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Connecting to the Other Side:  My Journey

For most of my life, I have been able to see ghosts, talk to spirits, and feel the energy of loved ones. I also had other psychic abilities. However, as a child it was not always easy for me to understand what was happening or why certain things were happening in my life when no one else could see them. There were times when I wanted to run away from all this because it made me different. But then something happened that changed everything…

Chapter 1: My First Psychic Experience

I was a teenager, and I had a dream that came true. It wasn’t anything major–I dreamed that my mom was cooking dinner on the stove in our kitchen, and then she served us all plates of food. As it turned out, this is exactly what happened later that day: My mom made spaghetti and red beans as a protein for dinner (which she did often), and she served each of us our own platefuls.

My mother pointed out to me that this was interesting because it seemed like I had psychic abilities–or at least precognition–because my dream had come true. She told me that if I paid attention to my dreams more carefully, they might give me clues about other things as well! As time went on, I started noticing signs and symbols in my dreams; these could be anything from images of people’s faces appearing above them during conversations with them later on down the road (like seeing someone’s face before meeting them) or finding an object like an old coin lying around somewhere unexpected like inside your car glove compartment when there should have been nothing there at all!

These experiences were happening more frequently than ever before now too–and so were those strange coincidences where something happens unexpectedly but makes sense once we look back upon them later after learning more about what really happened during those times when no one else seemed aware yet either…

Chapter 2: The Psychic Medium Experience Begins

I remember the first time I experienced a psychic event. It was at my aunt’s house, and we were all sitting around the kitchen table playing cards. My aunt was telling us about her day and how her boss at the salon had yelled at her for something she didn’t do, while she was doing red carpet facial of a client,. She was very upset about it and started crying uncontrollably–a sight that made me cringe because no one likes to see their loved ones upset or sad.

After she calmed down enough to tell us what happened without breaking down again, I asked her if there was anything else bothering her besides getting yelled at by her boss; she said no but then went on about how uncomfortable it felt not knowing why he did what he did and how much energy it took away from other things in life that were more important than work (like spending time with family!). As soon as those words left my mouth, everything went silent–I could hear nothing but an eerie silence surrounding us all while everyone stared back at me with confusion written across their faces! This momentary lapse into silence lasted only seconds before everyone resumed talking normally again–but these few seconds will forever remain imprinted on my memory as evidence of my first experience as a psychic medium!

Chapter 3: Finding My Healers

Finding the right healer is important. You want to find someone who is open-minded, nonjudgmental and compassionate. They should also be able to provide you with information that is specific and accurate. A good healer will be able to help guide the client through the process of healing by providing positive suggestions and advice on how they can change their life for the better in order to get what they need out of it (or at least make it more bearable).

When looking for a healer, there are many ways in which one could go about doing so; however, one thing remains constant: trust your gut instinct! If something feels off or if there’s something about this person/place/thing that doesn’t sit well with you then trust yourself because chances are good that whatever feeling has arisen within yourself isn’t just random nonsense–it could very well be an indication from deep within your subconscious mind telling us something important about ourselves or our situation…

Chapter 4: A Healing Journey Begins

In this chapter, we will explore the importance of healing and self-care. You will learn how to use meditation as a tool for healing, as well as other techniques that can help you on your journey towards wholeness. You’ll also learn about forgiveness and letting go, which are two important parts of any spiritual journey. We’ll end by talking about love–why it’s so important for us to love ourselves first before we can truly connect with others in a meaningful way.

Chapter 5: Working with Children

Children are very receptive to the psychic world. They have a strong connection to the other side and are often able to tap into their own intuition, empathy and psychic abilities. Children can be sensitive, spiritual and empathic as well.
They’re also little sponges for information about life after death–they want to know everything! It’s important not to overload them with too much information at once when working with children who are grieving or dealing with loss; they need time digesting what they learned in order for it sink in properly before moving onto new topics (or even backtracking).

Chapter 6: Spiritual Teachers and Teachers of Light

Spiritual teachers are a source of inspiration, guidance, knowledge and healing. They can help you to realize your true potential as a spiritual being. When you connect with the other side through spiritual teachers or teachers of light (as I call them), it will give you an understanding of who you really are and why we are here on this planet at this time in history.

When we reach out for help from our guides, they often give us signs that they are there by sending us signs in our dreams or waking life experiences where we feel uplifted by something that has happened during the day such as seeing someone who touches our heart with their words or actions, hearing music that reminds us how beautiful life is when we stop worrying about what other people think about us etc..

