Saturday March 1, 2003

Cherry is the VERY best! Can’t believe how accurate she is, knew everything w/out me saying it. I’m looking for the #6 for a call. Knew personalities to a T! I always come back to Cherry, even if its been awhile, because everything she’s ever told me has come true. millions of stars

Jodie Rebecca

Friday February 28, 2003

Sorry we keep getting cut off, Cherry. I won’t bother you anymore tonight, but I WILL call you again. You are right on the money with so many things, and you don’t waste time. You are also very easy to talk to, and very easy to understand. Thank you sooo much for your help this evening. I do feel better, and you will hear from me again……when my phone is charged, LOL!

Jodie Rebecca

Friday February 28, 2003

I really enjoyed this phone call. She is very quick and to the point, and gives you great details about your situation. Sorry my phone kept beeping….I’ll have to charge it back up and call again 🙂 I would call this woman, she is really intuitive and on the money!


Tuesday February 25, 2003

WOW–In January,Cherry told me that she saw me in a future confrontation with a dark-haired women, work-related, that I’d be hesitant/afraid to confront and approach this woman, but that I’d emerge positively and victorious from this situation.At that time,I didn’t have any idea who/what this was about.BUT IT HAPPENED TODAY!That woman (head hunter) and I were in the EXACT confrontation Cherry described.Cherry mentioned (then) that it had something to do with my communication/perception with others.SO THERE:CHERRY IS AWESOME! CALL HER FOR THE TRUTH,SHE DOESN’T HOLD ANYTHING BACK.


Friday February 7, 2003

Cherry was very pleasant and she was accurate. So, give her a call you will not regret it.


Tuesday February 4, 2003

love ya cherry! sorry took me so long to leave feedback. you always see the truth of what someone is feeling. thanks for all your help and putting up with all my questions about this difficult man!


Sunday February 2, 2003

Where should I begin….Accuracy, Realitistic, Intune, Honest, or Amazing? Each of these adjective adequately describe Cherry Sage’s psychic abilities. Cherry takes her time and focuses on your issues and thereby provides you with accurate and detailed answers. She is simply amazing!!! I strongly recommend her services. She is a true psychic who I will continue to use as my guide through life.


Sunday January 26, 2003

Hi, Cherry! Thanks for the helpful reading about Paul. You were very quick and much of what you said already rings true. I will let you know how things go and check in when I can for more advice. You are great! Love, Jenine


Tuesday January 21, 2003

Wow were you accurate! Thanks so much.


Thursday January 16, 2003

Thanks again Cherry. Your assessments of people are soooo ACCURATE it is unbelievable. Had to call and tell you what has transpired since we last talked. All the information you gave me last time came to pass as usual. Just wish we could talk longer when I call. Give her a call. SHE IS FANTASTIC. Don’t expect to hear only what you want though because it won’t happen. Will keep you updated Cherry as things move along in all situations. A million stars to you.