities. The sisters also traveled to further demonstrate their unique talents, and before long similar groups sprang up across the country. This was probably the beginning of the Spiritualist movement that went on to become so popular.


During the 1850`s, a new ambassador arose in the form of Emma Hardinge Britten. She was born in England, but moved to America to work. Emma became famous as a trance medium as she toured America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand spreading the word. Unfortunately, mediums of this era were subjected to ridicule and persecution from both the Church and other skeptics.

Hunt Williamson, Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel and Edgar Cayce.

The first medium to operate in Britain was a Mrs. Hayden, who took residence in London and held s?ances there. In 1882, a group of Cambridge scholars founded the Society for Psychical Research, pushing the subject further into recognition. Their aim was to “investigate debatable phenomena without prejudice,” though that claim itself was perhaps debatable.

The early demonstrations of mediumship were all very physical, such as rappings, table tipping, materializations, etc., but over the years these declined in popularity to be replaced by the type of mediumship we witness today. Modern mediums work by using the mind as receiver and relaying information to those who need it, and the evidence given of the afterlife in this manner can be even more convincing.

In our modern-day world, the acceptance of mediums has almost become commonplace; certainly such phenomena are more accepted today than twenty years ago. Misconceptions still exist, however, as do doubts and confusion with other religions.

It has been said, “Obedience is not creation,” and that thought serves us well, for there are many things for us to discover in both this world and the next. So be individual and open-minded as you explore the many Wonders of this and other dimensions.


If we accept that dying is not the end of our existence but simply the end of the body that carried our consciousness, and that our soul survives and exists somewhere else, then we can accept that it might be possible to make contact with the consciousness and all the emotions and memories that continue on.

Spirit people who have been contacted insist they have bodies that resemble their forms on the earth plane, though somehow these bodies are more elegant in form and free of ailments, including those of age.

But where are they? They’re not as far away as some would think! The world of spirit exists all around us, yet normally just out of reach. Most believe that this world exists on a different vibration from our own. It might help to think of it as different frequency, much like a radio has different frequencies. The medium has learned to attune to this different and higher frequency or vibration. Likewise, those in the spirit world can tune into us, and it is this joint effort that enables communication.

Spirit contact is thought-generated by both the medium and contacting spirit. When a medium sits with a client, the medium is in effect filled with thoughts about that client; these thoughts are then transmitted by the medium into the world of spirit. If someone in spirit recognizes those thoughts, or the description or name of the client, that spirit may choose to make contact. It is important to realize spirits have the choice; a medium cannot in any way force spirits to make themselves known.

This initial contact is often referred to as “making a link.” The medium has made a request by thought for a communicator to come forward. Just how successful the communication is depends on the experience of the medium, although other factors come into the picture. Once a link is established, the spirit person will often want to prove his or her identity. The spirit communicators will transmit thoughts about themselves to the medium, and the medium will be able to interpret these thoughts and describe the person back to the client.

To be able to interpret any information, a medium has to learn how to attune to the spirit world. While some mediums have grown up with the ability, others have to train their minds to accept information in this way. This is often done by means of meditation, which is a process of calming the body and allowing the mind to become receptive. This can to some extent be taught to anybody, but not all who try will become mediums.

Scientists who have studied the human brain insist we see more with our brain than we do with our eyes, the eyes being just a window. This might help explain how mediums can “see” our spirit friends. The data has simply arrived in an alternative way, as the brain processes the data and “sees” the information.

A medium usually has a variety of psychic skills, but the underlying purpose behind them is threefold: to prove the existence of life after death, to console and advise others, and to further develop his or her own spirituality. How a medium comes to be depends on many factors. Some are born to it; they were able to see spirit people when they were children and further developed those abilities in adulthood. Others come to it later through bereavement. They may seek the services of a medium and then go on to learn the skills themselves. Even curiosity can lead to the development of psychic abilities.

A medium may have any number of skills, though it is more usual for them to excel in just one or two. If we take the late famous medium Doris Stokes for example, she specialized in clairaudience, or hearing spirit voices. Most mediums work by seeing pictures in their minds, and it is an initial image that allows the medium to describe a person in spirit. Often, however, it is a combination of senses that make up the whole picture.

Spirit communicators are able to send feelings, known as clairsentience, to the medium. This is particularly useful if they are trying to indicate what ailment caused them to pass over. They may for example send a mild pain to the heart of the medium; the medium would then be able to tell the client how their loved one died. This is used as excellent evidence. These thoughts, feelings, voices and pictures range in intensity and are combined together. Sometimes the information flows so easily that the medium has no doubts about the information being given, but on other occasions the information can seem a little patchy, and the medium needs to work harder to resolve what comes through. One explanation for this variation in intensity or quality could be how well the spirit communicator has learned to communicate, but it could also be due the medium’s ability to tune in and the rapport he or she has established with spirit guides who play an important role in the proceedings.

It is commonly believed that mental pictures are the easiest format to recognize. After all, we are used to seeing images in our everyday lives. Many mediums work with symbolic images, however. These images represent what the spirit person is trying to communicate, but often not directly. You could think of it as a cryptic visual puzzle. For example, if the medium is shown water, it could be that the spirit person had connections with water in his or her life, such as a career in the navy or coast guard. The medium requires interpretation skills to communicate messages of this kind.

It is common to find crystals, Tarot Cards, candles, Native American symbols and other such objects on the table of a working medium. These articles may represent something that interests that medium, such as Native American artifacts. The Native Americans have long been associated with mediums, as their culture and certainly their beliefs are similar to those of Spiritualists. Many Natives choose to work as spirit guides, helping mediums to develop and use their skills. Crystals and Tarot cards also aid the medium to tune-in, and therefore give a better reading.