Chapter 7: Angels, Guides, and Spirit Animals

Angels are messengers of God. They can be anywhere, even in your own life! Angels can help you with your spiritual journey and healing, as well as other things in life.
You might not see them or hear them, but they are there to guide us along our path. They give us signs that show up in the strangest ways–like when someone says something at just the right time that makes sense to you on an emotional level or when your intuition kicks in and tells you what to do next without any logical reasoning behind it (but it turns out later that this was exactly what needed to happen).

At times, life seems very confusing.

Life can be confusing. There are times when you feel as if you’re lost in a maze, with no way out. You may be struggling with why things happen or how they affect your life. You may wonder what people really mean when they say things to you, and if there is any truth behind their words at all.

At other times, life seems very confusing–but not necessarily bad or painful: beautiful moments come along and make it seem like everything is going well; but then something happens that makes everything go wrong again! It’s like living in two different worlds at once–one where everything seems perfect and another where it doesn’t matter whether or not something bad happens because nothing ever gets better anyway (or so we think).

You may feel lost and alone.

You are not alone in feeling this way. The feeling of loneliness can be caused by many things, including:

• Your own negative self-talk (e.g., “I’m not good enough” or “People don’t like me”)
• Fear of rejection or abandonment
• Feeling disconnected from others in your life, whether it’s because you have no friends or family nearby or because the ones who are close to you don’t understand your psychic abilities.

There is nothing wrong with having these feelings; they’re normal responses to what’s happening in our world today! However, if these feelings become overwhelming for too long then it might be worth taking some time away from social media so that we can reconnect with ourselves on a deeper level through meditation practices such as mindfulness meditation and yoga poses that help us focus inwardly rather than outwardly towards others online all day long which only serves as a distraction rather than truly connecting one-on-one when needed most during difficult times like these.”

Do you have questions about your future?

You can get answers to your questions. You can get guidance, insight and understanding. The Other Side is filled with people who have lived on earth before and they want to help you in the best way possible. They will give you the knowledge of the unknown so that you may understand what is happening in your life right now or what will happen in the future!

Do you want to know what others are thinking?

I have had the gift of psychic ability since I was a child. I have always been able to sense people’s feelings and thoughts, but I didn’t realize it was called “psychic” until my late twenties when an older woman told me about her experiences with psychics and their abilities. She told me about their accuracy in helping her find lost objects or loved ones, as well as helping her with relationships and career issues.

She also mentioned that some people call these special people “psychics,” while others refer to them as clairvoyants or mediums (those who communicate with spirits). The word “clairvoyant” comes from French words meaning “clear seeing.” It means being able to see things beyond normal human perception–including events happening at other places or times; past lives; future events; spirit guides or angels around us at all times protecting us from harm; etceteras…
The word medium comes from Latin words meaning middle ground between two extremes–in this case between life/death where spirits reside after leaving their earthly bodies behind!

Do you wonder why things happen the way they do?

You’re not alone. We all wonder why things happen the way they do, and we all want to know what our future holds. In this book, I’ll share some of my experiences with connecting with the Other Side and how you can use them in your own life to better understand yourself and others–and maybe even find love!

We are all connected by something much bigger than ourselves: a larger consciousness that permeates everything around us. It’s not just humans who are part of this energy field; everything has its own energy signature–from trees to rocks, animals and insects (even bugs). This energy source is also responsible for events such as natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes because they’re caused by shifts in Earth’s tectonic plates that can disrupt normal patterns of energy flow throughout our planet’s surface layer known as “the crust”. When these plates shift suddenly enough or violently enough within themselves due to pressure from below ground level then cracks appear above ground level where lava flows out through openings created by cracks forming between layers within each plate.”

Maybe you have some unfinished business with someone who has passed.

If you are asking yourself if you have any unfinished business, there are signs that will let you know. The first sign is that your thoughts are constantly on this person, no matter how hard you try not to think about them. Another way to tell if there is unfinished business between the two of you is if they keep appearing in dreams or visions when they’ve already passed away. This could be an indication that they need help in moving forward or getting closure on certain issues before they can move on fully into their next stage of life (not just physically but emotionally as well).
The best way I’ve found for myself and others around me who want answers about their own personal situations (whether it be relationships or family matters) is through meditation and prayer sessions where we surround ourselves with white light while asking questions out loud so we can hear our own inner voice better! This helps clarify what direction our lives should take next based on what was revealed through these sessions which led me down paths I never thought possible before…literally changing everything!

