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Psychic Ability: How to have Visions

psychic ability

By Julia Jablonski

“A powerful agent is the right word. Whenever we come upon one of those intensely right words the resulting effect is physical as well as spiritual and electrically prompt.” -Mark Twain

There is more to ordinary conscious reality than meets the eye. Our minds are constantly filtering information. If they didn’t, we’d be quickly overwhelmed by stimuli. As you’re reading this, take a moment to stop and listen for background noises. Is there a fan? An air conditioner? Can you hear people in another room or outside? The computer is probably humming. You may now even be aware of the slight sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale. Were you aware of any of these sounds before you focused upon them? Now wiggle your tongue. Remember that tongue? Most likely, you were not “aware” of even having a tongue until I drew your attention to it. Psychics have learned where to turn their attention in order to become aware of that which is normally outside of conscious awareness.


There are subtle mental borderlines beyond which all conscious reason and understanding seem to fall away. It is in this gray area that we struggle to understand logically that which is beyond conventional reason. What is it that is accessed by a psychic? How do we know where to look for the answers? How do we even know there ARE answers?


At this time of rapid technological development, science has become the religion of the masses. Fortunately, new technology is also helping us to confirm much of what the mystics have known and taught for ages. There are ways of knowing that go beyond the left-brain, logical, mechanical approach that is emphasized in Western culture and cultivated in an educational structure that defines thought and “reality” in limiting ways.

For example, some of us have better physical vision than others. A child can spot an airplane far away in the sky that may not even “exist” for the child’s great-grandmother. A dog can hear pitches above the human range of hearing. We can not hear it, but that does not mean it is less “real” than what we can hear. Modern technology has given us the ability to detect and measure energy that is usually beyond our physical awareness. Our physical eyes can detect color from red to violet, but we now know that infra-red exists below the spectrum we’re able to see, and ultra-violet exists above the frequency our eyes generally observe.

Psychics are not dealing with the “physical” universe as governed by known laws related to space and time, but are accessing non-physical information through non-physical senses. From a quantum physical perspective, there are no hard boundaries or limitations in the Universe, including those we generally perceive related to space and time. Our thoughts or conscious awareness can transcend the constructed “reality” of space/time in order to see into something at a “distance,” or see into the future.

Many people ask how readers can read over the internet, without a physical body present. Well, how can a psychic read when the person IS present? Unless a psychic is simply reading a person’s body language, it should not make a difference. The energies and information accessed are not of the physical realm, and therefore not influenced by physical particulars. “Physical” here denotes that which is experienced by our physical senses, that which is seen, felt, heard, smelled, and tasted. There is truly nothing that is “solid” or “physical” as we tend to think of it. There is a range of vibrations that constitute what we call physical reality, and as we rise above this, we enter the non-physical, just as when we heat water, it goes from solid (ice) to liquid, to gas, and seems to “disappear.” Psychics are able to continue to perceive the “gas” realm of energy that is not observable to others.

This extraordinary awareness is achieved by expanding or altering one’s state of consciousness. What is perceived is then translated into words for communicating what has been observed or gleaned from the process. Just as some people are better able to see that airplane far off in the distance, so are others better able to transcend space and time consciously. While physical skills take a bit more work to influence, the development of psychic ability is similar to the development of any mental ability. Just as we can learn to paint or perform mathematics, so too can we develop the skills of the psychic arts. Of course, just as some are born natural artists or mathematicians, some are also born with the unique energy and genetic aptitude to be gifted psychics.

In addition to natural ability, it takes time, focus and discipline for psychics to continue to develop and maintain their skills. Most devote time daily to meditation. Overall balance and clarity must be maintained in the entire energy system. All the chakras must be kept in harmony, so to work intensely with Spirit means one must work comparably with other energies. Blocks or clouded energy in one sphere will limit what one is able to achieve in the spiritual arena, and concurrently the higher and clearer all aspects of the human energy system, the more deeply and powerfully one is able to work in any one area.

To achieve this balance, it’s essential to nurture the physical body through exercise, healthy/natural food and adequate sleep. Heart chakra energies must be kept clean and clear. This means acting with integrity, honesty, and compassion. It means working through the issues of the ego in order to truly come from the heart and be a clear channel of divine love and wisdom. The mind must also be honored and fed; it must be allowed to question, to analyze, to learn and expand in knowledge and understanding. It must be kept open and fluid, receptive to change and new ideas. The body, heart, mind and spirit are not separate, but like the organs of our body, specialize in different functions, and work together to make a whole.

Everyone has the raw capacity to access information psychically. Indeed, everyone is communicating with spirit and perceiving subtle energies and information at a less than conscious level all the time. The benefits of employing a psychic include having the opportunity to take advantage of that person’s natural and developed ability, without having to spend years and a great deal of daily focus to achieve the same level of conscious awareness. All greatly successful people hire “specialists” to do what is beyond their own range of expertise.

While it is amazing and wonderful to be able to predict the future, it is a far greater gift to be able to use such a skill to empower people to create what they want in their lives. A psychic who works from the heart is truly a healer. Such a reader works not just to be accurate in predicting, but to empower and inspire the client to use the information provided to make decisions and take actions that will lead to where the client personally wants to go. The highest and most effective aim a reader or healer can have is to love another into well-being; to hold an appreciative vision of that individual in perfect harmony and balance, having already achieved what he or she desires. By integrating the ability to foresee the future and channel guidance from Spirit along with an intention of empowering and inspiring others, a psychic can help those she serves to dramatically transform their lives for the better.

About author:
Julia Jablonski is an ordained Spiritualist minister, medium and clairvoyant. Please Visit Julia’s website here: http://www.muse-net.com/.

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