Saturday September 14, 2002

Thank you sooo much, Cherry. I am glad that I called you. You gave me excellent insight and I will follow your advice and not call or email him….until he contacts me. 🙂 I will definitely call again and recommend you to others. I enjoyed your candidness, honesty, and very pleasant personality. GOD BLESS ALWAYS! 🙂

Saturday September 14, 2002

She was absolutely WONDERFUL!! She was very quick with her answers, very detailed in her explanations, and told ME things that were in my relationship without any hints from me. I felt a sense of trust the moment she was on the telephone, & I will call her again and again. Also, she told me immediately, “I will tell you the truth, ok.” I thought that was wonderful, because the truth is what I seeked. Thank you so much, Cherry. I already feel much better!!

Thursday September 12, 2002

Sorry it takes me so long to leave feedback! Cherry is always so honest and insightful. She can always tell me so many details about my situation it amazes me! Call Cherry if you want to know the truth..she is truly excellent!

Saturday September 7, 2002

Cherry is very frienly and professional. I would definately call her again. Very accurate!! Very helpful!!


Wednesday September 4, 2002

Thank you for a great reading,you are professional,friendly,and positive.You are also right on the money.I will call you soon.Sue

Wednesday September 4, 2002

thank you Cherry! I have great admiration for you & your gifts. Once more you were right on the money. You amaze me how you tune right into the situations good or bad. Thanks again.

Monday August 26, 2002

as always a very insightful and compassionate reading. Cherry you are truly gifted. thanks, i’ll keep you posted.

Sunday August 25, 2002

all the wonderful adjectives apply here…helpful, friendly, professional, detailed, accurate…and, I am confident that she did not tell me what I wanted to hear…In fact, i felt a little down about her conclusion BUT she is right…I would STRONGLY recommend…

Thursday August 22, 2002

Thanks for a very insightful reading. you always see the clear picture and have a precise way of getting the information across. hope it all works out as you see it, i’ll keep you posted.

Wednesday August 21, 2002

Cherry, you were right! On Friday, I received a call from the HR rep at X Co.; they are putting a hiring decision on hold AGAIN after my second interview with them! I hope this is the ‘new’ job I might be offered in the fall? LOL**