Maybe there is a little voice inside that nags at you for answers.

You may be wondering why you’ve been feeling this way. Maybe there is a little voice inside that nags at you for answers, or maybe it’s more of an empty feeling in your heart. This could be due to the fact that you have an unanswered question that needs to be heard and answered by someone who cares about you deeply–the other side.
If so, don’t worry! There are ways for us humans on Earth to connect with our loved ones on the other side through psychic mediums and/or spiritual guides such as angels.

How many times have you said to yourself, “There must be more than this.”
So, how many times have you said to yourself, “There must be more than this.”
How many times have you been sitting in traffic or waiting for the light to turn green and wondered what your life would be like if you had made different choices? The path not taken is always there when we look back on our lives. We can only imagine what might have been if we had chosen differently or made better decisions at key moments in our lives. Sometimes it seems as though fate has conspired against us and everything goes wrong no matter how hard we try to make things right again.

But then again maybe there is another explanation: Maybe our loved ones who have passed over before us are still around us after all! Maybe they aren’t lost forever but rather just waiting patiently until the time is right for them to come back into our lives again so that both sides can heal from past hurts caused by separation through death (and sometimes divorce).

Sometimes we can become so bogged down in everyday life that we forget to look for those signs of hope and inspiration that let us know there is an after life.
Sometimes we can become so bogged down in everyday life that we forget to look for those signs of hope and inspiration that let us know there is an after life. We need to take time out of our busy lives to reconnect with ourselves, make time for meditation, reflection and relaxation and make sure we are taking care of ourselves on a daily basis through self-care activities such as exercise or yoga.

It’s also important not only to take care of your physical body but also your mental health by spending time with friends who make you laugh or doing things that make you happy like going out dancing or playing music with friends.

There are many ways we can connect with the other side.

Prayer and meditation are two very common methods, but there are also many others that you may not have heard of before. Dreams, psychic readings, mediums and healers all offer ways to connect with loved ones who have passed on. Energy work such as reiki and energy healing can also help you feel closer to those who have gone before us on their journey towards ascension.

It is possible to connect with the other side.

You just have to be careful, because there are a lot of people who want to take advantage of you. Don’t let them! Use your intuition and make sure that anyone who claims they can help you reach out and speak with your departed loved ones is legit before handing over any money or personal information.


I hope that this book has helped you to understand the concept of connecting with the other side and how it can be done. I know that there are many different ways to do so, but I believe that these are some of the most effective ones. If you have any questions or comments about what was written here then please feel free to contact me at anytime!

Why do dreams occur? Underlying conditions trigger most dreams. For example, if you have ingested some prescribed meditation or had eaten something wrong, it can cause regular dream sessions. Medication like painkillers, for instance, oxy codeine, are notorious and can trigger dreams. These dreams can also be affected by brain damage due to disease or past inquires. It can involve a progressive impairment, can affect the thinking ability, behavior, and memory. Such patients can get difficult to handle and needs special care. These dreams sessions are most common in the elder age group who consumes numerous medications for different causes. It can lead to many health issues like sleepless nights (sleep disorders ), bloating, overeating, etc. Elder’s health care service providers like Dementia Loving Home Care Inc can help control them.

Sometimes these dreams can be an excellent way to receive advice, insight, or message, tap into intuitions or look for guidance by expanding your psychic abilities. We dream our subconscious mind; it can act as a guidance that can, at a greater level, affect the decision we make, thus affecting our lives. When we sleep, our ego or rational mind is switched off, and therefore it does not influence the transmission of the message from our unconscious mind, which is controlled by our intuitions and spirit guide. Some people have the great gift of intuition. They can read and make meaning out of a dream.  However, you can increase the ability of Psychic Guidance in Your Dreams.


I have listed six (6) ways to enhance your psychic guidance in your dreams;

Note it down

If you want to understand the psychic messages in your dreams, you should note them down either in a digital notepad or journal; if you are not a good writer, you can record them. The whole main idea is to record your dream to refer it back later. Goals are generally quickly forgotten; therefore, keep the journal, recorder, or notepad delicate to your dreams at the bedside; you must write them down on time to avoid forgetting them. In addition, it would help if you wrote your vision and how you felt during your drive and after it.

Initiate  Intention

If you want a message or guidance through dreams, set your intention to it before you sleep. Sleep with the full definition for a message. Remember that it might not work every time, but you will get guidance in your dream the more you intend to practice. Sometimes we do not remember the vision we had during our snooze; always be open to the fact.

