Jodie Rebecca

Friday April 4, 2003

This woman is amazing!! She is sooo on target on so many different issues, and if I had the money I would talk to her all day! She is also very quick and to the point, and gave me a LOT of info (you might want to take notes) but also some really helpful advice to get the outcome that I want. She was very encouraging and reassuring as well. Call her, it is worth it!


Wednesday April 2, 2003

CS is always the best, while I didn’t get any dates this time, she was right on the money last time with Śs” around me, he called at 6pm & then came over on 3/6! Her insight as to what’s going on certainly helps & when I need the straight facts I always go to Cherry!


Sunday March 23, 2003

Cherry is the BEST!! She was absolutely correct with two issues I called her about. Her predictions came to pass very quickly as well. If you want honesty, then you definitely need to speak with Cherry.


Tuesday March 18, 2003

As usual, precise,detailed, and accurate insight. Thank you for your guidance. It has made a real difference.


Saturday March 15, 2003

Cherry was helpful and insightful, her predictions were accurate. I will speak with her soon. Bryan


Friday March 14, 2003

You are as good as they say: SUPERB! Thanks Cherry, will speak to you again for sure!


Saturday March 8, 2003

Cherry is an amazing reader. Her accuracy and her depth are stunning. She is so helpful.


Friday March 7, 2003

Hi Cherry: Sorry I couldn’t say goodbye. I appreciate the reading. Not good news, but awakening news and that’s what I’m looking ofr right now.. Where can I cut stress – and it sounds like here is a good start. Great guy – but, obviously totally unavailable. thank you. AIA


Tuesday March 4, 2003

Cherry always gives very detailed and accurate readings. She has been right time and timeagain. Excellent, excellent in depth reading. Thank you for giving me so much information to go on.


Monday March 3, 2003

Wonderful call as always. If only I could talk to her LONGER! This woman blows my mind with what she/her guides pick up. Obscure details, future scenarios, realistic time frames—Cherry does it all!