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How To Use Binaural Beats To Improve Your Traditional Meditation Practice

how to use binaural beats

By Chris Connard

How would you like to take your meditation practice to a whole new level? Many long-time meditators have heard of using binaural beats to entrain the brain into a state of deep relaxation, similar to meditation. But did you know that you can use it to improve and deepen your traditional meditation practice? By using binaural beats to bring your brain down into a state of deep relaxation, it becomes easier to reach the same state during your traditional meditation practice.


Meditation is becoming more and more popular as Western society recognizes the enormous physical, emotional, and mental benefits that it can bring to the regular practitioner.  By means of sustained concentration on the breath or some other object, the meditator relaxes his mind, bringing it down into a Theta state, or even the deeper Delta state.  In this relaxed condition, the body can eliminate the harmful byproducts of stress, increase capacity for concentration, and bring about positive emotional change.

The deeper the state of relaxation, the greater the benefits.  The problem is that meditation is a skill, and must be practiced regularly for years in order to reach the deeper levels of concentration.  The depth of relaxation reached by a long-time practitioner of meditation, such as a monk, is much deeper than someone just starting out with their meditation practice.

Binaural beat programs use brain entrainment to cause similar mental states. Brain entrainment means playing beats of different frequencies in each ear. The brain tries to match the two frequencies, entraining it to a third frequency that is equal to the difference between the other two. The goal is to bring the brain down into a Delta state, which is normally associated with deep relaxation, dreamless sleep, and advanced meditation. After more than a year using a binaural beat program, I can tell you that it does bring about a deep Delta brain state as advertised, much deeper than I had ever achieved with meditation. The bodily changes are amazing. While it provides mental clarity and improvements in concentration, traditional meditation seems to do better in these areas.

I have found a way to use both approaches, in order to gain positive effects unachievable through either by itself. I realized that if I was able to relax my mind as deeply and thoroughly in my meditation practice as I could through binaural beats, the benefits would be much greater than using one method by itself. After experimenting using both, I realized that after having achieved a deep Delta state with brain entrainment, the next time I meditated, I could get closer to the same level because I knew what it felt like. After experiencing such deep relaxation, it was easier to duplicate it while meditating the old-fashioned way.

The binaural beat products are wonderful, but they fall short of traditional meditation in some ways. Traditional meditation provides greater benefits, but it takes years of practice to reach the higher levels. A combination of the two, combining the ancient practice of meditation with the exciting new technology of binaural beats and brain entrainment, allows you to reap the greatest benefits in the long-run.

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Chris Connard is a self-improvement junkie dedicated to finding the best methods to improve mind and body. His review of [http://holosyncreview.com]HoloSync is now available. You can read it at http://www.holosyncreview.com

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