Wednesday June 16, 2004

Dearest Cherry, The phone reading we had yesterday was really enlightening for me. You are the person I needed….someone to tell me what I need to know and not what I want to hear. I have shared your words with my parents and they were so astounded by your accuracy. Both my parents are very honest and down-to-earth people, hence they are always most willing to hear good and bad things about themselves. My parents hope that you could do a reading for my family members too, especially for my mother and brothers , they need some form of direction from you. Thank you so much dear!


Friday June 11, 2004

Thank you for being you and my god continue to bless you. I will be calling again.


Tuesday June 8, 2004

wow.. this lady was so accurate right from the start. she picked up on personality traits of myself and the ones i asked about.. and not just general, SPECIFIC attitude and personality traits. she has such a good sense of humor and great guidance that is calm and reassuring. i feel she was probably one of the most accurate psychics ive ever spoken to, and will leave more feedback as things start to unravel.. but as for now i trust everything she has said because the answers she hit right on target


Friday June 4, 2004

I honestly believe you are an incredibly gifted person. Too bad they wouldn’t give you timeframes, but I will be calling you back!!! I could just talk to you for hours, unfortunatly my funds won’t let me. Blessings to you. You are so sweet too.


Saturday May 29, 2004

Cherry, you are FABULOUS… I feel so wonderful each time we speak. Your positive reassurance about my life is a really good thing even when I think I’ve messed up. You told me about a trip my honey was taking, I forgot about it till you mentioned it. KUDOS to you!!!!Will keep in touch you gifted angel…


Friday May 28, 2004

I think Cherry is a great reader. It is hard sometimes to hear the truth but that is what a person needs. She is loving but also honest. She is worth it. I would recommend her to anyone. She has a nice vibe about her. Give her a call and she will help you with your challenges that you may be facing.


Saturday May 15, 2004

She has a gift…a TRUE gift!! Cherry is very tuned in to what she does. Her predictions, her descriptions, her advice, her information, AND her time frames have been right on for me over and over again! She always makes me feel so much more at ease, and so clear about things when I talk to her. You are wonderful Cherry!


Tuesday May 11, 2004

I have been talking the Cherry Sage for several months. I ask if I was going to meet someone new in my life. While, she mentioned that he will a younger man, with some history. This conversation during the first of the year. She was on the money. I have met a younger man who I am very happy with. The relationship is great. I am very happy. Cherry Sage gives readings that actually happens. Thanks.


Monday May 10, 2004

Thank you once again for your consistent, positive, and honest reading. Your honesty about my harboring negative thoughts and how damaging they can be will be an aspect I will work on. Thanks for the encouragement.


Wednesday May 5, 2004

Cherry is so uplifting! Just hearing her voice will put you at ease. She is very intuitive also, and she knows her stuff. I love speaking with her because she provides so much information. She really digs down to the bottom of things to see exactly how people feel and why they do and feel what they do. She amazes me, and I will continue to call her for guidance!