Tuesday April 20, 2004

Cherry, you are awesome (I’ve told you this many times). You are the ONLY psychic that can accurately tell me what is in store for me on a consistent basis. You are, without a doubt, the best psychic.

David Smith

Tuesday April 13, 2004

Cherry had the uncanny ability to give it to me straight. Fortunatly it is waht i wanted to hear. It was more like talking to a friend. In the end i was completely overwhelmed by the great news that could ultimately change my life. Thanks Cherry David


Tuesday March 23, 2004

Well Cherry, after 1 1/2 yrs I’m finally calling back. I was so pissed off with you for not giving me the news I wanted. WELL YOU WERE RIGHT!!!! Everything turned out just as you said. SOOOOO now YOU are the one I have chosen to call to figure out my new STUFF>>> Thanks for the straight from the hip advice. YOU are a MUST call…. even if it’s more than a year later… I believe you are gifted and a treasure…Thank you….Beth


Tuesday March 23, 2004

Cherry had told me back at the end of December that me and my guy would reconnect within 3 months. He contacted me the first of March!!! Way to go Cherry.


Tuesday March 23, 2004

Cherry is unique in that she only delivers the truth. So many readers will tell you what you want to hear. Nobody can tell you who your soulmate is, or when you’re going to be with someone. All they can do is tell you what they see, based on a particular question that is asked. When posing a specific question to Cherry, I always get an accurate answer, with no fluff, no B.S. Don’t waste your money on readers who will stroke your ego or pump you full of dreams. Call Cherry for the truth


Saturday February 28, 2004

I look forward to talking to Cherry. It’s like talking to an old friend. She’s encouraging, honest and most of all, a positive person and spirit. I really appreciated that she took my call when she wasn’t normally scheduled to be online. It’s just a testament of how dedicated and caring she is! I’ve tried others but they’ve never compared. I definitely will keep in contact with her. She’s given me some needed insight during a challenging cycle for me… and it’s been invaluable! Thanks again, Cherry.


Tuesday February 24, 2004

Cherry was right AGAIN. I trust her the most with predictions. She predicted my ex would call. I argued that she would never have the courage to call. But, she did. It completely shocked me.


Saturday January 24, 2004

I cannot say enough about Cherry. She made me feel at ease and comfortable. She gave me not one but two unbeliveable readings! Thank you very much.


Saturday January 17, 2004

As always it was a pleasure speaking with Cherry. Her insight both inspiring and accurate. Many Thanks


Saturday November 29, 2003

Sherry is rare. She is intelligent, unafraid to tell the truth, warns you of the ‘worst’ and gives you insight to make worthy decisions within your life. She is absolutely capable of preparing you to recieve the BEST, as well. This balance is all we need. Right!? While, the rest is up to Destiny’s role, our attitude is everything. Hope is always essential. She’s read for me since Jan 2001.