Wednesday October 9, 2002

She was detailed to the point of ‘relief’. Yep, she is competent and caring. Genuinely Helpful, what more could you ask? A good one.

Wednesday October 9, 2002

Wow!! You have it down pat for detailed accuracy and ability to come to clear understandings using the data you gather and passed on to me. Thanks for this. I see you as a ‘helper’ bringing clarity to situations so a more clear decision or evaluation can be arrived at, by me, on my own. Applying my “own sense of good sense.” I use your abilities to “knock on my own head/heart ” for my own choices. Thanks Sage! Keep up the good work!!!!!


Monday October 7, 2002

Awesome as always. Cherry’s always told me the truth – good or bad. And that’s allowed me to be better prepared, and to make better choices for myself. After all these months, I consider her a friend as well as an advisor – so if you’re looking for an honest reading, delivered in a pleasant and friendly manner, give her a call! You won’t be disappointed! W.


Sunday October 6, 2002

Excellent – quick with lots of details.

Wednesday October 2, 2002

cherry, Thank you very much for the info on my kids. It really helps to know where they are at. Teenagers don’t always open up & this helps me to parent them & be a better Mom. You are invaluable! Thanks again!

Thursday September 19, 2002

As always, a wonderful reading. She is quick, to the point, & gives details! I love Cherry & will continue to call her. Thanks again, Cherry. You have made my situation a little easier to understand!

Wednesday September 18, 2002

Cherry definitely makes me laugh! She picked up information I needed for a contract I am trying to get as well as other personal details. I will definitely call her again and I recommend her to others. GOD BLESS you always, Cherry. 🙂

Wednesday September 18, 2002

Hi, sorry for cutting that call short. thanks so much for your insight into this deal, your feedback was a great help.

Tuesday September 17, 2002

An exceedingly wonderful reading. Funny, detailed, encouraging. Not every single outcome I wanted to hear, but on the whole great news. Took my questions seriously, but fun, fun, fun to talk to. I felt comfortable immediately. I would recommend her to anyone.

Saturday September 14, 2002

What a refreshing breath of energy. Thanks for all the informaiton you have given me. Call her. You won’t regret any part of it. She never seizes to amaze me with her insight. Will continue to keep you updated Cherry as things progress. A million stars to you.