Monday November 10, 2003

Cherry is so kind and sweet unbelively accurate.I feel very lucky to have found her. Thanks cherry for all your help


Sunday November 9, 2003

What an amazing reading! Cherry is a lovely being. Extremely helpful to understanding the situations in my life, issues need to work through, and next cycle.


Sunday November 9, 2003

I’ve been receiving readings from Cherry for several years now. Every time we talk I learn important things about my life. Cherry’s insight is gutsy and honest. If you can handle the good, the bad, and the ugly… then she is the pyschic for you.


Wednesday October 29, 2003

Not only bestowed with beauty, but Cherry has been graced with her psychic ability.I received a very accurate reading and would highly recommend her to anyone. She can soothe your soul…..Much gratitude to her…Hope now reigns within me.


Saturday October 25, 2003

She’s GREAT! I was so down before talking to her but after talking with her, I felt like my life had turned around 180 degree completly! She gives a lot of details and time frame. Very friendly and easy to talk too! All I can do now is sit back and wait for her predictions to come true because I believe in her!!! H.Q


Saturday October 25, 2003

Cherry is always concise and accurate. The predictions she has made for me have always come true. She is great!


Sunday October 19, 2003

Unbelievably accurate in her predictions, and always gives you the truth. Call her if you want a reading based in reality and for predictions that really do happen. She has never, ever, been wrong for me!


Friday October 17, 2003

Thanks Cherry, you are very intuitive. I am so glad I talked with you to clear up some information. It was as though you knew my thoughts. I will call you soon.


Sunday October 12, 2003

Cherry – YOU ARE GREAT!!! You really deserve a hundred stars!!! You have been on target with every situation that I have spoken to you about. I have spoken to you for a while now and you have never let me down. Your answers have always come to pass – even when I didn’t believe they would. You have been precise, exact and honest in all you have said to me. For anyone who wants honesty and clarity, please call Cherry Sage. She is absolutely the BEST!!!


Tuesday September 30, 2003

ALWAYS 5 PLUS STARS FOR MY CHERRY!! Thanks Cherry you are the best – I waited to see if your predictions were correct and I spoke with “R” and you are RIGHT once again. Thanks for putting my mind at ease**** IF YOU WANT A PERSON WHO IS HELPFUL, FRIENDLY AND OH SO DOWN TO EARTH CALL CHERRY SAGE NOW – you’ve become so much more than an advisor you’re like an added sister to me. Thanks for all your help with questions I seem to ask over and over again. Your patience is appreciated! CHERRY SAGE YOU ARE THE BEST!! THANK YOU – NOT ENOUGH STARS FOR THIS ADVISOR!!!