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Prophetic Dreams: Can Our Dreams Foretell the Future?

prophetic dreams

By Brian Alan Burhoe

Following the sinking of the Titanic, the serious search began by dream researchers to answer the question: “Can our dreams foretell the future?” After 9/11, many people reported having dreamed of the tragedy before it happened. This has resulted in the Psychic Dreams Project.

History is filled with reports of precognitive or prophetic dreams — psychic dreams. The Bible records them, of course. So do the history books. The visions of Nostradamus are more astounding today than ever.

But it wasn’t until after the Sinking of the Titanic in 1912 that a calculated, scientific effort was begun to collect and interpret psychic dreams.


Of the numerous reports after the Sinking — hundreds of dreams, premonitions, intuitions and “feelings” were reported — nineteen experiences were authenticated. One example was the woman who awoke and told her spouse: “I just saw Mother in a crowded lifeboat rocking in the ocean swell. The boat was so crowded with people that it looked as if it might be swamped any minute.” She didn’t know then that her mother had bought a ticket on the Titanic to surprise them.

The dreamer was horrified the next day when she read her mother’s name on the published passenger list. And there was another daughter’s dream: Mrs. Joan Hall’s dream, recorded in a letter and mailed and date-stamped the afternoon before the Titanic left port: “I have again dreamed that the marvelous new ship S.S.Titanic was floating bottom up on the sea. I wonder if I should let Mother embark tomorrow?”

The question asked by many psychic dream researchers after the Sinking became: “Can our dreams foretell the future?” If enough people reported their dream-predictions to a central Dream Collection Project, could future world events be foreseen? Could perhaps some of them — such as accidents and assassinations — even be prevented? (If enough people had foreseen and reported President Kennedy’s assassination, could a great and influencial life have been saved?)

Since 1912, a number of Projects have been set up to collect such predictions and dreams, mostly American, British and Canadian. The Central Premonition Registry in New York had mixed successes. Although no great number of reports on any one specific event were collected, a number of promising psychic talents were discovered.

Following the Aberfan, Wales, coal avalanche of October, 1966, killing 144 people, over 200 people claimed they had experienced psychic dreams foretelling the event, several of them had recorded those dreams before the tragedy. Again, psychic dream projects were set up in an attempt to answer the question.

But today, of course, we have a new medium that might finally add success to the Psychic Dream Quest: the Internet — the World Wide Web. Never in history has there been anything with the information-gathering power of the Web. And Your Dream Team’s PSYCHIC DREAMS PROJECT — spurred by the reports of predictive dreams after the 9/11 tragedy — is collecting psychic dreams, looking for prophetic content. A number of people with genuine psychic talent have been discovered. Their latest startling RESULTS have been posted… Yes, the tsunami was foreseen.

It has been said by Psychic Revenue that we are in a “Psychic Revolution.” Certainly, judging by the dreams being sent to the Psychic Dreams Project, this seems to be the case.

If you have had a psychic dream and want to tell it, or are interested in what the dreams of others are revealing (the LATEST RESULTS for 2006 have been posted — “You will be surprised at what people have dreamed — or maybe you won’t — maybe you have had these dreams yourself!”)

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Brian Alan Burhoe is the author of many articles and short stories. His Home Page is ORNITHANTHROPUS Science Fantasy by B Alan Burhoe. Many of his animal-related articles can be found at PUPPY DOGS INFO.

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