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Could Practicing Yoga Bring Any Benefit To The One Practicing It?

Yoga Benefit

By Carol Haily

Yes of course, where should we start because there are so many that it would hard to name all the physical benefits. In its core yoga is all about well-being of the self. Yoga is not meant to be a therapy for a one particular illness. A practitioner of yoga learns a new way of thinking and lifestyle and all of this in a broad holistic approach. Another product of this new lifestyle and thinking is that you start to see the healing effects of yoga. When you start to practice yoga you will see that one of the benefits of yoga is that some of the difficulties you have in life tend to go away or become less difficult. Clinical tests have been conducted that verified these effects so it is not just the practitioners that claim this.



How yoga will benefit you

With yoga you will be able to relieve yourself of stress and fatigue, get vitality back it is anti-aging and a relaxing therapy. There are studies that show asthma to improve by 75%, some studies even show 93%, and yoga can help prevent asthma attacks so there is less need for drugs. Yoga helps to get the ability to exercise back for people having breathing problems like emphysema or bronchitis, this is done in ways that normal physiotherapy could never do it.

Studies showed that people suffering from breathing problems increased their exertion tolerance and recovery, more so then before, in the end they could better control their breathing problems. If you suffer from high blood pressure then yoga can help in treating this and of course prevent it because of the relaxing aspect of the exercises. Yoga can also reduce pain, during exercises it helps the secretion of natural painkillers. The same effect can be accomplished with breathing exercises.

Seeing that everyone gets pain in one form or another a lot of people could benefit from this. When someone does yoga on a daily basis the tension in the muscles will reduce and it enhances flexibility and strength, therefore a lot of back pains are cured or prevented this way.

Diabetes, another illness that really benefits from yoga, blood sugar being lowered while practicing yoga and thus less oral medicine is needed. This study was done in combination of a vegetarian diet, so it could be that it is not the yoga alone that can take the claim for this improvement.

Yoga is a gentle exercise and because of this a good way to relief some of the pain you get from arthritis. It is not necessary for yoga to cause pain. Always be very careful with a hurting body, don’t overdo it.

These are just a few of the benefits that yoga can give you. Like we said to many to name all of them but you get a picture why we like to recommend that you start practice yoga. The sooner you start the sooner all these and the non mentioned benefits of yoga can be yours.

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