Some people set their intention to dream before sleep by reading sacred religious verses or simple statements like “I am willingly open to receiving divine guidance. ” If you want to set your intention to a very particular subject, you can mention it, like “I am willingly open to receive the divine guidance in choosing my career.” As a result, you received the light of wisdom or inner peace during your sleep. This can be judged by the feeling you get first after waking up.


Great way to enhance spirit communication, psychic and institution are crystals. Many sellers sell them. Each crystal has its purpose and power; it can be placed under a pillow or even wore. Some crystals induce sleep; some help receive messages; some have healing powers.

Some of these crystal includes,

  • Danburite
  • Herkimer Diamonds
  • Azurite


 Symbols and Meanings

Sometimes we dream that it does not make sense for such a case. Consider getting a dictionary that defines different symbols and their meaning to make more sense out of the dream. But remember, some marks are directed to a personal example;  if your mother liked roses seeing roses in dreams might be a message from her. You can also consider seeking help from physic dream readers.

Drink Herbal Tea

You can never ignore the health benefits of herbal teas. So versatile in properties, many herbs out there induce sleep and dream, like chamomile. I use wormwood, spearmint at work. It relaxes and gives clarity in thinking. These herbs induce visions and meaningful dreams. Try teas with soothing herbs like peppermint, calamine, etc.


Dream Pillow

The use of dream pillows is not a new concept. They are being used for centuries to avoid bad dreams and negative auras, thus result in peaceful sleep. They are fabric pillows that are filled with herbs like rosemary, jasmine. These pillows will help with more meaningful dreams. Some herbs that can be used in dream pillows are datura, mugwort, anise sage burdock. Each herb is believed to have its benefit and purpose. There are many pillow mist as alternatives available in the market as well.


Cherry Sage is a professional psychic offering accurate psychic readings and predictions.  She also does dream interpretation for her clients.  If you need to discover what your dreams mean or if you have burning questions you need answers for, call Cherry today or book an appointment for your consultation.  Visit https://cherrysage.com and click the purple CONTACT tab at the bottom for more information.

The art of reading the human mind and the ability to say with certainty the possibilities that lie in the nearest future is not a skill that too many people believe in. This is because they sometimes consider this act to be too metaphysical beyond what the frail mind of humans can accomplish. Interestingly, some individuals do believe that some humans possess this ability and are willing to consult a San Diego psychic medium to get a reading.

Mediumship is a practice that purportedly allows an individual to transcend beyond this physical realm and connect with the spirit of a dead. The medium thus serves as a link between the living and the dead. A psychic, on the other hand, is an individual that possesses heightened perceptive abilities and can deduce information about a possible future by making use of the five senses.

Being a medium involves being able to make use of various means such as celestial objects, and communication with the dead to provide feedback to questions that linger in the heart of people.

Finding a reputable medium especially in areas like San Diego, for example, is not an easy task. This is not because it is difficult, but because the selection process can be quite tricky. Since you are not a psychic yourself, it is often difficult to identify who will give you value for your money and who will not. It is really hard to spot a fake when you don’t even know what the real deal looks like. Learn more about mediums here https://www.learnreligions.com/what-is-a-medium-2561904

Here is how to get the best out of your session with a San Diego Psychic medium.

What To Bear In Mind When Consulting A Psychic Medium?

You can hire the services of a medium for different reasons. However, all effort must be directed at getting you the best session that you can get. Some of those efforts include:

  • Go with an open mind: There is nothing wrong with expecting something from your session with a medium. The best way to get the best out of it is to forget any personal agenda and approach the session with a clear and open mind. For example, if you think palm reading is false and that the psychic is lying, it will be a waste of money and time. This is because the psychic can do little or nothing to convince you otherwise.

In case of a specific question, most psychic deliver information that is often contrary to your expectation, and as a result, your session can end in disappointment. When you rid your mind of any motive, you avoid the pitfall of rationalizing any information provided to suit your personal belief.

  • Do not overcrowd the session: One bad behaviour is to make a psychic medium feel uncomfortable during a session. Most mediums feel uncomfortable when they feel that they are no longer in charge of a session. Emotional overloads and lack of control over the trend of discussion are also ways of frustrating them. Besides, when you do more talking contrary to the trend of the medium, you open yourself up and make yourself more vulnerable to manipulation. They are guides so let them guide you through your session with them.
  • Keep an ear out for details: you should understand that mediums do not predict your future. What they can do is to guide you by predicting a trend of what your future might look like, but it doesn’t mean that such a future cannot be changed. Therefore, be quick to pick out credible information during your session.
  • High priced services are not always good: Although some of them charge high prices, it doesn’t guarantee accurate readings. If you ever run into mediums that charge higher fees whenever you visit or tries tricks to make you keep coming, you should avoid them altogether.

