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Feng Shui for the Beginner – What is Feng Shui?

What is feng shui

Feng Shui for the Beginner – What is Feng Shui?

By Marie Schoonover

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The two questions I seem to get asked by new people the most are “What is Feng Shui?” and “How can Feng Shui benefit me?” After more than 17 years of working with Feng Shui you’d think I could spit out an answer to those two questions like a tape recording, but in fact I stumble around for an answer as much now as I did the first time I was asked. The reason is there’s no single, simple, answer; it depends a lot on how much the other person understands about Feng Shui. You have to give a little more explanation to a person who has just heard the term Feng Shui for the first time vs. somebody who has read an article or maybe even a book on the subject and still has some questions. So lets proceed with the first question, “What is Feng Shui?” assuming you are the person hearing about Feng Shui for the very first time.


Feng Shui is an environmental science, it is not a religion, and it is not a cult. Feng Shui is 30 centuries old, yes, that’s 3000 years, a thousand years before Christ, 1000 BC, originating in ancient China and has at least 9 know schools, or disciplines, that are being practiced today around the world. Feng Shui is a tool that you can use to bring balance and harmony into your life, it is not magic or voodoo or witchcraft. Feng Shui has evolved from eons of observation of the environment and how it relates to your life or life events. It connects the intentions you have to your surroundings and hence to your higher power. It allows you a better control over your life through your environment and helps you to achieve balance and happiness.

Feng Shui is relatively easy to understand and easy to apply, it is not mysterious or restricted or unavailable. Feng Shui is more spiritual in nature than intellectual or physical, although both physical and intellectual “cures” are used to connect you to the power behind Feng Shui. Feng Shui is not tied to a religion or really even to a culture; it is connected to universal principals and the laws of cause and effect that govern the universe. Feng Shui is not affiliated to any religious philosophy but relies on the same principles that underlie all of the great religions of the world. It allows us to connect to our inner self and to the higher power that governs us all.

It allows you to manifest the intentions you have for your life. Using your higher power can be as personal to you as you want it to be. Feng Shui does not care what your convictions are, only what your intentions are, and in this sense Feng Shui it is a very equal-opportunity, opportunity.

With that said lets give a little more explanation of the structure of Feng Shui. Feng Shui cures are applied in nine “life event” categories, and uses your physical surrounds to gain control and achieve your intentions or goals in these categories. Your physical surroundings are most commonly your house, but you can Feng Shui a room, a desk, a work area, even your garden. The nine categories are organized in a certain pattern or map known as a Bagua and include Health, Prosperity, Knowledge, and six others. Each category or Bagua area has definite supportive and destructive symbols associated with it such as colors, shapes and the elements. The Feng Shui Practitioner uses these symbols in conjunction with the Bagua Map to balance a person’s environment thereby balancing their lives. The key to accomplishing this is to understand the relationships of the nine Bagua areas and properly apply the Feng Shui cures to clarify you intentions. In a sense, Feng Shui could be described as the ultimate goal-setting tool, with some extra bonuses attached.

So that’s kind of the tip of the iceberg so to speak of the Feng Shui world. There are numerous details and processes and practices that go along with these concepts. The new person can easily become overwhelmed when they first start to explore Feng Shui. But with a little patience and some good instruction it begins to clear up and become useful fairly rapidly. I have been associated with Feng Shui over 17 years now. I was initially expose to it at a two hour adult education seminar and since then have read many books and articles, communicated with countless other practitioners, achieved a Masters Rating and used Feng Shui as a source of income for about the last 15 years.

About author:

I initially used the techniques for myself and then shared the knowledge with some friends and family and then transitioned into becoming a Feng Shui Practitioner and Instructor. I now devote a good deal of my time to training new people to become Practitioners and Obtain a Feng Shui Masters Certificate so they can use their Feng Shui skills to help others and develop an income. You can find out more about Feng Shui and how it can benefit you on my website. Order the Free Report on what you should know before becoming a Feng Shui Master.

I am a 4th generation healer and intuitive, who has earned Practitioner Level Certification in Yeun’s Energetics Academy as well as gaining the level of Feng Shui Master. I am a level 3 Reiki practitioner, an animal communicator, and intuitive reader. I have also spent over 20 years in corporate America as a Chassis, Occupant & Mechanical Packaging Designer and Supplier Support Specialist for the “Big 3” domestic auto makers. All these gifts combined, allow me to offer many services utilizing my intuitive and healing gifts, as well as my design and organizational skills.

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