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Getting an Accurate Tarot Card Reading

Getting an Accurate Tarot Card Reading

Getting an Accurate Tarot Card Reading

By Cherry Sage

There are many different methods of tarot card reading. If you go to a store that sells tarot decks, you’ll find that there are so many different varieties that you wouldn’t know where to start. Most of these decks come with abook that tells you how to read the cards, and if you read several of those books you’d find some common points, but also a lot of ideas that are really different.


Some methods of reading connect the tarot to the Kabbalah, or to astrology. One of the ways of reading the tarot draws connections between the cards and the four elements. Earth, fire, air, and water have appeared in many spiritual systems as well as appearing prominently in the work of the psychologist Carl Jung, who believes that we all share a connection through the universal subconscious.

The Four Elements in a Tarot Card Reading
The elements have an archetypal significance that relates to the suits of the tarot.

The minor arcana is comprised of cups, wands, swords, and pentacles. These suits can be thought of as water, fire, air, and earth, respectively. The idea is that cups/water refer to the emotional realm, wands/fire relates to creativity, swords/air refers to the realm of the mind (ideas, ethics, spirituality), and pentacles/earth relate to the material and sensual world.When you get a tarot card reading, we see which elements or suits appear and in which combination. A reading can give you insight into what the most important forces are surrounding you, and what you need to develop or explore in order to find balance and fulfillment.

It can also re-direct your attention. If you are entering a new romantic relationship, you may find that the cards want to tell you that your motives are not just about the emotional connection with that person, or that you have something to deal with before you can proceed with a whole heart.

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