Click here: San Diego Psychic Medium to learn more about distinguishing between fake and real Psychics.


Being skeptical about the services of a medium is fine but should not debar you from trying it out if you really want to.  They are vessels that transmit messages from the spirit realm to the physical realm. They offer no guarantee of an unchangeable future but can provide some of the answers you need.

By Anant G Nadkarni

In a reputed business school, a session on cause-related marketing and social responsibility of business was in progress. Two volunteers from the class had to simply describe themselves as persons as if to market that idea like a product or service to the class.

The volunteers described themselves typically, starting with their name, family, qualification, likes and dislikes. This was repeated a couple of times but the class promptly rejected’ them saying that the description was really not about who the volunteers were as persons they normally knew them to be. The class felt that the volunteers only gave a superfluous description of qualifications, labels and accolades one gathers to say more of what they are. It was really not in terms of a connected whole that also includes the who they are, just as normal people from their core.

Later, the first volunteer stood in front of the class for a silent moment wondering what to say. There were no unwanted words as in the earlier attempts. Finally, she said: “I just love you all, guys. You are such wonderful people. What can I do for you?” The whole atmosphere seemed to get charged with an energy in which the volunteer and the class – or, in a more corporate sense, the seller and the buyers – fused together into a unified domain of who we are rather than what we are. For that moment there was a deeper connection made and a sense of belonging and there was trust in the air. Then, other descriptions that followed seemed to make more sense.

Increasingly today, there is a gradual shift in the way present day business leaders think, from the single dimension of what a company delivers as products to also go beyond stating who the company is as a bigger identity enriched by its ethical approaches to work, values enshrined in the processes of production and practices lived by its employees.

Almost half a century ago Sri Ramana Maharshi sat at the foot of Arunachala Hill in south India, mostly in silence, encouraging devotees to find answers to the question, “Who am I?” This, according to him, was crucial to find centredness, towards achieving eventual enlightenment or at least coming close to it. Each time the seekers tried to find answers to other questions, the Maharshi would lead them back to the original question, “Who am I?”

What is the central purpose of our life? Carried away by the allure of our external world, we tend to lose our way, and so are unable to find centeredness of purpose in life. Principle-centeredness has become a buzzword today even in the realm of business management, at an institutional level. But such efforts are at the periphery – they’re not central, for example, to how a holistic brand (in business) helps to relate to society.

Whether we describe ourselves as individuals, or as institutions that present their products, our attempt should be to establish a deeper connection with society through the essence of our persona and corporate purpose. Many, many years ago, Khalil Gibran said: “The only question that rendered me mute was when someone asked me an answer to the question: who am I!”

About author:
Anant G Nadkarni

By Amy Biddle

In any science experiment, you take a situation, change something about it, and measure the effect of your action on the situation. When you’re a kid, you might start with a still cup of vinegar, add baking soda, and be delighted when the vinegar bubbles over. In the science of mind, you can experiment with adding new thoughts to your situation, and you can see measurable results.

We are slightly more balanced today, but in the early 20th century, it would be fair to say that people worshipped science. It seemed to offer predictability and reliability to a chaotic world. It offered new technologies that seemed to give us conveniences and greater control over our lives. Science was the new religion, and has remained the religion of choice for some people.

So in the 1920s and 30s, if you wanted to get your message across effectively, you delivered that message in terms of its scientific aspects.

The phrase “science of mind” came into use on a broad scale after Ernest Holmes wrote a book by that title in 1926. He revised it completely in 1938, and the book became a classic. It is still the basic text for the United Churches of Religious Science. For over 75 years, this church has also published a magazine called “Science of Mind.” Its purpose, like that of all such literature, is to help you change your life by changing your thinking.

The basic premise of the science of mind – of the whole New Thought movement – is a deep belief that there is a Spirit in all humans and that Spirit is God. As we learn to think, speak, and act as if this were true, our lives show measurable results of our changed attitudes and beliefs. Our physical and mental health improves. We enjoy peaceful sleep and joyful awakenings. Our relationships are happier. We have the wisdom to handle challenging situations with grace and ease. We consistently have everything we need, when we need it.

