Thursday May 1, 2003

Thank you so much for the reading today. I felt very good about the reading. I look forward to talking to you again in the very near future for updates. I am also glad you told me the truth!


Monday April 28, 2003

Cherry is very comforting and reassuring with her predictions. I am waiting to see what will happen but I will definetly call her again.

Mary Ellen

Monday April 21, 2003

Cherry – thanks so much for your insight into my daughters situation. I appreciate your honesty and your ability to see things for what they are. Will definitely call again


Monday April 21, 2003

Cherry always gives incredible readings, full of details that are so right. She has been accurate many, many times.

Jodie Rebecca

Saturday April 19, 2003

Again, Cherry amazed me! Every time I call her, I am blown away with how much information she can pick up on. She is wonderful, and so upbeat and outgoing. I love speaking with her, and she is certainly one of my favorites! Call her!!!!!!


Wednesday April 16, 2003

Over a year ago I call Cherry for the first time about my marriage. At that time my husband had left our children and I for someone else and I wanted him to come back. I called a number of people asking if he was going to come back. Most of the people said oh yeah he’s coming back soon but not Cherry, she told me straight up that our relationship is over and there was nothing I could do but I will meet the person who will make me happy before my divorce is final. I didn’t believe her of course cause so many told me the opposite. SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! He never came back and I am happily re-married. Thank you Cherry so much. I’ll never doubt you again.


Wednesday April 16, 2003

wow. another really good reading. thanks cherry! i read your feedback, and from speaking with you in the past i know you don’t give false hope. i really hope you’re right about him feeling sorry (if he’s got a conscience he should be!) and about him reconnecting with me. you are so nice and patient and detailed and always take the time to answer all my questions. thank you so much!


Saturday April 12, 2003

Well Cherry, you have said it all. Yes to everything you said. From finances to relationships, you certainly have the insider scoop on me!!! I can’t wait till 2006, but, I will be enjoying my life fully awaiting my BEST PHASE EVER. Thank you. Will call soon. Beth


Saturday April 12, 2003

Just plain good and honest. No nonsense. The truth. Get ready for it!


Saturday April 5, 2003

She made me see matters more clearly so that I can now make choices over what I am prepared to accept from people both professionally and privately. She was helpful. Thank you.