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Karma: Physical Sat Karma

physical sat karma

By Krupa Darshna

In the previous issue we discussed karma and the importance of creating Sat Karma in one?s life. We touched upon the three ways of generating Sat Karma: physical, psychological and spiritual. In this issue we shall take up the physical Sat Karma.

Since the physical dimension primarily deal with words and action, it follows that physical Sat Karma is composed of right speech and right action. Physical Sat Karma is the positive karma that one earns through right words and action.

Let us look at right speech first. In order to understand the term ?Right Speech? one must first know what the wrong speech is. Words that hurt are ?Wrong Speech?. Consciously or unconscious, we often tend to use words that cause hurt or pain. Right words are those who do not hurt. Sometimes good intentions are not matched by right words. A good purpose must also be accompanied by right words. Sweet words soothe the soul and create joy. A kind word at the right time can be a great help in times of crisis.

We speak, from birth until death. We may or may not be conscious of what we speak. Nevertheless each word we utter has a vibration and frequency to it. Whether the vibration is positive or negative depends upon the intent and content of our speech. As with action so it is with our words. This is the law of karma. ?You reap what you sow, but many times over?.

The use of abusive and spiteful language, gossip or lies, are all ?wrong speech?. Ever so often, when under stress. We say things that we do not mean, without any ill will. But such word wound. The consequence of angry, incorrect speech is wonderfully illustrated by the following story.

There was once a little boy with a bad temper. ?Take this bag of nails?. Said the ill-tempered boy?s father to him one day, ?and every time you lose your temper hammer one of these nails into that fence behind your house.

By the end of the first day he had driven thirty-seven nails into the fence. Gradually, however, as the physical effort of hammering nails began to get him, the number of nails that where driven into the fence each day dwindled. Before long the boy had discovered that it was less burdensome to hold his cool than to drive all those obstinate nails into the fence.

Inevitably, the day dawned when the boy did not loose his temper at all.

I?m not angry anymore, Papa!

Very well, then ! Why don?t you pull one nail out for every day that you can hold your temper?.

And then one day the nails on the fence where all gone.

Now the father took his son?s hand and let him to the fence.

?You have done well, my son. But look at all those holes in the fence. This fence will never be the same again. That?s how it is, when you say things in anger. Those nasty words leaves scars, like the ones in his face. Put a knife in a man and draw it out ? it doesn?t matter how many times you apologize afterwards, that wound is going to stay there!

A verbal wound is as bad as a physical one.

Now, about spearing the truth. There are accessions when we feel constrained to utter lies, If only to make someone happy, or because the lie would benefit someone. But there can be no licence for falsehood. It is necessary to stick to the truth as far as possible. The strongest argument in favour of speaking the truth is that one does not have to try and recall everything that has been sad. If you lie you must constantly remember what you have said, and that can be great burden.

Remember that it is all right to be tough, but not rough. Harshness in speech is best avoided. Wrong speech and gossiping creates a negative frequency, attracting negative situations and people around one. There was this lady in Mumbai who was very fond of criticizing other?s daughter?s. She would always speak negativity about them and spread rumours about them. But then she never realized that karma is the greatest judge. A day came when her daughter ran away with a boy from their colony creating a great scandal for her family.

Harsh, abusive language, leads to physiological imbalances, which manifest as health problems.

Sri Bhagavan says. ?The external word is a reflection of the world within?.

To understand this, constantly review life. And contemplate upon the situations that you face. Being aware and relating to the occurrences in our lives help us recognize the correlation or our speech and the situation that we are confronted with.

Right action consists of deeds that sacred, and do not wound otters. The essence of right action is ?do unto otters, as you would have them do to you, and not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you?

There is this famous story of a man who was vexed of taking care of his old father. So one fine day he decided to bury his father alive. He then took his father and his young son for company and went to a secluded place and started digging. The digging when on for a long time. His young son was watching with great curiosity, and asked, ?father what are you doing ? ?The father say? Son, your grandpa has become old and useless. Hence I am going to bury him so that need not be burdened any more with with?. The some listens and then goes a feet away and starts digging too. The father then is curios and asks him what is he doing. The son says, ?Father, now grandpa has to wait for such a long time, as you are digging. I am digging right now so that you don?t have to wait when I come to bury you when you get old

Would you want other to hurt you ? would you want others to behave badly with you ? If not there cannot be any justification for your acting in such a manner as to hurt another. And if you do hurt others then again Karma would be the judge. A lady was very cruel to her mother in law and ill-treated her to a great extent. The mother in law unable to bear the torture ran away from the house. Even the other children of the old lady did not brother in law is in great love and affection is divorced and she almost hates her mother and blames her for her suffering.

Hence we must always remember the karmic laws and live in awareness. Creating Sat Karma through our words and action will definitely reap its fruits, maybe immediately, maybe sometimes it might be delayed. But then the fruits will definitely come into our lives as solutions to problems or timely help from people or just a smooth and hassle free life.

To conclude then, the keys to right speech and right action are-

1. Being aware of yourself- your words and your actions.

2. seeking forgiveness of hose you have hurt through wrong speech or action..

3. Always speaking and acting consciously.

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