Fast-forward almost a century, and you see that the science of mind has undergone something of a revival. While it has always remained strong in business and success literature (with the religious language taken out), the science of religion had come to seem cultist, or at least quaint, in the minds of people in mainstream religious life. For people who were not religious, to know that something works was not enough; they wanted to know why it worked.

Now, people in the mainstream have begun to learn about quantum mechanics. The work being done in quantum physics literally shows us the “mechanics” of how the mind works. Suddenly, the people who were once written off as quaint or as cult figures enjoy a new respect. Their writings have become timely again, whether you are of a religious or a scientific bent. As the mainstream become more educated about these discoveries, it will make more sense to them to speak of a science of mind.

About author:
Amy Biddle has been a lifetime student and teacher of spiritual principles. Spiritual Healing Secrets is a fast-growing resource for anyone who wants to improve her or himself, or simply to learn practical spiritual principles. Let Amy help you improve your life! Discover the secrets at spiritual-healing-secrets.com

By John P. Milton


  • is a natural ability that aligns us with the flow of life
  • acts as a communication link with our inner teacher
  • is the basis of any spiritual and self-development
  • it is the optimum way of choosing between different options – when we trust our intuition, the results we create are usually far better and advanced than using only our logical left-brain information bank
  • is inspiration that guides us into new adventures, it gives us wings to fly when we want to manifest our heart’s desires
  • is very grounded and practical, the guidance we get by listening to our intuition is very down to earth
  • opens us to the ability of communicating with our spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, deceased loved ones etc
  • helps us heal faster and better
  • is a great tool when working in any area helping other people
  • is the basis for a successful and happy life

Intuition is a very natural ability that each of us possesses.  

Intuition is that part of us that we would often call 6th sense. Everyone has it, but not everyone chooses to use it. Intuition is that part of us that is fully aligned with the movement of creation. This means that when we follow our intuition, we are truly following the highest possible path in our lives. When we disclose it, we are truly closing the doors of opportunity to ourselves and the problems start appearing.

For perceiving this reality, we need to be spiritually open. By the help of intuition, we start receiving information from that reality and interacting with it. Our channels of intuition might open and we could start seeing people’s auras, spirit guides, we could start hearing our guides or angelic music, getting extremely clear sensations about what feels right and what feels wrong and accessing the divine wisdom through our crown chakra. We could call all these senses spiritual senses and by activating them, they will start telling us about other dimensions, other realms of reality and they will help to deepen our understanding of any of life’s questions. This newly discovered knowledge will also guide us how to successfully integrate it into our daily life, of a physical being. Only when both aspects – the physical as well as the spiritual, are balanced, we can fully enjoy our time here on earth.

We all carry a light inside of us – this is the fountain of wisdom that gets activated by listening to our intuition.

The light we carry inside of us is really a light of our creator, the light of God – being of pure light and love. When we start listening to our heart, to our feelings, to our inner wisdom, this light gets activated. It shines brighter and brighter until it neutralizes all negative aspects. We become a fully balanced being, with inner wisdom fully activated. This is when our decisions are based on the inner source of wisdom and are not influenced anymore by outside circumstances. Life really becomes a magical journey!

Intuition is really the missing link between the idea and material manifestation of it.

Everyone has a dream when they arrive to this planet. It serves them as a guiding map what they have come here to do, achieve and experience. This dream consists of various desires that truly come from the heart. If we listen to our intuition, these desires will come to life, because our intuition will always guide us on that path. Intuition is fully aligned with those dreams that we carry inside of our heart. The people who claim that life is hard and that the dreams are illusion are usually people who didn’t listen to their intuition. If they did, they would never say that – because they would be living their dream!

There are four main channels of receiving divine guidance through intuition

  • visual type – connection with the third eye; people who see things through dreams, visions, inner eye
  • hearing type – connection with the ear chakras; people who hear their guidance as a gentle voice, sometimes this voice can get louder in extreme and dangerous situations to prevent us from accident; musicians often hear the music ‘in their head’ before they put it on the paper
  • emotional type – connection with the heart chakra
    people who are very emotionally opened and can easily feel what others feel, they need to learn how to protect themselves from other people’s emotions and especially need to trust their feelings
  • mental type – connection with the crown chakra; people who simply know things, usually very intelligent (naturally), teachers, inventors, scientists, they need to make sure that they don’t close down their intuitive and creative part, because their logical part could get too strong

About author:

By John P. Milton

Lightning struck John P. Milton—literally. At a crucial point on his own path to transformation, a lightning bolt flew through an open window and blasted his consciousness so far that he “shot headfirst into the heavens.” Over the past forty years, this former professor of environmental studies with “a bit of Native American” in him has taught those who would walk with him into the wilderness how to understand the living wisdom expressed by lightning, wind, and the creatures of the earth. Milton, who Peter Senge calls “one of the really significant teachers coming out of the American cultural context,” has pioneered a path to prepare the uninitiated for the sacred native rite of passage, the vision quest. And leaders, particularly those in business, are finding that Milton’s capacity to guide them into an encounter with nature both allows them to find a deeper purpose and unleashes the creativity needed to live that purpose.

