Wednesday August 21, 2002

Very in-depth reader – gives alot of information and is very friendly and pretty funny too. Thanks for your insight and lets get this ball rolling.


Monday August 19, 2002

Thanks and everythings that you stated is very true. I will contact you again when I have more time. You are Great! Diane


Thursday August 15, 2002

OMG~Cherry is incredibly gifted and accurate! I’ve been trying to work through my dilemma regarding the return of R; other readers tell me ‘it’ll be alright..just live..be patient..,” but Cherry doesn’t give me vague advice–she tunes into the person for real. Today Cherry specifically asked to look into R, and she immediately asked ‘is R into cars? I see really fast cars, this is what they show me.’ Yes! R is passionate about sports cars, has one, and races. Cherry went on to describe other aspects of our situation, etc. Not all is roses, but Cherry is DEFINITELY ________’s best, extremely focused, accurate, and professional. R.


Monday August 12, 2002

EXCELLENT ~ Cherry and her guides are awesome, CLOSE to all-knowing! I know I’m a very persistent client at times, but Cherry is unbelievably responsive and accurate with ALL of her readings w/ me. Close to a month ago, she accurately predicted that I’d be living w/ a male roommate (now I am!); I asked her about any possible relationships this year, and she told me about a ‘water sign (Cancer) man..not very emotionally open..will be hard for you..mature and business-oriented..” She told me this right before my ex R returned (almost 2 yrs later); Cherry described R EXACTLY! I’ll have to wait and see how our ‘new’ relationship progresses! lol. F.

Thursday August 8, 2002

Thank you Cherry you were as always helpful and I will take your advice. It will be hard but I can do it with you by my side. As always you are the best and I always love talking to you. Because you say it in such away that gives me hope and encouragement and with that I love you unconditionally. You are an angel!!!!!!!!! Keep sending positive energy to me.

Monday August 5, 2002

WOW! Cherry you described R to a T. And you were RIGHT, I got a job offer in the exact time frame you originally predicted!!!

Friday August 2, 2002

Awesome reading! Very detailed, accurate, great insight! THanks Cherry!


Tuesday July 23, 2002

Gosh don’t get me wrong, you were GREAT and CLEAR and ACCURATE. I’m trying to find some strength to create an excellent feedback but I’m just so down. I just thought that there was something there with him. I felt as if I wasted my mind..thoughts of thinking about him. Its sad because I once too was bitter about relationship becoz of my past, but I OPENED my doors again. I just thought things at the end will be positive…kinda like when you experience something bad, something good would happen…i just wish things can be different. -dee

Tuesday July 23, 2002

Have so much trust in Cherry. I have called her repeatedly. I enjoy her so much and appreciate her insight. She’s honest and generous.Thank you, Cherry!


Saturday July 20, 2002

Another great talk with my true the best of the best. Thank Cherry for all the help. I like the part where you said I was sort of like Jesus nail to the cross make sacrifice. But as always I offer you unconditional love. I am feeling something now as we speak. A sense of peace and joy and fill with positive energy. Keep it flowing dear. T W