Mediums work with their spirit guides, who play an important role in the communication process. Each and every one of us has our own spirit guide; they protect and help us. Part of this protection is to ensure that the information given to a medium is something you yourself would be willing to divulge. It may be a deep problem that you might not normally share with a stranger, but ultimately would like to discuss and solve. I have never received information that I was not supposed to know, so the guides must be doing their job!

For a reading to take place over what we consider a great distance, say someone in America writing to someone in England, there must be a link in spirit. When I receive a letter, my spirit guide is as aware of its contents as I am. My guide then makes contact with the seeker’s guide, and the two converse. This begins a series of thoughts that stretch out into spirit. These thoughts are recognized by those we know in spirit, and hopefully they make contact with my guide who helps them to communicate with me or any other medium. So when we say the power of thought is powerful, it really is!

In the spirit world, all spirit people are connected “telepathically” for want of a better word or description. It is a wonderful way of communicating, and helps to explain how we are able to make the links we do. Individual personalities still exist in spirit, but it is this deep understanding and linking that bonds them together.

For many, the road to mediumship will not have been an easy one. All too often some suffering has taken place in their lives. It is through these experiences the soul can be made aware of a greater plan, and our reception to this knowledge better received. Most mediums are caring, sensitive people; it is this unique attribute that allows them to be open enough to hear the thoughts of spirit communicators. Mediums also need to realize they have a great responsibility when dealing with the myriad emotions of the people that come to them. Mediums continually strive for better communication, but no medium can ever consider himself or herself an expert.


This is a common question, especially as mediums are supposed to be doing their work in a spiritual way for the good of others. The fact is that many mediums decide to dedicate their lives to mediumship, and this entails traveling the country, visiting churches and various other events. It also means that at some point, holding down a nine to five job becomes impossible. Unfortunately, rent, mortgage and food bills still need to be paid; their spiritual “work” becomes their income. Do beware of those charging too much, as well as those premium rate phone numbers. There will always be those ready to exploit the vulnerable and give the genuine a bad name.


Although mediums and psychics may have a window into your soul, are able to foresee some future events and generally advise you, they are not there to tell you what to do. The task of a psychic is to help you take direction and control of your own life. At times when the advice may sound a little vague, perhaps they are suggesting a new set of experiences that will expand your ability to find your own way.


You may decide to meet with a medium because you have lost someone close to you, because you seek guidance in your life or simply out of curiosity, and these are all valid reasons. Whatever the reason, most people find it a fascinating and rewarding experience.

Unfortunately, there are many sad tales of people who sought out the services of psychics and mediums only to come away disheartened and disappointed, vowing never to return.

Mediumship, like many other skills, needs to be perfected. An inexperienced medium may not be able to give as much evidence as a medium who has been working 10 years. Therefore, if you are seeking proof that your loved one is indeed in spirit, it might be worth seeking out the services of more than one medium. The information may be different on each occasion, and it this “picture building” that often convinces.

There are unfortunately many frauds willing to take your money. As a medium myself, I am saddened by how commercialized this subject has become. Also, even the best mediums can have an off day, but those who are genuine will generally tell you and offer a refund. A good medium should be able to give you solid evidence of survival. This might include a description of your loved one, height, build, hair color, etc. Or it may include character, accent, clothes, likes or dislikes, things they used to do, their job, certain mannerisms, etc. There are no rules here, and it can depend on how strong the communication is and how long it lasts, but you should have no doubt that the medium is talking about someone you recognize.


Modern day mediums will often explain how they work and do their best to put you at ease. If you can approach the reading with an open mind, it will help things go better. Generally after the explanation, the medium will tune in to see what he or she can receive. This could result in two things. Either the medium will immediately describe a person to you and ask if you recognize the description. After this the spirit may tell the medium about current or past events in your life. Once confirmed, you may be given advice concerning those or future events. Or the medium may start on a psychic level. In this case, the medium will tell you of your current situation, pick up on feelings that you have, career, relationships or other matters. It may be that later on in the reading the medium will get further advice from those in spirit. It really is quite a simple affair. No spooks will dance round the room, nor will raps arise mysteriously from tables. It’s just an intimate conversation about you and your life, and advice given with sincerity.


To find a medium of good reputation, you could try asking friends and work pals. Perhaps the best place to start would be a local Spiritualist church. You may find one advertised in your local paper. Folks there will put you in touch with a medium of good repute, and will understand and help with any questions or concerns you may have.

We often get asked where people can find a medium. Unfortunately, we do not hold extensive lists of mediums and cannot advise you personally, but if you have never met with one before you might start by trying the following:

᠓piritualist Churches: Phone or call-in. You don’t need to be a regular, and they should be able to recommend someone local for you.

᠐sychic Fairs: These events are well advertised in local papers and other publications. You will be able to have a reading while there.

ᠼa href=”/paranormal” class=”auto-link”>Paranormal Magazines: This is a great place to look, as they usually have a classified ad section and a wide variety of services advertised, some by area.

᠌ocal Papers: This is another good source of ads to check through. Try headings such as personal services. Psychic Fairs are often advertised here.

᠙ou may find a publication called Psychic News of use and interest. You should find it in most newsagents in the UK.

About author:
The author, Russel Steward, is serving as a medium and can be found at http://freespace.virgin.net/russel.steward.

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