“Institutional leaders talk a lot about thinking ‘outside the box,’” he observes, “but to actually be there is not so easy. The vision quest literally dissolves the box. So suddenly, there is an immense openness and spaciousness and freedom that’s pure creativity.” But for Milton, the purpose of the vision quest is not simply to make leaders more creative. It is also to go beyond our “anthropocentric view of the world, which prevents us from having a vaster experience both of our connection to the earth and the universe but also to the Source itself.”

About author:
Former professor of environmental studies, Founder, Sacred Passage and the Way of Nature. Learn more about What is Enlightenment? here.

By Elizabeth Debold, Ed.D.,

STEP BACK, WAY BACK. THINK OF THE MAJESTICALLY spinning globe we live on. What comes to mind? The striated blue and white marble that the astronauts first saw, vivid against the endless blackness of space? Or the familiar shapes of the continents, with green lowlands and the ridges of mountains like backbones pressing up through the earth? Perhaps you see the play of primal forces—water and wind—as they rapidly shift and move in cloud patterns across the expanse of land and sea. Or take a look at the lights that glitter on its darkened surfaces, connected by currents of electricity that allow us to communicate instantly with anyone, anywhere. Sense the uneasy alliances of democracies, socialisms, monarchies, and dictatorships; the conflicts constantly flaring up, threatening to ignite larger conflagrations, as the interests of cultures and peoples chafe against each other around the globe.



Only a few decades have passed since space travel opened our eyes to the awesome sight of our shared home suspended in the void. Since then, our world seems to have become more fragmented than ever, even as we are bound together more tightly than ever—beyond nation, religion, or ideology—within the web of commerce. Networks of reciprocity now connect the penthouses of Park Avenue with the shantytowns outside Nairobi. Through the development of the capitalist business corporation, we have taken an extraordinary evolutionary step into a complex global interdependence.

These giant organizations—Mitsubishi, Nestlé, and DaimlerChrysler, or some so familiar that they go by acronyms such as IBM, GE, GM, HP—are liberated from the constraints of location and national affiliation, extending their influence from Boston to Bangkok. Operating within the stratosphere of international capital markets, they have amassed resources and power that rival those of many nations. In fact, of the one hundred largest economies in the world, fifty-one are multinational corporations and only forty-nine are actually sovereign states. Between their economic clout and their cross-cultural people power, business corporations represent a leap in humanity’s capacity to organize for a shared purpose.

Generating a constant demand for creativity and innovation, businesses have literally driven the transformation of the modern world. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, which became Bell Telephone, which gave birth to Bell Labs, which created the transistor, which brought in the electronic information age. The list of consumer goods that have appeared in an evolutionary eye blink—from toothpaste to liquid floor wax to aspirin to contact lenses—is virtually endless. We’ve traveled from the horse and buggy to the SUV in less than one hundred years because of the relentless demand that business creates for the new. And it’s only getting faster. Disney is producing and launching a product every five minutes. Sony launches three new products per hour. Seventy percent of Hewlett-Packard’s revenue comes from products that didn’t exist a year ago. This constant rush to market has dramatically improved and transformed human life—doubling our life expectancy, improving the quality of living, and expanding the horizon of possibility into the stars.

At the same time, the rush to capture more market share, propelled by the profit motive, has caused untold damage to this planet and its people. Burmese villagers recently sued energy giant Unocal for “encouraging” the Myanmar military—hired to oversee the construction of a gas pipeline through the country—to subject the villagers to forced labor, murder, rape, and torture. Coca-Cola is under scrutiny from watchdog organizations for water pollution and for creating “opportunity” from water scarcity. It’s hardly refreshing to read in their 1993 annual report that “all of us in the Coca-Cola family wake up each morning knowing that every single one of the world’s 5.6 billion people will get thirsty that day. If we make it impossible for these 5.6 billion people to escape Coca-Cola, then we assure our future success for many years to come. Doing anything less is not an option.” The momentum of the corporate juggernaut is so powerful—fueled by the most basic human survival and status needs—that altering its course seems almost impossible. “We are not just marching toward disaster,” says noted business consultant and author Ichak Adizes, “we are sprinting toward it.”

However, there is another powerful force working within corporations—an unpredictable human force. The breadth and diversity of people brought together within them, beyond nation, beyond religion, race, or caste, is utterly new. Over one million people work at Wal-Mart, the largest employer in the world. McDonald’s may be the largest employer of youth on the planet because McDonald’s is nearly everywhere. And as more and more people engage with each other in a globalizing workplace—the haves brushing shoulders with the have-nots, one culture pollinating another—a pressure is building. Inside and outside of these organizations, there is a growing appreciation of the effects of corporate activity on the planet and its people, a dawning recognition that we are one humanity inhabiting one world.

What if these gargantuan entities, filled with the creative potential of thousands of human beings, were to awaken to this new global reality? I asked this question of some thirty business leaders and consultants engaged in the nitty-gritty of corporate change. They all agree that if business were to awaken, and then to change, it would have an unprecedented impact—transforming the world in ways we cannot even imagine. In fact, some say that it would create the context for a new level of global consciousness. But can the corporate juggernaut—embedded as it is in all of the economic systems on this planet—really transform itself fundamentally? What would it take to free the creativity and stop the destructiveness of these powerful engines of commerce? Change at this level has never been consciously undertaken before. Will it happen? That depends, these remarkable individuals are saying: World-transforming change is possible, but only if we are willing. And that big “if” will determine what kind of future we will have—or whether we will have any future at all.

About author:
Elizabeth Debold, Ed.D., Senior Editor, brings her experience as a pioneering researcher in human development and gender conditioning to her work for What Is Enlightenment?

Debold is coauthor of the bestseller, Mother Daughter Revolution, and has published numerous articles about human and moral development, gender issues, and girls’ self-knowledge and growth. She has consulted to a variety of organizations ranging from corporate law firms to nonprofit educational organizations, has lectured widely, and has appeared as a guest on numerous television and radio programs, including Oprah , Good Morning America and NPR’s 51%. Debold is currently the Academic Director of the Master’s Program in Conscious Evolution that WIE is running in partnership with The Graduate Institute, in Milford, Connecticut. She is also writing a new book, tentatively entitled The Evolution of Love: Men, Women, and the Possibility of Transformation, to be published by Pantheon.
She received her doctorate in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University, and was a founding member of the Harvard Project on Women’s Psychology and Girls’ Development, which was directed by Dr. Carol Gilligan. Learn more about What is Enlightenment? here.

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By Dadi Janki

“It’s God’s task to purify the impure, to transform the world,” Dadi Janki tells us. “But He can’t do it alone. He says, ‘I’ve got to get it done through you. You’ve created hell in the world, and so you have to be the instruments to create heaven. Then you can be the masters of heaven.’” This message is Dadi Janki’s mandate for leaders. And while this diminutive woman draped in a white sari might appear to be from an era long past, she is a guiding force to a bright future. “Those with a positive vision of the future,” she writes, “give us an image of a world . . . where the highest human potential is fully realized. But we can get to that stage only when there are leaders to take us there.”

And she is determined to create those leaders. Through “Call of the Times” dialogues, she invites key figures in government, business, and the nonprofit sector from all five continents to engage in the deepest level of dialogue and reflection about the current human situation. After these dialogues, she has been known to select someone to continue to work directly with her—meditating and engaging in discussion—to insure that that person viscerally grasps our world crisis and is compelled to take action in new and profound ways.

“Her leadership is not based on any formal position that she holds,” says Tex Gunning, president of Unilever Bestfoods Asia. “Her power comes purely from her spiritual credibility. As a leader, the more I’ve searched for role models, the more I’ve come to realize that this is the most profound power. If my boss asks me to make a meeting, I look at my agenda first. But if Dadi Janki, with whom I have no formal relationship, tells me to be in London, I just get on the plane!” As she makes profoundly clear to those who come in contact with her, there is no choice but to respond to the call to change the world: “As God says, ‘This is what you have to do.’ And we must say, ‘Yes, we will.’”

About author:
Dadi Janki has pioneered, exemplified, and shared a structured and disciplined method of spiritual development that has had a profound impact on the lives of millions across the world. Learn more about What is Enlightenment? here.

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